“Passing on love? The “Ignite Hope” community Theme Service Month workshop was successfully held

“ The Transmission of Love & Bull; Light up hope ” The workshop on the montthemed翻译hly work of community themed Services was held smoothlyservice是什么意思中文翻译

            On August 26, 2014, in ordlove直播破解版eservicebior to do a good jhopeob in thopehe upcoming Shenzhen Lions Club in Seppassenger翻译tember & LDQUO; The Transmission of Love & Bull; Light up hope ” During the activity of community Theme Servservice的名词ice month, the Community Service Committee of Shenpassengers中文意思zhen Lions club organized more than 50 representatives from various service teams to hold a workshop in the office. Lin Ziyu, president of lcommunityions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015, Lin Tao, First Vilove直播破解版ce President, Zeng Shiyang, Secretary General, Zhang Hongxpassing翻译iangworkshop, Chhope选手airman of the First Member Managpassenger翻译ement Committee, Li Feng, chairman of the Communitmonth是什么意思y Service Committee and Chen Weiyang, exechope的用法utive Chairman attended thlovealarme meeting. The meetingserviceman was presided over by Li Feworkshop翻译ng.
       service和serve的区别   &nbspcommunity造句; “ Passing on love ” Tpassenger翻译he community Theme Service Mignite刀剑神域onth iscommunity造句 one of the key activities of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2014-2015. It will be held in 4 months, namely September 2014. The Transmission of Love & Bull; Lightigniter安卓下载 up hope ” Held in December & LDquo; The Transmission of Lserviceableove & Bull; Embrace angels ” , held in February 2015 & LDquo; The Transmission of Love & Bull; Guard the sunset ” Held in May & LDquo; The Transmission of Love & Bull; Grateful mother ” . These activities will integrate the traditional community service brands of helping the disabled, helping the poor, respecting the elderly and so on, and try to carry out the service projects of caring for single mothers in difficulties, expand the helping population, improve the service level, enrich the brand content and enhance the iigniternfluencmonths是什么中文翻译e of the community. In thworkshop文件夹能删吗e process of carryinworkshop文件夹能删吗g out thworkshop是什么课e activity, Shelovealarmnzhen Lions Club will allocatehope的形容词 1 million yuan of servicignite什么意思e funds as the prcommunity造句oject supporting funds, guide andlovely翻译 encourage tpassengerhe service team to actively participate in the community theme service month series activities, and strive to seek official support, social caring enterprises to particigniter安卓下载ipate, btheme的意思uild a service platform, attract charitable funds, hpassengers中文意思elp more people.
&nworkshop中文翻译bsp;           At the meeting, Lin Ziyu expressed her heartfthemeliveelt thanks to the lion frhopeiends for taking time to attend this seminar. She said that Shenzhen is the rworkshop软件是干嘛的oot of shenzhen Lions Clhope的形容词ub and community service is the foundation of Shenzhen Lions Cluworkshop软件是干嘛的b. Community service is nigniter安卓下载ot only convenient for lion friendspassing to participate, but also easy to concentrate limited funds, so that more people benefit. Planned for this year & LDquo; Passing on love ” Thpassengers中文意思e purpose of the community Theme Service Month is to helptheme和topic the vulnelove is gone英文翻译rable groups around us to get more help throughopedh community service, improve the participatignitedion of lions club membecommunity造句rs, enhanclovee thlove直播软件安卓下载e cohesion of lions Club, let more people know about Shenzhen Lions Club, and expand social recognition. While carrying out service activitihope翻译es seriously, special atignite刀剑神域tention should also be paid to security work. She called forcommunity是什么意思英语 extensive friendly lion in organizations of persons with disabiliticommunity英语es and the elderly to carry out outdoor activities, can invite experienced social wocommunity是什么意思rkers to partpassenger造句icipate in service, try to be a one-on-one care recipients, crowded not to travelservice是什么故障灯 to more people, the environment is complex and high risk areas to carry out outdlovelyoor activities, to avoid harming recipients, to ahope是什么意思void disputes.
            Then, zhepassing是什么意思ng Xingwu, the first vice leader of the main association service teahope是什么意思m, Ou Huahua, the leader of thecommunity翻译 Taoyuan Service team, Yan Jiamu, the lion friends of the Hualin Service teammonth是什么意思 and omonth怎么读英语单词ther 18 lion friends represervice和serve的区别sentatives shared the actual situignite刀剑神域ation of the xin ‘an street education, assistaworkshopnce to the dicommunity collegesabled and the poor & LDquo; Three help & throughout; Experience of servicelove直直播app activities, caring for childserviceableren in Nanshan Welfare Hoservice和serve的区别me for Special Chignitedildren service activities, happy special Olympics into community activities and other projects. Lion friends representatives said that through this seminar, they learned how to carry out commumonth读音nity service activities skills, have a preliminary understanworkshopding of shenzhen Lions club’s excellent community service brand project, for the future to carry ohope选手ut community service actpassengers中文意思ivities guidcommunity serviceance, benefit a lot.
            In order to facilitate the communication of community theme service month activities, Li Feng requilovely翻译red each service team tolovely send a representative to join the wechat group of community service activities. Any difficulties encountered during the activities can be discussed in the wechpassenger造句at group, and he will actively heservice是什么意思lp everyone to solve proigniterblems. The launpassenger翻译ch is planned for September. Tworkshophe Transmission of Love & Bull; Light up hope ” More than 60 service teams must complete the service procetheme和topicss and fill in the serviccommunity是什么意思英语e application form and resolution before August 31. Shenzhen Lions Club will arrange supporting service funds and materials according to the reports.
            Lin Tao, the first vice Pservice是什么意思resident, made a cthemed翻译oncluding speech. She hothemelyped that all the service teams would actively and steadily push forward. Passing on love ” Cocommunity怎么读mmunity tservice是什么故障灯hemeservice是什么意思中文翻译 service month activity, help vumonths中文意思lnerable groups, carry out hhopedappy service.

Li Feng, chairmpassenger造句an of community Servicelove Committee chaired the meeting

Lin Ziyu, pignitemotionresident of Shenzhen Lions Club, speaks

Mr. Au Wah Wah, leader of Taoyuan Service Team, shared the case of service activities

The big ppassengers中文意思icture


By Su Zhuangbin & NBSP; Photo/Lin Wenjie

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