Pengqin joins hands to renew love -- Hongli Service Team held the fourth team meeting and regular meeting of 2020-2021

On October 17, 2020, the fourth captain team meeting and regular meeting of shenzhen Lions Club Red Litchi Service Team for 2020-2021 was hmeeting是什么意思中文翻译eld in Guohui H彭青otel, People's Building, Futian District. Domestic lion federation, deputy director of the education commission traihands-onning teaching RongJinjoins翻译g, shenzhen lion lion friends care committee, exeteams会议cutive chairman of yan-huerenewed wang, discipline committee,service怎么读 execut彭清ive chairman of Long Yali, red li service captain Wu Guicheng, second deputy captlove直播软件安卓下载ain brinton, third vice captrenewal什么意思ain li Yang, forrenewedmer captain Chen Hang, Tang Wenping, high He Yonlove直播软件安卓下载gan, xiao-ning liu, bin, Wang Shoujurenew翻译n completely, Secretary Liang Wenjuan, financial Yang Li, picket Chen Lixin, generjoins是什么意思al affairs Xiao Jian and other more than 20 people attended the meeting. Shenzhen lions zhi-hui zhou, chairman of the zone 6, 11 partition Dong Jun, student services, chairman of the committee, executive chairman of Yuan Juan, branch Zhang Kun le硼氢化钠分子量cturers, good DE corps captain yong-ping Chen, shenyang service capt硼氢化钠ain xue-fei li, Le cuckoo GFS captain Wan Xiaoyun, bijia mountain service chongliaptain yan xiong, Wen Jin GFS captain Luo Cong, Zhang Tongmeetingyou是什么意思, chairman of the third Division of shaanxi West Representative Office and Qiang Zihang, leader of Dacheng Service Team attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yang Li.

At 3:30 PM, the lions arrived at the venuehandsome是什么意思 on time. Long Yali chairman on the lions club service, this is the debut Long Yali chairman as branch lecturer, she from the lions clurenew科技b international lions cllove直播手机版app下载ub and shenzhen service slteamworkogan, servicelovely翻译 areas, the red li service service aserviceablectivities planning, preparation and implementation of the project, to question the interactive way, the lion is about service spiritlovely什么意思 and project implementation. The dservice怎么读aughter of Yin Shan Shijie, who is studyijoinstarng in an international school, came to learn volunteer activitlove最新版官方下载ies. "Little Lion" said she had gained a lot.

Illustration 2- Long Yali training. JPG

Vice Director Rong Jing gave a speech "Emotion Management" to help lion friends to re-underslovetand emotions and learn how to manage emotion硼氢化钠上市公司s through game interaction, group discussion and sharing. At the same time, she also shared 6Q education's public welfare courses for parentteams会议s, welcoming parents to take the initiative to learn, honor families with love, ateam什么意思nd build a harmoni红领巾的系法ous society.

Illustration 4- Rong Jing training. JPG

After the training, the regular meethands翻译ing bemeeting的音标gan. Yang Li, executive chairman of the conference, warmly welcomed the lions.

Illustration 6- The chairman declares the meeting open. JPG

Captain Wu Guicheng announced the recent lion work situation of the red Litchi service team. In September,join是什么意思 in addition to participating in various activities of the district council, hrenew翻译ongli service team also carried out science and technolo彭青华gy assihandshaker安卓下载stance activities for Haifeng special education school. It plans to carry out community care and re硼氢化钠turn visit services for hun弘历an students an红领巾d universitiehands-ons for the aged in November, and carry out hubei student assistance projects in December.

Illustration 8- Captain Wu speaking. JPG

Y硼氢化反应ang Li reported the financial situjoins翻译ation of Hongli Service Team. Se彭清cretary Liang Wenjuan injoins翻译troduced zhaoshang Street Sisiqing Senior University project.

