Happiness Service Team: the third regular meeting of the council and members of 2015-2016 was held

          Happiness Service Team: the third regular meeting of the council and members of 2015-2016 was held

    &nbthird怎么读sp;     On Ocmembershiptober 22, 2015, Shenzhen Lioserviceablens Club Happiness Service Team held the thservice和serve的区别irdmeetingtencentcom council and regular meeting of members in Guangdong Lufeng Credit Car. 15 people attended the meeting, including Guregular什么意思o Yongyong, the 2015-2016 leader of Shenzhen Lions Club happiness Service Team and representatives of caring enterpricouncilsses. Zhang Shengzhouthird什么意思, chteamairman of the confthird音标erence, Lin Chunhao, hosteams会议t.
&nregular什么意思bsp;     &ncouncil和committee的区别bsp;   At the meeting, Captain Guo Yongyong congratulated lufeng on the complete success of the donation activity of “Happiness Teaching Scholarship”, thanked everyone for theimeetingyou是什么意思r efforts, united and gathered positive energy, and created great happiness with gratitude. Then each group rcouncil什么意思eported the work situation of “Happiness teaching scholarship award ceremony”, lion friends were moved, harvested friendship, and truly experienced the spirit of “I give, I am happy”.
          At the same time, the lion friends put forward suggestions on impthird的缩写roving the evaluation procregularly意思中文翻译edure, public feedbacteamworkk and the implementation of the shappiness的同义词cholarship. We all agreed that the service team will alwservice和serve的区别ays adhere to the principle of “openness, fairness and justice” in the future work of thcouncil什么意思e assistantshimeeting怎么读英语p, and fine standardize the evaluation process to ensure that the scholarship willmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 be awarded to teachers and students with excellent characteregularr and learning.


    &service怎么读nbsp;     The trip to Lufeng is the beginning of the happiness Service team’s work as a student assistant. In the following days, it will actively explore new forms of public welfare and charity, serve the society with practical actions, and attract and inspthird翻译ire more caring people to jregular翻译oin the Lionscouncil词根 Club with the spirit of “going out”.



Article/photo Contributed by Happiness Service Team


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