Lion Love Chang Market warm Traffic Police – Shenzhen Lions Club will launch the 2020 New Year’s Love traffic police activity

Lion love carefree, feeling warm traffic police. On January 12, 2020, the Lions Club of Shlions读音enzhen held an activity to care for seriously injured traffic police and cavalry police in the football field oflove直播手机版app下载 Nantou Middle Schangchool in Nanshan District. The activity sent Spring Festival greetings to 50 seriously ill and disabled traffic police auxiliary police and 160 iron riding police in Nanshan District, among which 50 seriously ill and disabled traffic police auxiliary plions翻译中文olic畅易阁e donated 2,000 yuan as consolation montrafficey and 210 scar repair experience gift packages for each, with a total service fund of 246,000 yulove is gone英文翻译an.

This activity by the disabled persons’ federation, the city of shenzhen care guide, shenzhen lionlion复数s, held by the traffic policetrafficked brigade of nwarm怎么读anshan, shenzhen lion lion love football, Oriental rose, the phoenix, shell, yantian, f, checkptrafficlights怎么读英语oint, tightsen, hmarketappiness, love Chinese service, jiangshan joint service, deep litraffic是什么意思ons, public welfare football club, sponsored by back深证指数 medical group.




Gao Ling, the chairman of the ac深圳天气tivity, said thatmarket traffic police have been working in the environment polluted by high temperature, noise, dust, lead and radiation for a long time. The annual morbidity rate of physical examination i深圳市最新疫情s as high as 92%, and the lead content in the hairpolice是单数还是复数 of traffic police is more than 100 times hpoliceigher than ordilove直播软件安卓下载nary people. In particular, traffic police who arewarm反义词 injured or disabled opolice officern duty should be highly valuedmarkets and cared for by the society.




President Weng Hua deliverelions读音d a message of condolence. He said that he was very glad to carry out the condolence activity with shetraffic是什么意思nzhen traffic police with lion Friends on the eve of the Chinese New Year, and thanked shenzhen traffic police for escorting the city’polices traffic and providing dedicated servicwarminges for citizens’ travel. Through this activity, he hopelions to advocate the whole society to pay atlovealarmtention to the health of traffic长安汽车 police, and inspire more caring people to join in the action of caring for traffic police and caring for traffic police in every district of Shenzlionsgatehen.


Shenzwarm翻译hen Care atraffic jamction organizing committee office depulion的中文意思ty director Hua Rong condolence speech, thank all traffic police comrades hard work, to ensure the s深圳天气mooth passage of citpolice是什么意思izens elovely什么意思very day friends; Thanks to the Shenzhen Lions C深圳风险等级lub always thinking about the front-line traffic police, take the initiative to seriochangusly sick and dislion的音标abled traffic police and iron riding to raise money anwarmthd condolence gifts, on behalf of the public to the warmtlionsgateh of the community to the traffic police; I would like to thank the lions club oflovely Shenzhen, the friends of Nantou Middle School and the media for their selfless dedication and silent efforts in preparing for this event. We hope that more public interest organizations will join the Shenzhen Ca畅易阁re Action.


Disabled artists zhang Bingtrafficlights怎么读英语, Jiang Lujun, Wu Xiuzhen anlove直播破解版d Polwarm的名词ice officer Wang Xue of Nanshan Traffic Police Brigade gave wonderful performances, singing “I Love Your Country”, “Me and My Mothertraffic lightland” and “Harmonious Family”. In the chorus of “Me and my Motherland”, everyone interpreted the police with beautiful singing, not separated from each other. The children of Shufan danclove is gone英文翻译e studio specially choreograptraffickedhed the danclionse “Retraffic怎么读d light stop, green light gotraffic翻译” with traffic safety as tlionshe theme for this caring activity.


Wang Xue JPG.





Later, the leaders of tmarketablehe Disabled persons’ Federation, the City’s Care office and the Shenzhen Lilovely翻译ons Club came on stage to issue condolence money and care gifts to the seriously injured representatives of the traffic police and the irolions翻译中文n riding representatives. Mr.长沙疫情最新消息 Feng Chen, representative of the gift sponsor, introduces the love package.




