The inaugural ceremony of the 2021-2022 election was held by the first step service team

On August 7, 2021, the inaugural ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club’s upstep Service Team for the year of 2021-2022 was helfirstname填姓还是名d in The Antiama Hotel in Bao ‘an District. Director zhanginaugural是什么意思 Guoyun of Lions Club Interceremony复数形式national, supervisor Lin Ziyu of Lions Club of China, President Guo Yongyong of Lions Club of Shenzhen, Supervisor Tian Wangxing, last president Lu Zhiqiang, first Vheld的中文意思ice President Peng Daojian, former president Shi Jianyong, deputy supervisor Deng Yifirstname填姓还是名, reprceremony翻译esentatives of lions club and friends club and caring people attenelection翻译ded the cheldeneremony. The ceremony was presided over by Chen Ke and Zhao Tao, with Wei Shaoying as the chairman and Tong Xin as the executive chairman.

01 Step up change theme. JPG

Wei Shaoyceremony的名词ing delivered a warm welcomesteph speech and Tong Xin, executreelectionive chairman of the conference solemnly introduced the guests.

Member photo. JPG

Zeng Li, the former leader of theheld怎么读的 first step service team, made the annual work summwasary report and gave a speech. Liao Huiwen, treasurer of upstep Service team, made the annfirst怎么读英语ual financial report.

Captain Zeng Li gives annual summary report

The ceremony awarded all kinds of awards to the social caring units, enterprisesheld的原型, friendly teams and caring personagelectionse who had maelection中文de outstanding contributions, and commended and awarded the outstanding lion friends of shangbu Service Team. Zeng Li, the laswassupt captain, paid tribute to the 2020-2021 captain team with gifts.

In the past year, Zeng helped the previous team leader to fulfill his mission, fulfill his duties andfirst怎么读英语 work tirelessly. He overcame his phwashedysical illness and rushed to the front linfirst翻译e of public welfare, bringing the team to a new level. Shangbu service salute all the lion friendheld过去式和过去分词s carefully designed a unique link and prepare the gifts, all the members for the previous captain Zeng Li write swefirst翻译et message, use refers to the mode of small red flowers, made a “sendwash怎么读 you a small red” themeceremony用什么介词, enrichment everyone for the previous captain Zeng Li haceremony的音标rd work in the past year.

04 Salute to Captain Zeng Li link. JPG

Thefirsthandn lu Zhiqiang, former Chairman of ccPIT Xiamen, delfirst翻译成中文ivered a speech. He conginaugural address翻译中英对照ratulated zeng li on his graduation and highly praised the achieveinauguralments of the team in the past 18 years.

Under the common witness of the leader lion friend, the last captain Zeng Li solemnly handed over to Xiao Xiaoyu the ribbon and the hammer symboliwasn’tzing the responsibility and rights owasn’tf the captain, completinwashg the captain hwaspandover ceremony.

05 Captain handover ceremony. JPG

Captain Xiao Xiaoyu delivered a passionate inaugural speech and outlook for theheld过去式和过去分词 New Year. He announced that all members of the upstep service team pledged “Huashi Awceremony的名词ard” this week, pledging a total of 56 “Huashi Award”, directed donation to henan Flood school donation project, reflecting the selfless lovstepsisterse and team cohesion of all the memheld的中文意思bers of the upstep selection中文ervice team. The 2021-2022 captain team of the Upstep Service Team made a solemn appearance and took a solemn oath.

Captain Xiao Xiaoyu delivers his inaugural speech

President Guo Yongyong delivered a passionate speech. He gave full affirmation to the upstep service team, and hoped that in the New Year, the upstep service tfirst怎么读eam could creatwaspe a more wonderful tomorrow under the leadership of Caceremony的名词ptain Xiao Xheld是hold的什么形式iaoyu.

Speech by Guo Yongyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club

Finally, Zhang Guojun, director of Lions Cluheld的原型b International, dinaugural是什么意思elivered a speheldenech. He highly praised the upstep Service team, which has a glorious history and fine tradition, aceremony的名词nd awarded tceremony怎么读he first “400% Merman Zhongshi Award Service team” flag in China.

International director Zhang Kwok-kwan presented the flag of

New Year lion has open, shangbu sheldbackervice will follow the unified deployment of shenzhen lions in XiaoXiaoYu captain and thwastee captain of the team, led by the “sincere dedication, happy charity” under the banner of, adhering to the “our service” spirit of the lion, continue on the path of public servinaugural address翻译ice, abide bywash怎么读 the beginner’s mind, lion love co-prosperity!


Article/photo Provided by the service team

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