Responsible and efficient Supervision -- Shenzhen Lions Club held the fifth meeting of the Board of Supervisors for 2020-2021

On April 21, 2021, the fifth supervisory Board meeting of Lions Club Shenzhen for 2020-202responsible用法搭配1 waclubss held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. At the meeting, the participating supervisors deliblions的音标erated and approved the "Shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021 Annuaefficient是什么意思l深证指数 Board of Supervisors Commendation Plan (draft)" and other relevant documents, and discussed the fifth boarfifth什么意思d of supervisors review and notimeeting是什么中文意思fication.

A total of 9 members from Shenzhen Lions Club in 2020-2021, xiao Xingping, Tan Fei, Zheng Guoping, Wu Yuqiong, Jing Miaojun, Wang Daommeeting是什么意思中文翻译ing, Tang Haozhi, Zhu Fresponsible和accountable的区别eng and He Xinru attensupervision怎么读ded the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Xiao Xingping.

The superv深圳天气isors attending the meetshenzhening reviewed the commendation Plan for the Board of Supeefficient和effective的区别rvisors of Shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021 (draft), and planned to commend the supervisors and supervisors with outstanding contributions annually.

Afterwards, the participating supervisors discussed the agenda andlions英语怎么读 documents of the upcoming fif深圳风险等级th council meeting, and gave their supervisory opinions.

Xiao Xingping, chief supervisor, made arrangements for the next step of the work of the Board of Supervisors. Next, the Board of Supervisors will continue to perform their duties and make every effort to ensure the smooth holding of the 19th National Congress of Representatives; Draft and report annual work report according to the requirements of domestic Lion Association;meeting是什么意思 Complete the compilation of the system of the Board of Slions翻译中文upervisors.supervision翻译


Xiao Xingping, chief supeheld是hold的什么形式rvisor, made a summary speech, thank youfifth翻译 for taking the time to attend the meeting, I hope you continue to maintain a high sense of responsibility, make persistent efforts, mutual cooperation, stand the last guard.


[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du Shaohefficiently翻译eng

[Issued] Shenzhen L深圳地铁线路图ions Cmeetinglub Office

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