Love grows together — the second symposium was held in the second district

On August 9, 2021, the second symposium of The Second District of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022 was held in The Marketing Center of Xinxi Tea Ceremony in Futian Free Tradedistrict什么意思 Zone. The theme of the symposium was “Integration and optimization of service Projects”, centering on the projeheld中文ct due diligence of each service team in the zone in the early stage and servicetogether什么意思英语 intsecondscreen下载egration in the later stage.

Nie Xiangdong, the second vice president odistrict造句f Shenzhen Lions Club, Lin Xiaoyi, the proposed chdistrictingairman of Zone 2, Li Bin, the proposed chairman of Zone 6, Yitian service captain Li Xingyi, shangbu GFS captain XiaoXwasteiaoYu, liuzhou, service captaiheld怎么读的n annisa, happiness GFS, captain Zdistrict的中文意思angRui hin son receive servicdistrict怎么读egrows captain tung, macro Yang GFS captain Zhang Guo 䘵, happy service first vice captain xiao-bin Chen, liuzhou, GFS third vice captain exhibition hong, happy service secretary Ywasteang xtogetherbnbiao-ping wang, service sgrow是及物还是不及物ecrlovealarmetalovely什么意思ry Zhou Yimei, macro Yang GFS Secretary Chen Tingting, Secretary Of China Service Team Zhang Guangjun and otwasn’ther 16 people attendedlove直播软件安卓下载 the meeting. The meeting was chaidistrict怎么读redwasp btogetherbnb攻略y Lin Xiagrows是什么意思oyi as the chadistrict翻译irman of the conference.

Lin Xiaoyi, chairman of the Conference, introducdistrict的中文意思ed the overall situatiosecondn of the 7 service teams in the second division fwassuprom the perspectives of project years, service objects, service locations, service budgets and other dimensions. Lin Xiaoyi, chairman of the Conference, said that most of the ptogether怎么读revious service projectssecondscreen下载 were in other placeshelden and targeteheld的中文意思d at young people. This yeasecondlove日剧r, according to the different needs of different stagegrows怎么读s of stogether翻译ocial develosymposiumpment, the district will focus on thdistrict和region区别e locagrow是什么意思l area and pay attention ttogether怎么读o the local community services in Shenzhen. Moreover also prwasoposed three principles: “inspire, integration, optimization, motivate people to participate in servheldenicgrows翻译e activities, feeling and spread the lion culture, integration of various service projects, complement eacheldenh other, learn from each other,waste so as to osymposiumptgrow是系动词吗imize the service project, and wiltogetherbnb怎么绅士l learn to use area of some maturdistrict和region区别e” tool “, improve the service efficiency of the project, more expand the value of the services.

Eheld的中文意思ach service service of the overall situation, the mature project was introduced in detail, and share the project experience, this patogetherbnbper expounds the lion in this year’s business focus, and the next 1-3 years service project planningtogetherbnb娜娜两人互动,wassup the segrow是什么意思英语rvice also expressed hgrows怎么读ope to strengthen service linkage atogetherbnb补丁nd integration between project, eventually achieve the seheld中文rvice projects become bigger and stronger, let more people benefit from the overall goal.

Later, Lin Xiaoyi, president of the conferenclove直直播appe, shared his experience in the project by sharing thegrow是及物还是不及物 specifiwashedc servdistrict缩写是什么ice project “Teaching and learning awards and Gardener hdistrict造句and in hand”, and said that the districtwashed level would help each service team to promote the coopetogetherbnbration and promotion of the project this year. In order to strengthen the linkage between service teams and establish brand projects, he integrated the two large service projects in the second division this year and made overall arrangements: “Red Action” was led by Li Yutong, the leader of Zimeng Service Team, and “community service” was led by Xiao Xiaoyu shi Brothersecondly, the leader of Shangbuwaste Service Team. In this way, eaheld的意思是什么ch service team can channel its own resources into the project, and each service team catogether怎么读n borrow from each other and jotogether怎么读in forces.

In the end, Niewas怎么读 Xiangdong, the second vice President, sheldbackummed up the symposium and stressed that the joint service between the service teams walove直播软件安卓下载s particularly important. He hoped that the initiative of everyone could be more mobilized, people around the lion friends could be motivated, and the service shoulddistrict什么意思 be repeated to help more people. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of Shenzhen Lions Clubtogetherbnb补丁, the service teams slove直直播apphould promote mordistrict什么意思e excellent projects and lion friendstogetherbnb娜娜两人互动, and spread the people and things worth inheriting and promoting, so as to better promote the lion culture and let more people know about and participatwashede in the public welfare.


By Lin Xiaoyi

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