Love to honor the elderly and help the disabled – The Double Ninth Festival of Shenzhen Lions Club to honor the elderly and help the disabled into the Jiuwei community

Respect for the elderly and help the disabled

— Shenzhen Lions Club’s Double Ninth Festival activities for respectelderly的中文意思ing the elderly and heelderly和elderlping the disabled entered jiuwei community

The Lions Club of Shenzhen donated calcium tablets, blankets, rice, cooking oil, blood pressure monilove最新版官方下载tors, eye drops and other materials to 300 elderly and disabled people in jiuwei community in Baoan District on October 13, when the Double Ninth Festival was coming.disabled的形容词 The club also phonoredroelderly怎么读vided free phyninth英语怎么读sical examination and health consultation services. We set up a paintifestival怎么读语音播放ng ahonor什么意思nd calligraphy market for more than 20 disabled arti深圳风险等级sts frohonor手机是华为吗m the CDPF Painting and Calligraphy Society, with a service fund of 100,000 yuan.

The activity with “we are old, we all respect” as the theme, from lions, baoan district, sfestival发音解读henzhen airlihelpernes nine community party committee organized around city streets, shenzhen lihelpingon lion love football, hand in hand, the p深圳疫情ath, splendid service, shenzhen overninth什么意思seas Chinese association to undertake luca brasi, Hong Kong Chinese commerce association, such as enterpriseshonorable and love Sponsored by Fang L深圳地铁线路图ian Health Management Technolofestival发音解读gy (Shenzhen) Co., LTD. Thisdisabled造句 is the third time that The Shenzhen Lions Club has visited the jiuwei community to carry out the activifestival是什么意思ties of caring for the elderly and helping the disabled.

Host Gao Ling, Denlove is gone英文翻译g Mengna to MAO Zedong’s words “double Ninth” as the opening, formally opened the prlove直播破解版ologue of caring and sympathy activities.

Zhou Yuqiang, member of baoan Hang Cheng Sub-district Party Committee, and Liu Shiqiang, diredisabledctor of Jiuwei Community Party Secretary worksdisabled电脑启动项tation, spoke highly of shenzhen Lions Club and caring enthonor怎么读erprises for three consecutive years to carrhonor9xy out caring action in Jiuwei community, and expressed their conlove直直播apptinued support and cooperation withlove直播破解版 this深圳疫情最新消息 public welfare activity toninth还是nineth区别 jointly build a harmonious community and promfestival怎么读语音ote positivdouble在c语言中的意思e energy of the society.

Qiu Hongying, the leader of thefestival发音解读 main road Service team and the general director of the event, delielderly的中文意思vered a speedouble占几个字节ch, thanking the street and coninthmmunity leaders for thehelp是什么意思英文翻译ir support, as well as the lion frfestival怎么读语音播放iends and all the organize深圳市最新疫情rs and co-organizers. She introdhonor9xuced thaelderly和elderthonor9x community service and targeted assistance for the disabled are the key service projects of Shenzhen Lions Club. Lelderly近义词ioelderly是什么词性n friends will cooperate with the community to do moreelderly是什么意思 and bettdoubledayer services and passhonor什么意思 on thehonor9x love. Representatelderly是什么意思ives of the charity associaelderly是什么意思tlove直直播appion also said they would continue to support public welfare activities and promote the virtues of respecting the elderly and heldouble是什么意思ping the disabled. Ms. Kong Ailing, honorary chairman of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Federation and President of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Society,love saidhelp怎么读 in her shonor手机是华为吗peech that she would continue to support the activities of Shenzhen Lions Clelderlyub and carry forward the virtues of respecting the elderly and helping tdouble类型he disabled.

Give a rose, thlovee hand has lingering fragrance. Lion friends in the inheritance of great lovdisabled翻译e at the same time also harvest full of touched. “What a great campaign you had! As a guangxi native, I was really touched by the 79 years of the war of counterattack against the Vietnamese self-defense forces!”

More than 40 carindisabled是什么意思g actolove最新版官方下载rs performed a charity performance for thlove直播软件安卓下载e elderly and the disabled. Futian Disableddoublelift Peoplelderly和elder区别e’s Federation of Calligraphy and Painting Associafestival怎么读语音tion Zhang Bing, Wu深圳疫情最新消息 Xiuzhen teacher sitting inhelpless a wheelchair sang the song “Thanksgivilove最新版官方下载ng”; Li Min, a member of huatian Service, who was confined to a wheelchair since childhood due to severe poliomyelitis sequelae, recited her poem “Please Pave a Pdouble是什么意思ath for wheelchair” blove直直播appased on her own experience. Her heartfelt expression was touching! She was moved to tears by the meticulous arrangement of the organizers. Just as she said idisabled是什么意思n her poem: the wheelchhonor手机air path paved the way of love and hahonor30ppiness for the whole hdouble在c语言中的意思uman society…

The success of this event is inseparable from the support of the streets anhelpd the community, as well as the cooperation between Lions club and chonor是什么牌子手机aring enterprises and associations. Baoan Hangcheng Street Phelplessarty Working Committee Member Zhou Yuqiang, social affairs office director Cheng Lu, Jiuwei community Party secretaryhonor30 workstation stationmaster Liu Shiqiang, Jiuwei community workstation comprehensive office director Liu Wenjie, Women’s Federation director Luo Huiling, comprehensive renovation director Zhu Doelderly是什么词性nghua, Ping an rule of law director Liu Jianhui, Dai Tongxin, former president of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2018-2019, Luo Junping, chairman ofelderly怎么读 district 20, Gao Ling, supervisor and other representninth怎么读atives of lion friends, as well as rhonor什么意思eprlovely什么意思esentatives of caring enterprises and associations attended the event.

Gao Ling, Fang Xifestival发音解读aorong, Deng Xiangfei, Qiu Hongying

[Photo] Wang Haibin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan, Lin Yanflovely翻译en

【 Typesetting 】 Yang & NBSP; &深圳天气nbsp; hin

[Issued] Shenzhen Liondoubledays Club Office

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