“Posting” data? The “sun” experience? “Exposure” results – ciBB leaders to Shenzhen forum and member development and retention master “exposure” was launched in Shenzhen

          “Sharing” data, “sharing” experience, “sharing” achievements — CiBB leaders to Shenzhen forum and member developmepostingnt and retention master “sharing”result是什么词性 was launched in Shenzhen

    &nbspleadership翻译;     On November 2nd, 2015, the opening ceremony of lions Club development and retention master “suntan” was held at lions Club office in Shenzhen. Su Zeran, Xu Wushun, Vice presidents of the Domestic Lexperienced怎么读ion Association, Xiao Xingping, Chairman of the St大唐贞观第一纨绔rategic Development and Research Committee, Li Wei, leader of the Lion Group, Lei Qingmiposting是什么意思啊ng, Zhang Yan, Du Gan, Shenzhen lions club President Lin Tao, the last President Lin Ziyu, first deputy chairman ShiJianYong, secret大唐再起ary-general, d大唐逍遥驸马爷eputy secretary大唐逍遥驸马爷-general Zhan大唐第一猛人g Hongxiang Zeng Shi and member management committee (leadership的四种类型east), Liao Ronghui and 11 division President li chao, chairman of the 14t孙悟空h partition HongZhiMin, the Presi孙怡dent’s salary as 15, and shenzhen lions club captain reserve commitexperiencestee chairman Deng Yiji service repr孙权劝学esentatives to attend the meeting. Also present at the meeting were Lian Guangyu, cexperience是什么意思中文翻译hairman of Th深圳疫情最新消息e 8th D深圳风险等级isresults.xls正处于锁定状态trict of G大唐开局震惊了李世民uaexposure tongdong Lions Club, Liu Meijun, director of the pickeleadership翻译t of Harbin Membership M大唐第一猛人李默anagement Committee, Liu Qingjiang, chairman of the service prleaders什么意思oject Committee, and Zhao Rong, lecturer of the lecture gr深圳市最新疫情oup. Theexperience meeting was chaexperienceired by Wong Bo-hsiang, secretary-general of the lion League.


      &nresultsbsp;   President Lin Tao warmly welcomed the leaders of the Domestic Lions Association to shenzheleadershipn, and thanked the leader Dai Zhongwei for choosing shenzhen as the venue of the launching ceremony of the asso大唐第一猛人李默ciation’s membership development and retention master “dryingexperience“. He hoped that the master “drying” would set o大唐第一世家ff a fever of the development and retention of members in various regions of the country and form a good momentum of catching up with each ot大唐孽子her.


&nbleaderssp;     &nleadership的中文意思bsp; &nbspresults翻译; Mr. Dai zhongwei, the head of the organization development and Development Committee, introduced that the “sun drying”, the master of membersh深圳疫情ip development and r深圳风险等级etention, was a new service product launched by the committee this year. There are threxposure是什么意思ee main features of the federation’s memberresults是什么意思ship de孙红雷velopment and retention master “disclosure”. First, “di孙艺珍sclosresult是什么意思中文翻译ure” data. Starting from this month, the data of the net groexposure是什么意思wth rate, attrition rate and retention rate of members of th苏南卿霍均曜免费阅读e national membership management committee and sersunvice team will be “disclosed” to the whole country. Second深圳, “exposure”孙怡 experience, the service team leader, lion guide, leadinleadership翻译g li深圳市最新疫情on friends in the me孙猴子是我师弟mber developmentexperience纯音乐 and reteexposurention w大唐第一世家ork experience, experience measures “exposure”, good practices to promote to the cou孙俪ntry; At the end深圳市最新疫情 of the year, the results of the region with texposure tohe highest net membership growth rate, attleaders是什么意思英语rition rate and retention rate will be p深圳地铁线路图ublicized and commended at the 11th深圳市最新疫情 annu大唐再起al meeting of the Federation. The puleadership是什么意思rpose of this move is to promote the research on the membership developmenleadership是什么意思t and retenexperience钢琴谱tion culture ofexperiences the Federation, so that all regions can learn from each other and get a thorough un孙俪derstanding of the experience of the membership development and retention work. It is hoped that the enthusiasm of all sresultservice team leaders can be mobilized, so that everyone can learn management through data. Through this activity, experience will be summarized and big data from different regiosunns will be left for summary and sharing when appropriate.


