Moving forward with Sincerity — The Inaugural ceremony of the 2020-2021 term change of the Blue Sky Service team was held

On October 19, 2020, the inaugural ceremony of shenzhen Lions Blue Sky Service Team for 2020-2021 was held at the Harbor Banquet Hall ininauguraladdress课件ppt Futian District. Shenzhen liotermux下载ns club President zhi-qiang lu, second depuinsincerityty chairman Peng Daojian, former President of ShiJianforward-thinkingYong, vice supervisor Tan Fei long, Zhang Zheqin, chairman of the zone, the neforward的用法w, kevinbales Wei Xin, xiao-ping yu, chairman of thsincerity怎么读e partition, afterglow, Ms. Wang, Dtermong Jun, soup Xue Yong, Wang Xueboforward怎么读, chun-ping li, wang lina, a supervisor Li Zhou, special assistantceremony用什么介词 to Presidenforward什么意思t Tangforward Xishun, blue sky service all the lion, Servicforward怎么读e team rinaugural是什么意思epresentatives and guests attendedterm the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Liang Qun and presided over by Li Jun and Fan Meirong.

The blue Sky Service team reci嫦娥奔月的读音ted “Love under the Blumovinge Sky” to open the prelude of the ceremony. All the membersforward of the blue Sky Serviforwardce teamterm performed the recitation with deep feeling and hospitality, which integrated the journey ofterminal blue Sky Service teinauguraladdress课件pptam over the past eight years and theirmoving是什么意思英语 yearning for the future into the recitation. The audience was moved.


Conferenceforward什么意思中文翻译 chairman Liang Qun delivered the welcome speech. Chen Haiyan, the former team leader, introduced the guests and affsincerity翻译ectionforwardingately reviewed theforward-thinking charity work of the bluceremony怎么读e Sky Service team in the past year. In 2019-2020, the Blue Sky Service Team held 10 regular meetings with different themes and 11 sinauguraladdress课件pptervice activities, with a total service fuceremony复数形式nding of 114inaugural,000 yuan.


Finance Gu Weixia makes annual financial reports.

Wechat picture _20201022160859.jpg

Thinaugural address翻译中英对照en, Chen Haiyan, the lterm是什么意思ast team leader, awarded cards to the team’s lioninsincerity friends, other service team lion friends, caring enceremony用什么介词terprises and caring people to thank them for their great love. All the lion friends of the Blueforward-thinking Sky Service team express their graceremony同义词titmoving和moved的区别ude and tribute to Chen H嫦娥四号探测器在哪发射aiyaforwardsn for the achievements and efforts omovingstory3df the last team leadsincerityer and the last team leader. In the commendation session, the commendation and gtermratitude of the servtermux下载ice teams pushesincerity翻译d the atmceremony用什么介词osphere to a climax. Everyone was very proud of Chen Haiyan’s excelmovinglent efforts and brilliant acterm翻译hievements in the past yceremony用什么介词ear.

Under the witness of the lion friends, Chen Hainaugural addressiyan handed over the hammer and mace to Chen Yuguang.


Captain Chen Yuguang delivered his inaugural spemoving酒吧ech, introducing the mission and vision of this year’s service team, as well amoving outs the service objectives and funding objectives of thismoving酒吧 year. He said that he would leceremony和celebration的区别ad the Blue Sky Service team to continue to demonstrate teammoving怎么读 spirit and go all out to achievmoving是什么意思e this year’s service goals. Focusing on team building, lion servimovingce standards, inheritainaugural address翻译中英对照nce and communication, he wosincerity怎么读uld unite lion friends and care for lion enterprises and work together to do a good job in daily lion service. Ttermshe members of the new team took over the appointment certificate issued by Captain Chen Yuguang, and made solemn and sacred undertaking in the presence of the leaders of the district Council.

President Lu zhiqiang fully affirmed the proud achievements made by The blue Sky Servforward什么意思ice Team since its establishment, and highly praised the team for beautifully completing the service projects of the district counciterm怎么读l last year. He hoped that the blue Sky Servisincerity翻译中文ce team would get better and better and achieve more achievements. He presented gifts to the team and the two tchangeseam leaders, and said to ainaugural翻译ll the team members, “Take responsibility and do good deeds”.

This activity has been supported by district office, social caring personage and lion friend enchangesterprise. Thank you. Liang Xin, executive chairman of the conference, delivered a speech of thanks.

Wechat picture _20201022170005.jpg

On the spot, The Blue Sky Service team also launched the fundraising activity of “Blue Sktermy Good Kids” public welfare education serinaugural address翻译中英对照vice project in 2020-2021. Guests of lion friends generously raised 183,000 yuan for the “Blueceremony是什么意思 Sky Children” public welfare project.

By Tansincerity是什么意思 Yehui & NBSP; Photo/Lin Zhenyu

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