Promote the healthy development of the service team - Guide lion Group holds the service team work coordination meeting

Promote the healthy development of the service team - Guide lion Group holds the service teteamvieweram work coordination meeting

On April 13, the 2017-2018 Service team coordination meeting of Shenservicebiozhen Lionsdevelopment怎么读 Club held by Lion Guide was successfully held in thedevelopment是什么意思 Lioteamons Club office in Shenzhen. Shenhold是什么意思网络用语zhen lions club President of 2017-2018, tian wang, vice President of the first Ma Min, deputy seservice和serve的区别cretary-general,development是可数名词吗 guide Li Feng, director of the lion of supervisors li chao, top collardevelopment是可数名词吗, jie cheng, in the long run, taoyuan, tightsen, free trahold是什么意思中文翻译de zone, jin yue, messengers, treasures, ligroupson, lily, son, set sail, care and HuaYue 15 service leapromote造句dership lion, a total of 25 people were present at the meepromote造句ting. The meeserviceableting was presided over by Li Feng.

Li Feng said thateamot under the leadership of the National Lions Association and the ggroup是什么意思uidance of shenzhen Disableteam是什么意思翻译d Persons' Federation, the lion management of Shenzhen Lions Club is becoming more rigorous and standarservicemandized. He hoped that thdevelopment是可数名词吗rough tteamshis exchange, he could understand the problems existing in the servicepromote和boost的区别 tea瑰的拼音ms, so that the guide lion Club could better help the service teams solve thdevelopment怎么读e problems, build a healthy and active service team, and promote the steady development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Servihold是什么意思网络用语ce leadership lion friends respectively, analysis of service due to lack of leadeteambitionrship, low cohesion, lio贵的拼音ns, age differencegroupie between friends, a lack of understanding of the culture, do not take the membership development adevelopment是什么意思nd retention problems, cause the lion communicatioservice是什么意思中文翻译n between friends is not smooth, sehold是什么意思rvice business and is difficult to carry out service achealthy2官网入口tivitipromotedes, and thus affect the normal development of the service. Lion frielionkknds also expressed that they would take the initiative to invite guide lion to conduct lion service龟的拼音 guidance, deepen the understanding of lion culturehold是什么功能键, guidehealthy lion friends to think and understand the signihealthyficance and valudevelopment造句简单带翻译e of public welfare,lions英语怎么读 and improve the cohesion of the service team.

Ma Min, first Vice Preshealthy2在线观看ident, pointed out that the healthy development of the slion怎么读ervice team is the basic guarantee for the sustainable development ofteamviewer Shenzhenteams会议 Lions Club. The insufficiedevelopment造句简单带翻译nt number of the service team will directly affect the normal development of the service team meeting andlion的中文意思 service activities. She hopes that each service team will focus ohold是什么功能键n member development, ensure that the number of members meets the target, and activehold是什么意思车上的功能ly carhealthy的副词ry out activities to improve team cohesion.

President Tian Weng gave a speecholds翻译h, thanking the lion friends foteam什么意思r their suphold是什么意思万用表port to this coordination meeting. He hoped tdevelopment是什么意思hat all service teams could strengt圭的拼音hen exchanges, learn from each other, standardize opservicemaneration anlion是什么意思d work together through joint regular meetings and joint services. It is hoped that each service team will take root in community service, activelliony resplion怎么读ond to the key service projects of the ddevelopment翻译istrict Council, practice the spirit of "four out", and dteam是什么意思翻译o a good job in public welfare. He said tdevelopment翻译hat the guide Lihealthy2在线观看on Group will heholds是什么意思英语lp the service team one on one according to the problems existing in the servic贵的拼音e team and guide the team to a new level.

The meeting ended in warm applause. The meeting played an importanthold是什么意思网络用语 role in guidingteampro the service tdevelopment怎么读eam and coordinating problems.team什么意思 I wish all the service teams, with the help of guide Lion Group, will overcome all difficulties, march towards a new journey with a new attitude and achieve healthy development!

[Text] Wanteamog Jiapeng

[Photo] Li Jiangping

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzgroup造句hen Lions Club Offguidebookiteamoce

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