“Lion” and “snail” hand in hand special Olympics fusion sport — Shenzhen Lions Club Special Olympics Bowling friendly competition was successfully held

“Lion” and “snailhand in hand special Olympics fusion movement

– Shenzhen Lions Special Olympics Bowling Friendly competition was successfully held

In order to welcome the 11th “Nalion翻译tional Specifusioncomputeal Olympics Day” and helolympic是什么意思p the di深圳市最新疫情sabled b邯郸疫情最新情况etter integrate into the society, Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhespecializationn Assoclions英语怎么说iation of Intelionsgatellectual Disabled persons an邯郸限号d Relasnail是什么意思tives and Friends held a friendly bowling match of “Lion snail holding hands, special Olympics I邯郸学步的意思ntegration Movement” at Bujiletu Bfusionappowling Alley in Longgang district on Jsnail英语怎么读uly 20. Under tholympics英语怎么读e guidance of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, the event was jointly organized by 15 solympicsports怎么读ervice teams, including Shenzhen Lions Cluspecial翻译b, Huayue, Sspecializedongfusionappming, Huayuan, S汉鼎余烟onggang, Tien, Blue Sky, Oriental Rose, Liangtong, Lianhlion是什么意思uashan, Nanhai, Cheng Di, Jinxiu, Huatian and Xianhu. Activities through the orlion的中文意思ganization of “snalions英语怎么说il” and lion friends frienolympicsportscentre读音dly complion是什么意思中文翻译etition, for “snail” to provide close contact with ordinary people, to help them integrate into society, enhance self-confidence, service funds of 45,000 yuan.

Ms. Zhang introduced the development of shenzhen Special Olympics Bowling team, and thanked the shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and other official units and shenzhen Lions Club for their str深圳风险等级ong support to the Special Olympics Bowling team, hofusionaccessping to深圳疫情 createsnailery翻译 a good atmosphere for the “snails” to leaolympics怎么读rn bowling and exercise.

Disabled personsportsmanships’ federaolympics做主语谓语用单数还是复数tion of shenzhen, shenzhen intellectual disabled people and friends association, shenzhen lions lions Lord will lead to shenzhen units such as HuaYue, pine torfusion360ches, hua yuan, matsuoka, grace, blue sky, Oriental rose, bright pupil, lotus, the south China sea, mileage, splendid, ovaltine, fairy laklion的音标e 15 service award “to undertake unit” honorary certificate. Tholympicsportscentre读音anks to the ser汉典vice team for donating 3000 YUAN for this activity.

Tian said that caring for the disabled is a sign of social progress. Since its establilionfishshment, Shenzhen Lions Club has been adhering to the tenet of “Hespecializationlping others and serving the society”. In the past 15 years, it has carried out more than 7,500 service activities with an investment olions是什么意思f aolympicsbout 266 million yuan. This year, shefusion怎么读nzhen lions ranked “precfusionappise assistive” annual service first, the plan for the city to provide employment for the disabled helping, s深圳疫情最新动态upplies sympathy, economic aid, outdoor outings, sports and other supplies support and slions怎么读piritual care services, practice “teach them to fish” and “teach them to fish” the concept of balance each other, help the disabled to achspecial什么意思iesnail翻译ve self-reliance and improving the level of life, We will share the fruits of progress of The Times. At the same time, he called on caring people tfusionappo join the Shenzhen Lions Club to help the diolympics翻译sabled, protect the environment, help the pspecialoor and care for yosportteryung people. He also congratulated the snails on a woolympics翻译nderful Special Olympics day.

Slion翻译ong Rui, on behalfolympics英语怎么读 of the C深圳疫情最新消息ity disabled persons’ Federation and the disabled frie汉典nds, thanked the Lions Club of Shenzhen for its long-term help to the disabled friends and the support of the service teams of the Lions Club of Shenzhen for the special Olympics Day. He wishe汉鼎余烟d that the participants in the competition competition results, competition out of friendship. He believes that with the support of the government and the support of the Shenzhen Lions Club and other charitable organizations, the disabled will be asnail翻译ble to create a better life with their continuous efforts.

Then, the leaders of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzhen Association of Intellectual Disabled persons and Relatives and Friends, and Shenzhen Lions Club kicked off together, kicking off thesports怎么读 special Ofusionlympics bowling friendlysnail怎么读 competi邯郸限号tion.

After a wonderlionsful fierce competition, the group and team competition of the winners werespecial的名词 released. At the cersnail怎么读emony, President Tian Wangxing and other leaders awarded 900 yuan, 800 yuan, 700 yuan bonus and honorary certificates and souvenirs to 30 “snails” who won the filionrst, second and third prizes in the group competition, awarded MEDALS to the lion friends who won the fir深圳市最新疫情st and second prizes, and awarded prizes to 10 “snails” who won the team competition.snail蛋白分子量 In the team competition, the Snails dlions读音efeated the Lions by 1,369 points to 897 posport是什么意思车上的ints, demonstratispecialistngsporttery that success can be achieved with sweat and effort.

Bowling is a plions翻译opular sport with simple rules and easy operation. It can play a veryolympics怎么读 good role in rehabilitation of the bodysport是什么意思 and intelligence of the disabled. This activity made “lion” and “snail” ilions怎么读nteract happily in the sp深圳大学ecial Olympics bowling competition. It made disabled people get out of their homes and integratesnail怎么读 insnail英语怎么读tfusionapp下载o the society, which was a very welcome thing for disabled people and their families.

Shenzhen disabled persons’ federation Song Rui, organization, vice director of propaganda department director Dong Fei, shenzhen intelligence Zhang Yafei, chairman of the association of disabled people anfusion翻译d f深圳疫情最新动态riends, rui-lian wang, vice chairman of shenzhen lions club President of 2017lion翻译-2018, tian wang, the secretary general Zeng深圳天气 Shi breeding, assistive services committee chairman deng jun, such as foreign exchange and colympics做主语谓语ooperalion的中文意思tion committfusionee chairmafusion翻译n深证指数 Fang Shilei lions, frienlions读音ds, More than 100 people with mental disabilities asnailnd their families parsnailery翻译ticipated inolympics做主语谓语用单数还是复数 the event. The activity was hosted by Fang Shilei.

【 Text 】 Su Zhuangbin Xu Shener

[Photo] Xu Shener

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen L深圳大学ions Club Osportteryffice

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