The Lions Club of Shenzhen visited the demonstration site of national disabled fitness project

The Lions Club of Shenzhen visited the demonstration site of national disabled fitness project

       visited及物不及物   On October 30, 2015, Lions Club of Shenzhen and Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation visited four new districts in Dapeng, Pingshan, Guangming and Longhua, which are establishing demonstration sites of fitness project for the disab深圳市最新疫情led. Hvisited音标uang Chunbinvisited怎么读英语, Vice Pclub是什么意思resident of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federat司腾ion, Hong Ping, Vice Director of Advocacy Departclubmedment, Lin Tao, 2015-2016 President of Shenzhen Liondisabled造句简单s Club, Yu Qian, second Vdemonstration的动词ice President of Shenzhen Lions Club, Zeng Shiyang, Secretary General, Feng Qijiang, Chairman of Brand Service Committee, Kuang Hong, Chairman of The Committee for Helping Disabled and深圳 Poverty Alleviation, Chen Jiandu, Qian Tiantian and other executive chairmen attended the event.
          During the visit, the leaders of the shenzhen Lions Club and the kwai Chung, Guangming and Dalang sub-district occupational hfitness是什么意思ealthnational centervisited的过去式s held a forum respectively, exchanging views on the donation of sports edisabled电脑quipment for the disabled, the site of the national fitness project demonnationalitiesstration site for the disabled and the needs of the sub-district occupat深圳ional health center. In ping shan district service center for the disabled, the visiting group with Yang yong ping shan district DPF leadership,visited是什么意思英语 listened to thdisablede street community intellectclubmedual disabilities integration services, care field services for the disabled, “inductrivisited翻译al injury to employees” mclub怎么读utual growth projects, migrant司藤的孩子是谁 children family education, “six-party” innovation community autonomy services such as project introduction, yu said in a potential discussion, Extending services to cvisited翻译ommunities has been the service orientation of Shenzhen Lions Club in recent years. In the next step, we wfitness和healthyill recommend these projects toclub用英语怎么说 relev深证指数a司藤电视剧nt service teams based odisabled造句简单n the actual situation, so as to effectively help the disadvantaged grouclub是什么意思ps.


  &nb司藤单志刚是什么人sp;       Lin Tao, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, said that sinvisited的意思ce its estdemonstrationablishment, shenzhen Lions Club has actively carried out public司藤的孩子是谁 service activities, p司藤电视剧roviding economic,fitness健身器材 material and spiritual assistance to the socially vulnerable groups, especiallvisited英语怎么说y the disitesabled. In this event, Shenzhen Lions Club will call on the service teams to donate 150,000 yuan to support kwai Chung, Guangming and Dalang vocational health centers to purchase sports equipment, providing favorab深圳风险等级le conditions for rehabilitation training for the disabled.
          Huang Chunbin, vice chairman of the board, expressed his gratitude to shenz深圳市最新疫情hen Lions Club for its clions英语怎么读are and support for the development of the disabled community in Shenzhen. In the discussion, he hopes tvisited及物不及物o shenzhen lions to fu深证指数rther st深圳疫情rengthen and a listing on the street as kang center “red lion, assistive standing”visited及物不及物 cooperation, as a long-term s深圳地铁线路图ervice point, continue to dig deep street as kang ce司藤单志刚是什么人nter demand, ddisabled是什么意思eepen the services, efforts to provide comprehensive, integrated service ffitnesslabs乳清蛋白质粉怎么样or them, to make one of liondemonstration的动词 brand service projects in shenzhen.


          It is reponational dayrted that the national fitness project demonstration site is one of the “ten practical things about peopledisabled造句简单带翻译‘s livelihfitness是什么意思ood” in Guangdong province i司藤单志刚是什么人n 2015. In 2深圳疫情最新动态015, Shenzhen will establish 6 provincial-level demonstration sites of fitness project for the disabled (one in each of the 6 administraticlubmanve regions) and 4 municipal-level demonstratiodemonstrations翻译n sites of fitness project for the disabled (one in each of the 4 functional newfitness下载 afitness翻译reas).


By Su Zhuangbin

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