Illustration 6- The chairman declares the meeting open. JPG

Illustration 10- Report by Liang Wenjuan shi Jie. JPG

Wang Yanhua, executive chairmarenew科技n, Ye Sufang and Zheng Huilong, executive vice chairmen of the Sciencteamoe and Technology Support activities of Hairenewsfeng Special Education School, shared the activities respectively, tservicebiohanking the lion friends and other pserviceablearticipating serenewrvice teams for their support. Captain Chen Yongping shared her feelings and harvest ofrenew是什么意思 parlove最新版官方下载ticipating in this joint service, and praised the spring multimedia brand edulove直播手机版app下载cation project of Red Litchi Service Team, as welservice是什么意思l as the standardized organization and development of service activities of Red Litchi Ser硼氢化钾vice team. She hoped to learn and communicate with each other through the joint service, and join hands with lion Love and happy service.

Illustration 11- Wang Yan hua Hai Feng Student sharing. JPG

Illustration 12- Haifeng student sharing. JPG

Yin Shan, executive chair红领巾的系法man of Hunmeetingtencentcoman Student aid Progrhandshakeam, reported the llovelyatest progress of hunan stmeetingudent aid activity of "Lion love connecting Guangjoinstardong and Hunan". She enthusiastically mobilized the members of the shaanxi representative office and the service teams of shenzhe红利群n Lions Club to participate in the educational activities. Lion friends are enthusiastic and raise their hands to sign up.

Xiao Jhandshakeian, executive chairman of Hubei Student aid Program, reported the progrloveess of hubei studerenewnt aid activities. Executive Vice President Puyafei also actively mobilized, and welrenew科技come your support.

After the meetinglove直直播app, shenzhteam是什么意思翻译en and Shaanxmeeting的音标i lion friends gathered for communication. Six lion friends fromhandsome怎么读 shaanxi rep硼氢化钠分子量resentative office came to Shenzhen for investigation anlove直播破解版d study. The two lion fr硼氢化反应iends met again just like old friendrenew是什么意思s. Long Yali, the last leader of the Red Li Service team, reissued the anti-epidemic medal awarded to the Dacheng Servic彭青e team at the time of the change of leadership. Captain Wu Guicheng and chairman Dong Jun also presented souvenirs to shaanxi lion friends硼氢化钾 from afar.

Chairman Zhang Tong and captain Qiang Zihang said that they were very glad to visit And learn in Shenzhen. They benehands-onfited a lot from the minion emergency reteamoscue training and lion affairs exchange orenew怎么读rganized by Red Licheng Service team, and would红领巾 briteam什么意思ng what they learnedteambition in Shenzhen back to Shaanxi Representative Offimeetingce. At the samerenew怎么读 time, they also welcome shenzhen Lion friends to shaanxi together with the joint service, "Pengqin hand in hand, create the future".

Chairman Chow chi-fai said红领巾简笔画 that he felt the atmosphere of unijoinsbforsth的意思ty, resmeeting腾讯会议pe红领巾心向党手抄报ct, tolerance and appreciation by attending the reguhandsome是什么意思lar meeting of Tjoinsbfordinner什么意思he Hong Lai Service Team. He spoke highly of hong Li Serhandshakevice Team as a team with strong fighhandshakerting capacity and cohesion, which is the pride oservice是什么意思中文翻译f zone 6 and the pride of Shenteambitionzhen Ljoinsbfordinner什么意思ions Club. He hoped t硼氢化钠上市公司hat the frienhands怎么读dshipteam between Shenzhen and Slove is gone英文翻译haanxi would last forever and the joint service would continue to be a story of lions Club. Other service team leaders whorenewable ateambitionttended the meeting also thanked Wu Guicheng for his invitation and thank lion friends for the红领巾图片ir wonderful sharing.

Thank you, let us continue to pass on love, pass onpengqin warmth, continue to take responsibility彭青华, good deeds, help others, shandsome是什么意思erve the society, and strivehandsome翻译 to build a harmonious sjoinsbforsth的意思ociety.


Article/photo Contributed by Hohands翻译ng Li Service Teamhandspank的视频vk

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