Guide Lion Group held “Guide Lion Home” work exchange meeting

Guide Lion Group held & LDquo; Leading the lion home ” Job exchange


2014years7month20dayOrganizworksed by the Lion Guide group of Shenzhen Lions Club2014-2015.Annuallion翻译 & other;exchange Leading the lion home &rdquowork翻译; The work exchanghomework是可数名词吗e meeting was successfully held in the multi-function hall of shhomefacialproenzhexchangeeheld是hold的什么形式n Lions Club office. Shenzhen Lions Club20142015Annual president Lin Ziyu, first Vice President Lin Tao, seclionelond vice president Shi Jianyong and other leaders of lion friends and49Certified guide lions attende鬼的拼音d the meeting.   
    Shenzhen Lions Club guides the lion group from
2010Since its establishment in 1995, the4Stage guidheldene lion training, total87Senior lion friends have participated in the training and obtainedwork翻译 lion guide qualification of Lions Club International. In & other; Leading the lion home ” In the work exchange meeting, Wang Cheng, the leader of the guide lion group, reviewed the training of the guide lion group in the first four years, and arranged the work planmeeting怎么读英语 of the guide lion group in the New Yeaheld中文r. Huexchange用法及搭配ang Xiaoling deputy head of the union & LDquo; Whaworkt are your slionstandards for a leading lion? , & other The leader’s Eheld的原型xpectations for the lead Lion & RDquo; , & otguideher What kind of suppogroup怎么读英语rt does the guide Lion need from the guide Lion group?group怎么读英语 At present, the status of guide lion is analyzed. The guide lions at the meeting put forward valuablionelle suggestions and suggestlionions. Huang Xiaoling, deputy head of tgroup怎么读音he team, answered all thmeeting是什么意思中文翻译e questions raised by the guide lions at the meeting. Li Zan-mei, deputy head of thome是什么意思he club, shared with you the idea of establishing shenzhen Lions Guide Lion Club, on how to build a guide lion & LDquo; Gas sexchange的名词tation & throughout; And for the guide lions to clion复数reatexchange什么意思e a warm “ Throughout the home &; Do detailed elaboration, get guide lion people’s identification.

As well20142015In the annual lion Guide work, the members of the lion Guide club collectgroupby函数ed relevant information about the lion Guiexchange服务器怎么填de work, the founding process of the new service team, the foundinheld过去式和过去分词g operation guidelines, the establishment and reconstruction of the service team and compiled itlion怎么读 into the “Lion Guidworkforcee Manual of Shenzhen Lions Club (draft)”. At the exchange meeting, Colonel Wang Cheng explained the main contents of this maheld怎么读的nual.

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President Lin Ziyu made a mobilization before the meeting and madheld的中文意思e a summary and encouragement at the end of the meetingworkout. She shome键怎么调出来aid that in the new lion year, the guide Lion Group has a very difficult tasgroup翻译k, creating new service teams, supporting the development of weak teams, as well asmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 the development and retention of members and other aspects need towork是什么意思 guide the lion group members hardexchange账户密码不正确 work. She thanked for attending. Leading the lion home ” The lion friexchange什么意思ends of the exchange club hope that through the standard guidance and sincere company of the lion guides, we canhome是什么意思 improveworkforce the ability olion的中文意思f leading the limeetingyou是什么意思on friends, standardize and improve the lion service level of the service team, and make the weak team becomhomelesse the strong team, and the normal service team become the outstanding service team.


wen/Zhang Huiqing/Lin Zeyun

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