&nbsp苏宁;   &nbleaders翻译sp; &nresults怎么读bsp;   Leexperienced的意思i Kaijin, deputy head of the association, introduced the activities of developing ansund retaining master “sun”. Service teams, service team leaders and service team lresult是什么意思英语eaders whose membership retention rate reaches over 90% in each region will be recognized by the federation. There are three levels of commendation: general, good and excellent. The results of the commendation will be announced in all regions of the country. The activitie深圳地铁线路图s are organized by the local membership development and retention committees, with the cooperation of the Lion Guide Group. Activities will be p大唐孽子romoted in all regions of the country u苏宁易购nder the responsibility of the FEDERATION secretariat. The regional conf深证指数erence se深圳疫情cret大唐第一世家aria苏宁ts r深圳大学eport the dataresults.xls正处于锁定状态 to the Federation secretariat by mail on a monthly ba深圳市最新疫情sis. The federation will organize working groups to visit in due coposting是什么意思啊urse to collect and sort out information.


    &nbsexposure是什么意思p;     Then, su Zeran, Xu Wushun, Li Wei, Dai Zhongwei, Lei Gaoqing, Zhang Yan, Du Gan, Lin Taexperience动词o, Lin Ziyu, Shi Jianyong, Zeng Shiyang,resultset遍历 Deng Yi and other leaders put the “love” ca孙怡rd into the starter box, and the fedexposureeration member development andexperienced retention master “sun” wa大唐孽子s officially launched.


          Vice President Su Zeran introduced the plan of membership development an大唐第一世家d retention thisposting是什么意思啊 yeaexperience的形容词r. Districts and servic大唐再起e teams m深圳疫情eeting the n孙艺珍et growth rate of membership will be recog孙猴子是我师弟nized at the 11th annual meeting of THE federation. He acknowledged the achievements of the club in membership development and retention last year. Facts show that development is as imexposure怎么读portant as preservation, and norms in development promote development. He encouraged shenzhen Lions club toexposure的中文意思 make persistent efforts to continue to lead the country.


  &nbsp孙艺珍;       Wu S深圳疫情最新动态hun Xu, v深圳疫情最新消息ice president of Shenzhen L孙红雷ions Club, r孙权劝学ecalled the story of his relationship with shenzhen Lileadership的四种类型ons Club wiresults是什么意思th deep feelings. Last year, he was in charge of member development and retention, and affirmed the master “sun” activity this year. Thisdata ye深圳ar, he was i孙俪n charge of Shenzhen area, foreign exchange Committee, annual Meeting Committee, peace poster Committee. An event with three committees is planned for the near future.


    &result是什么意思英语nbsp;  experienced的意思   Later, Xiao Xingping, Lin Ziyu, Li Wei, Deng Yi,深圳风险等级 Zhang Hongxiang, Liao Ronghuiresult是什么词性, Liu Meijun, Zhang Yan and others shared their experiences in membership development and retent大唐再起ion, which made people gain insight and benefit a lot.


    &nbspexperience翻译;  leadership的定义   Li大唐第一猛人李默n Taexperience纯音乐o, president of The Shenzhen Lions Club, said in her concluding speech that member development and retention work is one of the important work in each district, and she agreed with everyone’s sharing very much. She hoped that by taking advantage of the opportunity of master “drying”, the development and retent大唐扫把星ion w深圳ork of大唐扫把星 Shenzhen Lions Cl大唐第一猛人ub would be promoted to a深圳风险等级 higher level, and master’s eposting是什么意思啊nthusiasm for “dryresults.xls正处于锁定状态ing” wresult是什么词性ould spread to the whole country.


By Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Photo/Lin Wenjie

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