Dragon Teng Service Team: held the inaugural meeting and the launching ceremony of the “Anti-drug Caravan” project

          Dragon Teng Service Team: held the inaugural meeting and the launching ceremony of the “Anti-drug Caravan” project

        &nbspserviceman; On August 2nd, 2015, Shenzhen Lions Club Longtenmeeting翻译g Service Team held its inaugural meeting in the banquet hall on thedragon 4th floor o栾城天气预报f Longgang Centheld的中文意思ral City Friends international Tang La Yaxiu Hotel. With an average age of 26, this newly born charity service team is full of vigor aheld的原型nd vitality. Many of its members have just come out of the cainaugural是什么意思mpu腾讯漫画s and are influenced栾城区合并村规划图 by the charity spirit of lioceremonyns Club. They are determi栾城北部新城规划图ned to actively serve themeeting翻译 socieheld怎么读的ty and contribute to the construction of a harmonious society.
          The inaugural mee腾讯会议ting began with the solemn natiolaunching是什么意思nal anthem and lheld是hold的什么形式ions Club song. Lin Ziyu, the last president of The Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2015-2016, presented the dragmeeting的音标on Teng servmeeting怎么读英语ice team flag, ribbon and scepter to Captain Huang Jinbo, which symbolized the birth of another new force of the Lions Club.



          In his speech, Captain Huang Jinbo showed his deheldtermination to devote himself to the public welfare cause, and leaders sheldbackuch as Presiheld怎么读的dent Lin Ziyu aceremony的名词nd Presid六安城南疫情ent Zheng Yuservicekuan expressheldbacked their high expectations for the freshmen team. The founding members of the Dragon Dragon Service team express their deep gratitude to the mother team – Ddragon是什么意思ragon City Service team for theimeeting是什么意思rmeetingtencentcom strong support durinservice是什么意思g their growth.




    &nbsserviceablep;     On the day of the inaugural medragoneting, The Longteng Service team launched the “Anti-drug Caravan” project jointly held with rainbow Social Work Oservice是什么意思rganization. Li Xiaoliang, director general of Rainbow Sociameeting是什么意思中文翻译l Work, introduced the details of the project and put forward the anti-drug formula of “prevention first, youth first, pservice和serve的区别articipation experience, result-oriented”. The “anti-drug caravan” project moves the anti-drug education bupheldase to schools and commundragon怎么读ities. Through intuheld的原型itiveheldback, three-dimensional and comprehenmeeting腾讯会议sive explaupheldnation ofteamviewer drug knowledge, it promotes teenagers to have a comprehensive understanding of drug knowledge and helps them to create a drug-free andheld过去式和过去分词 healthy growth envirdragonboatfestivalonment. Laterlaunching是什么意思, Presidentlaunching翻译 Lin Ziyu, Captain Huang Jinbo, president zhang Hudragonexiying of Rainbow Soservicemancial Workers, and Wei Weizan, head of drug control of Longcheng Street Oinaugural address翻译中英对照ffice, jupheldointservice翻译ly pressed the ball, which symbolized the official launch of the “teamanti-drug caravan” promeetingsject.


    &乱成语nbsp;     In the end, the celebration party came to a successfulteampro end in laughter.



Article/Tulonggang Foreign Language School Lu Huilin

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