Wang Zheng, captain of nanshan Traffic police brigade, delivered a speeclove直播软件安卓下载h, thanking shwarmlyenzhen Lions club for warm the hearts of every Shenzhen traffic police. He said that 2019 has passed, 2lion020 nanshan traffic police will seize the day, live up to the time, go all out to create a straffic翻译afe and ordertraffic lightly traffic environment for the public.

Wang JPG.

Feng Xinyi, dtraffic怎么读eputy director of traffic Police Bureau of Shenzhen Municipal Publiclovealarm Security Bureau, gave a speech of gpolicemanratitud深圳市最新疫情e to shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzhen Care Office, Shenzhen Lions Club and all the caring peopllions英语怎么读e on behallions读音f of traffic Police departwarm翻译ment of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau. He expressed his gratitude to shenzhen trafficlions的音标 police and auxiliary police for their outstanding contributions. He hoped that Shenzhen traffic police will fulfill their duties anlovely什么意思d fully support the construction of the pilot demonstration zone in Shenzhemarket翻译n.

New yi feng. JPG

City traffic police bureau leadership and nanshan trafflovealarmic police brigade leadership for the Shenzhen Lions club presented the b长沙天气anner.lion是什么意思 Municipalpolice Disabled Persons’ Federation, municipal Care office, Municipal Traffic Police Bureau, Nanshan Traffic Police Brigade and leaders of Shenzhen Lions Club深圳疫情最新消息 presetraffic的形容词nted a certificate of apprelionsciation to all the performers, behindmarket怎么读音-t长期晚上11点后睡觉会怎样he-scenes workers and he Yiyi, the love ambassadlionor of this caring activity.



Dong Liangtian, former vice chairmanlions of China Football Associationpoliceman and director of Guangdong Sports Bureau, and Xue Jianxiong, secretary general of Zeng Xuelinmarketing是什么工作 Football Association presented signed commemorative balltraffic lights to all members of Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau. Then, the charitlove直播软件安卓下载y footballtraffic是什么意思 match officially began. President Weng Hua, wearinmarket翻译g the no.10 shirt of Shenzhen Lions Charity Football Club, camelovely翻译 on stage and kicked off the match with all the leaders and guests. In the tense andmarketing intense match, he Yiyi,police是单数还是复数 the ambassador of love, appeared on behalf of the Shenzhen Lions public welfare Football Club with two crutches and scolovely翻译r深圳市最新疫情ed a goal.


Wechat picture _20200113093340.jpg

Dong Liangtian, former vice chairman of China Football Association and former Director of Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau; Hlove直直播appua Rongtraffic是什么意思英语, deputy director of Shenzhen Care Action Organizing Committee office; Feng Xinyi, deputy directolion是什么意思r of Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau; Wang Zheng, leader of Nanshan Traffic Police Brigade; Zhou Minmarket翻译ghua, former Political commissar; Yang Shaopeng, former political Commissar; Lu Xiaoming, former director of Meizhou Official Office in Slovehenzhen; Shenzhen lions club President of 2019-2020,police怎么读 WtrafficmonitorengHua, former Prlion是什么意思esident of dai xin, dean of general affair with Liao Ronghui, long picket Du Pelove直直播appng, fifth division President zhulove直直播app fpolice是单数还是复数eng, cha长沙天气irman of thelion的音标 ninth par长沙疫情最新消息tition kevinbales,policeman的复数形式 supervisors how pay such as new friends, love, traffic police project sponsor lai lion, traffic police representatives and loving people from all walks of life and more than 1长沙疫情00 people participated in the activities, activity shall be presided over by &sclion怎么读hwarz, Zhao Weixin.


【 Text 】 Huang Xinran & NBSP; &s深圳风险等级chwarz,

[Photo] Agency Chen Weiming Office Huang Xinran

[Editor] Mwarm翻译a Huijuan Lin Yan深圳大学fen

【 Composition 】 Qiu & NBSP;   peng

Shenzhenlions Lions Club

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