Lions family Christmas Eve - a record of the 13th district association meeting of shenzhen Lions Club

Lion family Trip Christmas Eve
                             district和zone   &thoughnbsp;      district词根;   &nassociationbsp;   &nassociation翻译bsp;   &nbassociation用法及搭配sp;               &nassociation什么意思中文翻译成bsp;       &nbsmeetingtencentcomp;    christmas用on还是at;           — Shenzhen Lions club joint meeting of district 13

            On December 24, 2011, the joint meeting of shenzhen Lions Club district 13 was held in South Australia. Congress Presirecord名词dent Zhang Hongxiang, donglin Zhang Shaoyang, Lin, chairman of the President, vice President of the conference Huang Zhulin, Presideassociation造句nt of China hunan Li Jin, President of shenyang Yu Weian, friend wassociation造句ill be President of prince Lai Yan tong, fukuda Huang Defamilyqing director and director of shenzhen lion before wearing, dean of general affair with xin couples Li Yuehua, chairman of ten pareveningtition Wfamily翻译u Baicheng, 17 partitions Zhang Zhihedistrict词根, environmentallions是什么意思 prchristmas的音标otection, chairman of the committee, executive chairman of maintenance, assistive committee for poverty alleviation Executive Chairman He Xinru, oct President Wu Jianing, Tongxin Vice President Ge Chun a童话故事nd more th桃花图片an 100 lion friends aeveryonend their families attended the evassociation可数吗ent.

  &family是什么意思翻译成中文nbsp;   &nbchristmas怎么读sp;     With the strong support of mormeeting造句e than 100 lion friends' faeveryonemilies and gmeetingtencentcomuests from the 13th district, we successfully completed tmeeting造句he summary of thdistrict词根e work of the joint meeting for half a year, and awarded the honorary certificate to Hua Xiang Lion Friends! At 8:08 PM, with the fdistrictingirst depudistrict和region区别ty director of Shenzhen Lions Club su Zeran shi Brother shouted: &ldquchristmaso; Start firing; The south Australia harbeventour fishing row on the burning sound of half a bellchristmas翻译 of colorful fireworks, huge colorthful fireworks lit up the south Australia fishing port streets and the sea night sky. … Every lion friend's family members and children received the Christmas goldemeetingn rabbit gift, and more than 50 people drew the top prize. Hugs, unprecedented satisfaction, warm frierecorderndship karaoke until midnight! All lion friendths had a Christmas Eve theyeverything will never forget.

  &nrecord什么意思bsp;         This event has been sponsoredrecorder by Zhang Shaoyang, Lai Jinzhafamily是什么意思ng, Zeng Zhikun, Chen Jiandu, Chen Jianhui, Lai Yantong and otchristmasher Christmas red wine, yacht and hotel, Huang Deqeverying, Li Jin, Zhou Yangguang, Chen Xuanbin, Li Yuehua, Wu Jianing, Ge Chun, Zhang Hongxiang sponsored Christmas gifts, special thanks! District 13 Joint Meeting - Lion Family Tour Christmas night is made even more wonderful by your participation and generous sponsorship!

By Zhang Hongxiang & NBSP;   Photo/Meng Fanyi


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