Issues needing attention on the annual change of service ceremony

Issues needing attention on the annual change of service ceremony

Dear fellow lions,

Recently, it is the peak of the annual transition ceremony of each service team. In order to fissues中文什么意思urther standardize the transition process of the service team and do a good job in rattention翻译elated work,service怎么读 and eliminateattention some irregularities and even irregularities, we hereby remind the followingissue是什么意思中文翻译 matters:

First, do a good job of reporting for the change of lservice是什么故障灯eadership.Please report to the regional officer 7 ~ 15 days before the change of service team. Tceremony和celebration的区别he report mainly includes the time, place, agenda, scalannuallye and method of the tran嫦娥奔月的读音sition.

Second, it is sattention舞蹈trictly forbidden to hold friendship team closing ceremony among the service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club.As far asattention歌曲 the 140 or so service teams of Shenzhen Lions club are concerned, they are all brothers and friendly teams, and there is no problem of establishing friendly teams.annual造句 We advocate more interactions and exchanges between the service teams within Shenzhen Lions club in terms of meeting activities and service activities, but no agreements such as friendship teams can be signed. Some of tissues翻译he service teams have previously signed the so-called friendship team (sister team), pceremonylease do not hang or appear in the scene of the transition ceremony “friendship team” (sister team) related flags.

Third, background plateservice可数吗, large screen musneeding翻译t use stanissue什么意思dard appellation.Make background board, big screen and other documents, please iannual造句n accordance with the “Shenzhen Lions club name and job stanissue什么意思dard use method” relevant requirements, correct use of shenzhen Lions Cluannual翻译b name and job standard appellation. The standa嫦娥奔月rd name oissues中文什么意思f each service team is: “Shenzhen Lions Club Service Team”. Non-standard titles such as “Shenzhen Lions Club Club” and “Shenzhen () Lions Club” are prohibited.

Fourth, do aissues翻译 gceremony同义词ood job of mutual suppservice是什么意思中文翻译ort between the district and the service team.In orattention短语der to support the change of thannuallye service team, it is required in principle that the chairman of the reattention舞蹈gion where the serviceattention怎么读 team is located and the chairman of the region should attend toceremony用什么介词 support; The attendance of executive directors shall be uniformly arranged by the distrceremony怎么读音ict council, and other directors shceremony的名词all voluntarily attend and support according to the actual situation. When introducing guesservicemants aceremony造句t the changing ceremony, the directors and supervisors are generally introduced one by one according to tchangedhe liissues是什么意思英语on etiquetteservice的名词. It is recoattention吉他谱mmended to arrange seats at the main table 1, 2 or near the main tannualable.

Fifth,Oversservicemaneas personnel invited to participate in the ceremoceremony怎么读音ny must go to the district office in advservicebioance to handle theannual是什么意思 applichangescation proceremony的名词cedures.It嫦娥奔月 is not allowannualed to invite the personnel of oveannualizedrseasservice lions clubs andceremony造句 other social organizations to particiservicemanpate in the service team changing ceremony or fellowship exchange activities at home and abroad withouchange什么意思t approval.

Sixth, do a good jceremony造句ob in the reserviceport of the succession auction fund-raising activities.If fundraising activities such as charity auction are held at the saattention翻译me time, please fill in the Approvalceremony翻译 Form for Fundraising Activities of Shenzhen Lions Club 8 working days before the event.annual翻译 At the same tceremony怎么读ime, the aannualizeddministrative expenses should not be higher than the service funds raised.

Seventh, we need to proattention怎么读mote frugal leadership transition.Advocate thattention吉他谱e joint chattention短语ange of service teamservice翻译s, or change of service activities. The change of service team will not be held in five-star hotels, so the budget should be well prepared and the per capita budget shoissues中文什么意思uld be controlled within 200 yuan as far as possible. Advocate “clean action”, eli嫦娥四号探测器在哪发射minate extravagance and waceremony是什么意思sceremony用什么介词te. After the event, if there is any food left, try to pack.

Dear friends, we are all members of the shenzhen Lions Club family. We all love thisceremony的名词 organization aserviceablend wish shenzheannual的名词n Lions Club a heaservice的名词lthy, stable and harmonious development. We hope that everyone can make joint efforts, especially the district chairmen, district chairmen and serattention是什么意思vservice可数吗ice team leaders, to supervise and remind eac嫦娥h o嫦娥古诗ther, and joiserviceablently promote the steady development of Shenzhen Lions Club and the service嫦娥古诗 teams.

Shenzhen Lions Club

July 12, 2017

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