The Medical and Health Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club held the "Lion Love Station" project seminar for 2020-2021

On August 4, 2020, the "Lion Love Station" project seminar of the Medical and Health Committee of Lions Club Shenzhen 2020-2021 was held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of shenzhlionsgateen Lions Club for 2020-2021; Wang Yibing, Chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club flions是什么意思or 15th District; Li Chunping, Chairman of Shenzcommittee中文意思hen Lions Club for 17lionsgateth District; Ye Wenqinlovely, Spec深圳天气ial Assistant of Shenzhenmedical treatment Lions Club chairman; Tlions英语怎么读ang Quanhui, Chairman of Medical And Health Committee;love直播软件安卓下载 Xu Yuanhu, Gu Weixia, Tang Qing, Tcommittee和commissionian Gang,lion的音标 Zhou Minxia, Executive Chairmen; Sixteen people attended the meeting, including Zheng Jianhai深圳风险等级, executive chaclub怎么读irman of GSTclubs, Zhang Xuwen, executive chairman of Finance and Cheldonstruction Committee, and captains of various service teams. Tlove直播破解版he mlove直播软件安卓下载eeting was chairmedical是什么意思ed by Meng Chun.

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Lu Zhilion是什么意思qiang, CHAIRMAN of CCPIT Xiamen, delivered a speech, introducing the overall plan of the annual work of "Enabling energy and reducing burden, four services", saying that the service projects of poverty alleviation, asupheldsiclub是什么酒sting the disabllioneled, community service and Liheldbackon Love Station would be carried out. He affirmed the preliminary wocommittee是单数还是复数rk of the Medical and Health Clions的音标ommission and praised all the chairmen for their serious and responsible work. He emphasized the importance of the establishmelion是什么意思nt of "lion love Post station" to ease the contradiction between doctors and patients and promote social harlion是什么意思中文翻译mony. At the same time, he shared the concept and basic development direction of hospice care of the "Lion Love Station" prlionsgateoject, and hoped that more service teams could palionrticipate in the undertaking and co-organiziheld的中文意思ng. He proposed to make a long-term plan for the project by establishing an operation manuclub是什么意思al and a standardized service manual. At the end of thheldene speech, he stoodcommittee和commission up and bowed to all of them, thankingclub用英语怎么说 the Medical and Health Committee and the Lion friends of the service team for their efforts.

Roh's speech

The president bowed in gratitude

Wang Yibing, former chairman of the Medical and Health Committee oflionel the NPC, delivered a spee深圳疫情最新动态ch, reviheld中文ewing the original intention and vision of the project, focusing on the services provided by the project, and proposing to provide "one-tolove is gone英文翻译-one" services.

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Ms. Zhang Xuwen, executive Chairman, shared her experience in building the PALLIation Center of HKU Hospital and said that the service team leadership is the foundation for the sustainable development of the "Lion Love Station" pmedical翻译roject. Zheheldbackng Jlionsianhai, executive Chcommittee和councilairman of HKU Hospital, introducedlion是什么意思 the establishment process and project overview of the PALLIative Center, and stressed thelion的中文意思 importance of regular mhealth2安卓版官方下载aintenanceclub翻译 of the post station, so that "palliative care" can be dlove直直播appeeply rooted ihealth2破解版无限n people's hearts. President Li Chunping saidclubman是什么牌子车 that the project of "Lion Love Station" received a wide range of people, and the fua深圳疫情i Service team gained a lot of growth and moved during the project. Tian Gang, exlion的中文意思ecutive chairman, said that the startinghealth2海外官网下载 service team was the first to initiate theclubman是什么牌子车 "committee怎么读Lion Love Station" project. He shared the exper深圳ienlion怎么读ce of the starting service team in the "Lion Love Station" project and suggested that the team provide one-to-one and poclubint-to-point services and care for patients. Lu Zhiqiang, president of ccPIT Xiamen pointed ouhealthy的副词t that the long-term development of the "Lion Love Staticommittee怎么读on" projheldenect belovely什么意思nefits from the joint efforts of all the sheld是hold的什么形式ervice teams adhering to the spirit of "four out"深圳疫情.

During the free discussion, xu Yuanhu, Gu Weixia, Tang Qing, Zhou Minxia, Zhen Yongqian, Xie Yan, Meng Chucommittee和commissionn and other lion friends made speeches and put forward their own suggestions on the development of the "Lion Love Relay Stlion怎么读ation" project.

President Tang Quan-hui delivered a speech, t深圳天气hanking everyone for attending the seminarlove直播破解版 and all the executive chairmen of the Medical And Health Commmedicalwhiskeyittee for their dedication. Will be in accordance with the instruction ocommittee怎么读flions翻译中文 the zhi-qiang lu President, she said, "the lion love station" as soon as possible to complete the project operating manual work and the preparation of standardized service manual for draft, and lcommittee是什么意思inkage has built the first people's hospital of sclubshenzhen city, longhua district people's hoscommittee和commissionpital, natilion是什么意思onal acadelove直播破解版my of scicommitteeences university shenzhen hospital nursing home liglionkkht, the second people's hospital of shenzmedical翻译hen, Hong Kong hospital five lions love relay station, Set up different types of serviceupheld teams, and arrange service teahealthy的比较级ms to organize regulheldbackar service activities.

Tang Quanhui JPG.

President Lu zhiclub是什么意思qiang said that the dlionkkistrict council would provide appropriate financial support to the service team according to the situation, progress and work report of the "Lion Love Station" projehealth2破解版无限ct. He hoped that the Medical and Health Committee, under the leadership of Chairman Tang Quanhui and alllions英语怎么读 executive chairmen, would make concerted efforts to do a good job of the "Lion Love Station" project.


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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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