Human beings love, lion friends have love

Human beings love, lion friends have love

On April 3, Kuang was discharged from hospital. Looking baclion复数k on hfriends美剧er friends' care day and night during the 20 days in hospital, Kuang was filled with gratitude.

Due to acute nephritis and sepsis caused by a small cold, Kuang Was in a coma with fever for several days. Fortunately, Fu Qingyun found it in time anhuman的复数d was rushed to the hospital for treatbeing是什么意思ment. Especially during kuanhumanitiesg's hhumanity是什么意思ospitalization, Flionelu Qingyun and Cui Weisheng visitedlovealarm thhumanitiese hospital day and night and took care of herbeings怎么读 at the bedbeing搜索side. Every day, Fu Qinlove直播手机版app下载gyun washed her hair, wiped her body and massaged her. Even though she caught a cold due to hard worklove直播手机版app下载, she still took care of Kuang with a mask on. Fu Qingyunlion的中文意思 and Cui Weisheng have been doing these seemingllove is gone英文翻译y insignificanthuman什么意思 and trivial thinlion的中文意思gs for mfriends美剧ore than 20 days. But it is these insignificant little things that reflect the deep friendship and care between lion frilove最新版官方下载ends!

During kuanglionkk's stay in hoslion的音标pital, more than 70 lion friends visited herlion是什么意思. Lin Xinyue, the second vice President, Lin Tao, Zhang Jian, president Wu Yuqiong and Jie Bfriends用英语怎么说ingshi also visited the hospital and accompanied her... After hearbeings怎么读ing that Kuang waslove最新版官方下载 hospitalized, President Tian Xingwabeing是什么时态ng went to the hospital at 11pm after returning to Shenzhen flovelyrom the southeast Asia annual meeting meeting held in Hainan. The grebeing是什么意思etings and lohumanve frbeing是非谓语吗om the lion friends gave Kuang the courage and confilions英语怎么读dence to overcome her illness. Fellow patients in the ward were surprised and envious when they saw thfriends怎么读is.

Referring to thlione care of the lion friends, Kuang said that sbeing是什么意思he had been hospitalizedhumanity翻译 for more than 20 days and felt deeply the care of the lion friends. The meticulous care of Fu Qingyun, Cui Weisheng andlove直直播app other lion friends was just like family afriendshipffection to her. She holion复数pes that in thelion翻译 lion club family, all lion friends will always love and help eafriendsch other like this. She even came up witfriends是什么意思h the idea of setting up a lion-friendly care or support group to provide warm, practical help ifriendsn case of illness or other needs.

Fu Qingyun and Cui Weisheng were asked to pulion怎么读blicize their efforts for more than 20 dlovely什么意思ays, but they refused without hesitation. In their view, they are doing small thinhumankindgsfriends是什么意思 that they can do, not elove最新版官方下载arth-shattering febeings怎么读ats that need not be reported. However, this kindbeing是什么意思 of low-key, practical, unrequited silent effort is the most worthy of us to learn and praise. These consistent efforts have laid the cultural foundation of lilionsons Club.

Huhumankindman beings love, lion friends have love. As president Tian Xingwang said, "Service starts from the side, and care starts from lion friends", let's carrhuman什么意思yhuman翻译 forward the sbeing是什么词性pirit of caring flion翻译or each otherfriends什么意思中文 and helping others, take Fu Qingyun and Cui Weisheng as examples, and let Shenzhen Lions Club become a warm famlovealarmily!

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