Good news shenzhen Lions Club again won the title of “5A Social organization”

Good news shenzhen Lions Club again won the title of “5A Social organization”

According to the notice of Shenzhen Municipal Social Organization Evaluation Committee, shenzhen Lions Club was awarded the title of “5A Social Organization” in accordance with the relevant provisions of “Social Organization Evaluation Management Measures” and “Shenzhen Social Organization Evaluation Guide”, and the final evaluationtitle怎么读英语 and publicity of Shenzhen Municipal Slions翻译ocial Orga我能提取副作用nization Evaluation Comtitlename文学专区mittee. This is the second time that the Shenzhen Lions Club has been awarded the titclubman是什么牌子车le of 5A Social organization.

To do a good job, review the level of shenzhen lions will take the initiative to get in touch witlionsgateh the shenzhen municipal social organization committee, shenzhen lions office according to the requirements of the assessment guide, starting in early September 2018, according to the specified time to complete the assessment of appagain英语怎么读lication, relion是什么意思中文翻译porting information, clarification of detailed, prepare the material, with less than a month of time, On the奥特曼 premise of ensuring the smooth devnewsprintelopment of all the work of the distr我能看到生命值ict Council, the preparatory work of the reassessment wa深圳疫情最新消息s successfully completegoodluckd, laying a solid fwon’toundation for the successful reassessment.

On October 25th, a group of experts from shenzhen Municipal Evaagainst的反义词luation Committee for Social Organizations v深圳疫情最新动态isited the lions Clublions翻译 office of Shenzhen for agoodluck field survey and re-evaluation of the 5A rating of the Club. Shenzhen Lions Clunewspapers什么意思b 2018-2019 Presid深圳疫情最新动态ent Ma Min, former President Shi Jianyong,深圳大学 Deputy Supervisor Zhang Hongxiang, acting Secretary Du Hengkun, former Secretary Zenewspaperng Shititle是什么意思yang, Chititledef Financial Officer Luo Jinsong, supervisor Zhang Jian and others attended the appraisal meeting. The evaluation will be presided over by Ma Min.

Panel exnewsroomperts carefully looked at th阿凡达e shenzh深圳市最新疫情en lions related information, files, classics appraisal, shenzhen lions innews registclubmed官网预订ration in acgoodleplay商店cordance with the law and accept their supervision and internal我能看到生命值 governance, business activity ability, financial management, from five aspects, such as information disclosure norms are accord with the requirement of evaluation system, by the shenzhen municipal social orgclubmananization commission panel high evaluation.

It is understood that the深圳大学 municipalwonder soc深圳天气ial organization evaluation grade is valid for five years. The evaluation results were divided into five grades, from highest to lowest: 5A (91-100 points),again翻译 4A (81-90 ptitle标签oints), 3A (71-80 points), 2A (61-70 points) and 1A (51-60 points)title是什么意思. According to relevant regulations, social organizations with aaawonder or higher status will enjoy priority in official commendation and rewards, offititlename文学专区cial procurement of services and functional projects transferred from the govegoodrnment, assessment of the qualification for excellence and exlions读音cellence, pre-tax deduction of official public welfare donations, and recognition of tanewspapers什么意思x-exempt status of non-profit organizations.

The orig深圳风险等级inal announcement link:我能无限顿悟xeQ

【 Text 】 Ma Huijuan

[Photo] Huang Xinran

[Editor] Lin Yanfen

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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