Lions Club shenzhen held the first meeting of its membership management Committee for 2014-2015

Lions Club shenzhen held the first meeting of its membership management Committee for 2014-2015

    &nbslions英语怎么读p;       On the afternoon of August 26, 2014, the first meeting of memberheld怎么读的ship Manheld的意思是什么agement Committee of Lions Club of Shenzhe深圳市最新疫情n 2014-2015 was held in No.1 Smanagement翻译ilver Lake. Shenheld的意思是什么zhen lions clumeeting是什么中文意思b President of 201深圳天气4-2015, Lin Ziyu, first deputy chairman Lin Tao, second deputy chairman ShiJianYong, the first member of the management committee chairman Zhang Hongxiang, the second member management committee chairmameetingyou是什么意思n Mr. Zhang and first an-ping zheng, cmanagement是什么意思中文翻译hairman of the partition, the seheld的中文意思cond partition, lily and third dlion是什么意思ivision President Chen lu, chairman of the fifth partition Zhang Zhihe, partition chairman Liao Ronghui 7, 9 partitimeeting怎么读英语ons Presidclub怎么读ent HongZhmembership怎么读iMin, lrmeetingtencentcomene, chairman of the partition, the firstmeeting腾讯会议 11 district chairmanheld的中文意思 Peng Yanling starting, the Prlions的音标esident’s salary as 14, and 15 parmeetingtition, Chen Shuhuan and 16th division Presidentfirstname填姓还是名 Tan Zhaolin, revenge, chairman of the division President Li Aijun 17 and 18 partition jing Linlions英语怎么读, 19 xiao-lin guo, chairman of the partition and so on a total of more than 20 leading liomeeting是什么中文意思n friends to attend the meeting.
  &its是什么意思nbsp;       &nbsheldp; At the meeting, zhang Hofirsthandngxiang, the host of the meeting and the chairmafirst怎么读英语n of the firmembershipst member management committee, rang the bell for the meetinmanagement是什么意思英语g and expressed himanagement是什么意思英语s heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all the leaders of lion friends. Then, zhang Hongxiang, chairman of titsyou是什么意思he fiheld过去式和过去分词rst member management committee, and Zhang Cheng, chairman of the second member managitsement committee respectively reported on the current membclubmanership development and retention work, the establishment of newclub是什么酒 servicfirstname填姓还是名e teams, and the development of service projects in their rlionsgateespective districts. At the same time, they thanked all the chairmen for their efforts in the past feits和it’s的区别w months. Then,meeting的音标 the chairmeetingyou是什么意思men of the participclub是什么酒ating distrfirst翻译icts elaborated on the work plan and implementation of the current year in combination with the situation of the service teams under the jfirst怎么读urisdiction of the respective distrimanagement怎么读cts, especially the collclub翻译ection of dues of the service teams under the jurisdiction of the respective distlions英语怎么读ricts, the establishment of the service teams, the convening of reitsmgional meetingsmanagement是什么意思中文翻译 and the devmanagement的动词形式elopment of service activities. The training worklions and the work of the abnormalfirst service team of less than 20 people were reported and communicated.
       lions的音标     Lin Tao, the first vice president, briefed the esclubmedtablishment of the new association, membership development and retention of the year, and made arrangements for membership management. She went on to talk a深圳地铁线路图bout the campaign, which will launch in September. Passing on llions英语怎么读ove ” Community theme service momeeting翻译nth activities,meetingyou是什么意思 and proposed that each service team must be based on the community, do a good job for the disadvantaged groups, serious and pragmatic, but also to master the scale of publicity.
            President Lin Zlionsgateimanagement怎么读音yu fully affirmed tlion是什么意思he importance, timeliness and necessity of thimanagement是什么意思英语s meeting in hfirst怎么读英语er concluding remarks. She reviewed the work in the past few months and expressed her heartfelt thanks for the good achievfirsthandements in the work of collecting membership dues, developing anheld的中文意思d retaining mmeetingyou是什么意思embers, training of cadres to be appointed, and disaster relief in Ludian this year. Presidemembership怎么读nt Lam pointed out that the district chairman is the chairmalions是什么意思n’s riheld是hold的什么形式ght-hand man and strong backing, and plays an extremely important role in the realization of the objectives of thefirst青年电影展 work plan for this year. Lin,management中文 chairman of next work put forward five guidance opinion: one, please follow up, chairman of the partition, the sermanagement是什么意思英语vice,membership什么意思啊 attention to sheld的原型ervice membership development and retention sfirstlyituationitss资质证书, area net growth rate of 2it’s0% or more members will publish monthly service list, the zero loss service members list, and have corresponding incentives to commend the service; 2. It is suggested that the chairmen of each district should hold worits和it’s的区别king meetings of eheldenach service team in their respective districts in a timely manner, clarify working objecti深圳风险等级ves, and give timely help and guida深证指数nce tofirst怎么读 the service team; 3. In the pr深圳大学ocess of development, special attentclub翻译ion should be paidmembership怎么读音 to guiding and standardizing the lion wormembership什么意思啊k of eaits和it’s的区别ch service team and strengthening the lion work training; 4. At present, there are 11 service teams with less thamanagement是什么意思中文翻译n 20 memb深圳天气ers in Shenzhen Lions Club.lions翻译 Please submit an integration plan to the board meeting in Sheld的原型eptember. Fimeetingtencentcomfth,management是什么意思中文翻译 based on the local, serve the community, activeclubman是什么牌子车ly carry out this year’s four community theme service month activities.
      &nbspfirst怎么读英语;     Chairman Lam pointed out that thi深圳风险等级s year arclubmanound & LDquo; Passing on love ” With the joint efforts of council members, regional chairmen and all lion friends, we have achieved gratifying results. At present, the net membership growth rate of Shenzhen Lionsmembership是什么意思英语 club is 14%, and the membership turnover rate is only 8.2%,it’s which is thheld中文e lowest in histclubmed官网预订ory. We have achiclub用英语怎么说evemanagement翻译d gratiffirst翻译ying results in membership rmanagement怎么读etention. At the same深圳 time, in the earthquakheld的中文意思e relief wfirst nameork in Ludian, all lion friends of Shenzhen Lion Club united aitsyou是什么意思nd made good achievements. Smeetinghenzhen Llions翻译中文ion Friends深圳地铁线路图 raised more than 4.8 million yuan for the people of ludian disamembership翻译ster area, and promptly sent the disaster relief pioneer team to rmembership怎么读音aise and transport three batches of materials for the disaster area, worth more than 2 million深圳疫情 yuan. Finally, Chairman Lam expressed his sincere thanks toclub the distrfirstict chairm深圳地铁线路图en and district chairfirst是什么意思men for their hard work. Passing on love ” Contribute t深圳疫情o the realizatits是什么意思ion of each work target.


By Zuo Qing & NBSP; Photo/Lin Zeyun

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