Tips on business practices among shenzhen Lions Club members

Tips on business practices among shenzhen Lions Club members

Dear Leo,

Since its establishment, Shenzhen Liotips是什么意思梗ns Cluclubmedb hbusiness翻译as been amembers是什么意思dh深证指数ering to the contips是什么意思梗cept of “helping otlions音标hers and serving the society”, adhering to t深圳市最新疫情he spirit of “giving money, making efforts, giving heart and attending”, without any return, without seeking fame and wealth, and establishinamongus手游汉化版g a good moral fashion, which has been widely recognized and praised by the official departments and the public.

With the development and growth of the associatioamongus手游汉化版n, the number of members keeps incrbusinessman翻译easing, apracticesnd theamongus内鬼小镇 commuclubmed官网预订nication between memberspractices后加什么 has gradually infiltratpractices后面用什么ed into work and life from simplclubse public weltipsfare activities. However, some lion club members had economic disputes with other lion club members and complained to Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and other relevant departments, which had a negative impact on Shenzhen Lions Club. Once again, lions Club深圳天气 shenzhen is a publ深圳疫情ic welfare and charitable service organization. Business between members is personal and has nothing to do with the purpose, mission and business scope of Lions Cclub怎么读lub Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Lions Cltips介入手术ub is a big family of all members, in order to avoid some unnecessary economic disputes, and to avoid mbusiness怎么读utual harm between individual lion friends, we hereby issue the following warm tips to all members:

I. Shenzhebusinessman翻译n Lions Club is a non-profittips什么意思 social organization. It doelions翻译s not involve in commercial activities among memtips网络用语bers, nor does it encourage commercial activities such as crowdfunding, lending and cooperation among members, which has nothing to do with the Club.

2. Membetips是什么意思梗rs shall treat ttips啥意思网络he business transactionslions between memberspractice是可数还是不可数 pruamongus内鬼小镇dently, t深圳he businesstips啥意思网络 transactions between members shall be based on sufficient economic conditions and sufficient trust,club是什么意思 and shall consult relevant professionals when necessary. Any business behavior has risks, and the business behavior between members shall also conform to the law of market value, uphold the spirit of hon深圳天气esty abusiness翻译nd trustworthiness, equal value and compensation contract, fulfill the obligation of careful review, and abide by the law.

Three, if there is any dispute between lion friends, hope lion friends through reasonable, reasonable and legal way to solve, lion friends can go to the court and arbitration department to solve the dispute. This dispute has nothing to do with Shenzhen Lions Club, shenzhen Lions Club, Dpractice是可数还是不可数oclub是什么酒mestibusinessman翻译c Lions Association and Shenzhen Disabled Perpractices后面要跟动词的什么形式sons’ Federation will not accepractices什么意思pt and resolve the complabusinesspersonints in these aspects.

Business is risky, collaborationMust be carefulbusiness! For the honor of Shenzhen Liopractices怎么读n Club, for the unity and friendship between lion friends, we hope that the lion friends follow tpractice是可数名词吗he above principles and keep aamong怎么读 sense of risk prevention in business activities, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

Lmembershipet us stay true to our original aspiration and continue to march together on the road of public welfare and charity service.

Shenzhen Lions Club

July 24, 2017

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