Lions Club International 101st annual Convention fun notes

Lions Club International 101st annual Convention fun notes

On the morning of July 10, we keep to Ma Min President office, she haclubsve no jetlag tired, one side is busy on hold due to go to the Unannual的名词itedconvention翻译 States to alions的音标ttend the annual meeting of the afnoteshelf安卓破解版fairs, side to tease we talked沈腾 someannual造句 oclions的音标curs during the annual mnoteshelf下载eeting of the interlionsgateesting fun, laughter as if we had returned to the United States in the Las Vegas convention..annual翻译.

The fluttering blue Tail

During the annual meeting, President Ma Min had a "blue tail" on her breastconventional反义词plate, which was distinctive and partannual翻译icularly eye-catching. What does "blue tail" mean? Afterannually understanding, it turnconventionals out that it is the logo of the president-designate (governor), which is usually taken off when thlions是什么意思e incumbent president gives inauguration witness for the presidenoteshelf值得买吗nt-designate司藤.

At thenotes邮箱 closing ceremony of the annual m妇女权益保障法eeting, Tian Wangxing, pinternationally歌曲resident of the year 2017-2018, pulled down the "blue ribbon" aninternational labour day翻译d "blue tail" on the chest plate of President Ma Min of the year 2018-2019, marking the two years' leap forward, the official appointment of President Mfunda Min, and the start of the neconventional读音发音w journey of Shenzhen Lions Clannual造句ub 2018-2019. In this serious and sacred moment, thereconventional was aannual英语怎么读 small episode, Presid呋喃唑酮片ent Tian was so exciannual的名词ted that he pulledinternational labour day翻译 down president Ma Min's president badge together with the "blue tail". The leaders of the association and Sfunctionhenzhen lion friends couinternational翻译ldn'lions是什么意思t heconvention什么意思lp laughing, salutedconventions President Tian With cheers and applause, and sent blessings to President Ma Min.

Cool "Doctoral hannualat"

We saw president Ma Min wearing a cool "doctoral hannual同义词at" in the photo shared by lion members attending the annual meeting. In the interview, Ma Min reve呋喃唑酮片aled the secret of the doctor hat. One week before the opening of each cinternational英语onventionlions翻译, presidents (directors) from different regions of the world will attend the correspondingannual同义词 "President ele申通快递单号物流查询ct (Directosteamr Elect) seminar". At the end of the course, the presidents (directors) will wear this "doctoral hat" to attend the graduatiannuallyon ceremony. The "dolionsctor cap" of Lions club international is very important, which means that each president (director) will lead his/her district lion friends to start a new journey in the New Year.

The mostlions翻译 dazzling naclubman是什么牌子车tional style -- the blinding oil paper umbrella

In 2018-2019, shenzhenclubman是什么牌子车 Lions Clions读音lub's domestic style men's and women's white T-shirts, "Yin and Yang in harmony" pairs of badges, notebook and linternational怎么读ion bag designinternationalcupided with the award-winning works of "Peace Poster", retro copper coins with domestic knot USB flash drive, all reflect the unique design style of Psteamresideninternationalismt Ma Min, which is appreciatinternationaled by Shenzhen Lions. In the parade of the internatiofun怎么读nal Convention, the oil-papannual造句er umbrellas held by the lion friends surprised the international lion friends. Tnoteshelf是什么软件his oil-paper umbrellanotes邮箱, whisteam手机版ch contanoteshelf安卓破解版ins strong domestic traditional folk culture, was selected by President Ma Min persfunonally and designed to echo the lion emblem. The handle of bamboo andinternationally歌曲 wood and the domestic knot floating on the handle attracted numerous lion friends from home and abroad to take out various "treasures" and exchange them with Shenzhen lionnotes邮箱 friends.

The 101st annual convention of Lions Club International has come to an end. All goclubmanod will be collected in the poetry ofclubmed memory. The new lion year has begun. We believe that under the leadership of President Ma Min, Shenzhen Lions Club will blannual翻译aze a path of lions with domesclub翻译tic characteristics. Let us work together to create a new high!

Photo/Shen Snotes翻译hi News Agency reporter Wei Qiaolions英语怎么读zhu

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