The first successful operation of “Light up” project (source: Shenzhen Evening News, December 08, 2014, A22 edition)

“ Turn on the light ” The first operation of the project was successful.

&lighternbsp; &nfirst namebsp; &successfullynbsp;     “ I can watch TV now! ” This is the first thing 17-year-old Wang Yupsetuchuan said when hsuccessful的短语e met me. He iupdates the first person to do so. Transmission of love, liupstairsght up the light ” The first citizen to undergo cataract surgsource insightery under the Cataract Reclightroomovery Project, he successfully underweevening翻译nt coperationataract surgery on 1 December and is深圳大学 now recovering well.

    &nbsource的中文意思sp;     Osuccessfully造句n December 2nd, xuevening怎么读 Fei, chairman of the Lions Club committee for preventing and helping the Blind, and reprelight的反义词sentatives of thelight是什么意思 service team came to Boai Hospital to confirlighthousem wang Yuchuan’s operation and postoperative rlightning接口ecovery. They were very satisfied with this, and communicupstairsated with the sponsor Boai Hospital again about the next public welfare action process.

          Wang Yuchuan, the first beneficiaruplayy, hadevening和night his first operation on his right eye and recovered well. His visi深圳地铁线路图on wevening怎么读as relatively clear. Whenlightning I entered the room, Xiao Wang was watching an NBA basketball game. According to Li Chunyan, xiao Wang’s chief surgeon and deputy chief physician, xiao Wang’s cataract surgery was very suupperccessful, and his vision of 1.0 was beyond expectation. After a month of recovery, he’ll be able to operate on the other eye.

          Xiao Wang must take hormo深圳ne drugs for a long time because of the treatment of nephritis, so the physical quality is poolight是什么意思r, the recovery period is longer, a month can carry out the second cataract opsuccessful的名词形式eratiosuccessful怎么读英语n is vefirst怎么读英语ry fafirst namest. Xiao Wang likes basketbasource命令ll very muchlight, for the resource insightcovery of vision, xiao Wansourcedg is very excited, at the end of the visit, he said to leave a staff member: mevening英语怎么读y eyes good, let’supstairs play!

    &nbsp深圳大学;     In view of the success of the first cataract surgeryprojectdoll, the lionsource翻译s Club and Boasuccessful的短语i Hospital, the organizers of the charity event, have decided to conduct a centralized screeoperationallyning of all applicants in the nesource insightar futurshenzhenelightroom to determine the list of the second batch of surgeries.

          It is understood that the Lions Club has now registeredevening和night区别 50 people, plus more than 40 people registered in boai Hospital, nearly 100 applicants will be screened at that time, those who have not registered with the old people, please sign up as soon as possible.

(Holight的反义词ng Kin-ching)

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