The ninth Shenzhen Care Action – care for older youth project was officially launched

The ninth Shenzhen Care Action – care for older youth project was officially launched

    &ninth什么意思nbsp;       Shenzhewas怎么读n Nproject中成本分为ews (Yao Yuan) January 15, sponsocare什么意思中文意思red by Shenzhen Lions Cluyouthfulnessb, supported by Shenzhen Love office, Shenzhen Lproject怎么设置无休息日ions Club universal Service team, organized by Xi ‘an Jiaotong University Alumni Association Shenzhen Univers深圳疫情最新消息ity Alumaction下载ni Diamond深圳疫情 Rose Clubcareer翻译 Salon, The 9th Shenzhen Care Action & MDash was co-organized by Shenzhen Zhenye(Group) Co.,Ltd.washington, Shenzhen Press Grninth什么意思oup, Shenzhen Newactionables Netcare是什么意思work, China Merchants Bank, Eprojectdollxcellence Property, Sanmen Ishenzhensland Main Club of Shecareernzhen Sea Pearl Investment Co.,Ltd., and Shenzhen Fengcai Weiran Culture Communication Co.,Ltd. — The project of Cproject软件使用教程arinolder歌词g for older youthaction对魔忍 was officially launched in The Excellence Times Squaryouthfulnesse, Yitian Road, Futian District, to bninthsuild a platform for oldeaction翻译r single youth to make frienolder反义词ds and hold a spring tea exchange meeting to pprojectionromote romantyouth歌词ic love among the single youtninth英语怎么读h in Shenzhen. This is owas是什么意思ne of the 9th Shenzhen Care Action series activities.


            In the eveyouthful翻译ning, Su Zeran, first Deputy Director of Shenzhen Lions Club, extyouth英文朗读ended a warm welcome to the guests. Chen Li, deputy diryouthvipector of Shenzhen Love and Care Office, said that duyouth英文原文e to the diverse immolder是什么意思英语igrant culture, special population structuofficially是什么意思re, and work pressolderure and other factors in Shenzhen, many construccareer翻译tion wninth的音标orkers in Shenzhen have certain difficulties and problems in marriage, espeolder英语怎么读cially the marriage and love situprojectionation of some older young peyouth英文原文ople neewasn’td support and care from the governmcare什么意思中文意思ent and all walks of life. The male and female guaction下载estolder翻译sproject中成本分为 brokeolder英语怎么读 through the strangeness and formality and enhanced understanding through exchanges and games. Event orgaction的动词anise深圳大学rs for the care of just buying activities, and participated in the activities of young friends to buy the textilolder4me老人e hat, gwashloves and other protective suolderits for the disabled, the event subscription items will be on Februar深圳y 5, shactionenzhen by xi ‘an jiaotong university alumni association of shenzhen深圳天气 university alumni club diamond rose salon at the 1 + 1 single people to thproject翻译e activities of public love & ndash; When visiting orphaned and disabolder的意思led children in the social welfare center and cyouthhildren’s welfare home, the enthusiastic single youth who particprojectoripated in the charity sale will donate to orphaned andninthly翻译 disabled children in the Shenzhen Socshenzhenial Welfare Center and children’s welfolder的意思are home.

  &projectsekainbsp;  was是什么意思       Siprojectionnceyouth its establishment, Shenzhen Lions Club has been dprojectsekaievoted to carinninth-gradeg for poor students, orpproject中成本分为hans and disabled children, and helping those in need. In recent years, the univerofficially是什么意思英语sal service team has cooperated with shenzaction翻译hen Universininth英语怎么读ty Diaprojectmond Rose Club Salon of Shactionableenzhen Alumni Association of Xi ‘an Jiaotong Universolder的意思ity. Care for older Youth & RDquoninth; Love activities have prompted 19 couples to succeed in holding hands.
  &nwas是什么意思bsp;         This activity was warmly supported by Shenzhen Zhenye(Group) Co.,Ltd., China Merchants Bank, Shenzhproject软件en Press Group and other lawasprge enterprises. Nearly 90 pyouth翻译eople participated, including深圳疫情最新动态 16 leaders present at the scene. At tcareful是什么意思he event, 40 setswasn’t of gifts for visiting orphaned and disabled children were sold.

      &nbswas是什么意思p;   &nninth的音标bsp; It is understood that the future of xi ‘an jiaotong university alumni ayouth英文朗读ssociation of shenzhen shenzhen university alumni dyouthvipiamond rose club salon will be care for long-深圳天气term joint shenzhen, shenzhen lions club, each college alumni association of sheofficially是什么意思nzhen and shenzhen entolder怎么读erprises and institutions, to carry out public welfare activities, all-round, multi-channel, multi-level and multi-angle to build high-quality, high-level, high-qualicaregivertywas是什么意思 single youth a dating platform.

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