Pingdi raised over RMB 180,000 to help 58 needy students (source: Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Daily, A04, August 26, 2014)

Pingdi raised more than 180,000 yuan to help 58 needy students

         Shenzhen Ovneed英语怎么读erseas Chinese News (repo平定疫情rter Bao Guoj平顶山天气un, correhelpfulspondent Wang Yilong) Yesterday morning, pingdi street held the 2014 financial aid and education activities, the r平顶山疫情防控最新消息epresentatives of th人民币对美元汇率e凭吊 disadvanthelpedaged students received the grants from shenzhen Lions Club Pingground Service平顶山天气 team and Shenzhen Lions Club sunshine Serviraise短语ce team. Pingdi streetoverwhelming Party working Comneed有被动吗mittee secretary Zhong Chunping participated in the activityraised的用法.
  &nbspoversize;     In recent yeoversizears, with the strong support from凭吊 all walks of life, Pingdi Street has carried out a varie平定疫情ty of poverty-relief activities. In this activity, the street organized the Shenzhen Lions Club pingdi service team, the Shenzhen Lions Club sunshine service team and t平定疫情he caring people from all w平顶山学院alks of life, raising a total of 181,000 yuan to f平调und 58 needy studen平地机ts.
        In the actirmbvity, the person in charge o人民币换算f the street to the university, technical secon人面不知何处去dary school, high school studentshelp是什么意思英文翻译 and their parents to congratulate, and hope that the subsidiz平顶山ed s人民币对美元汇率tudents in the future study road har人民币兑换卢布d work, with practical action to repay society. Later, the students signed their names, expressing thelpedheir determination to live up to theraised翻译 expectations and care ohelpful是什么意思f th人民币大写e Party and the authorities as well as all sectors of society, and stoverseasrive to serve the mo人民币兑换美元therland as soon as possible.


The disadvantaged students signed their names. Shenzhen Overseas Chin平顶山天气ese Daily reporter Bao Guojun photo

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