Beyond dreams -- New Year's Day message from President Ma Min

Dear friends and friends,

Everybody is good!

As a New Year begins, everything looks new. On the occasion of the New Yemessages下载ar's Day, ON behalf of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, I would like to extend hol麻衣神婿iday congratulations, coryear怎么读dial greetings and sincere thanks to allnew的反义词 the leaders, lions friends and peoplnew的反义词e from all walks of life who麻衣神婿 have been supporting and caring for the development of the Lions Club of Shenzhen.

Bid farewell to the wonderful ye马思纯ar of 2018president, and the hopeful year of 2019 is coming as scheduled. Looking bmessage用英语怎么说ack on the journey of the lion year, I feel hard, sweat, joy and touched, but most of all, I feel grateful and grateful! It is the unswervingly love and persistence of all lion friends of The Shenzhen Lionsnew的反义词 Clubpresident to the lion cause that led to the chaonan flood relief and the大伊在人线一二区免费 post-disaster reconstructpresident和chairman区别ion tobeyond的中文意思ur大伊在人线一二区免费. The "Shenshi Community Service Day" wmaarms the neighboyear是什么意思rhood and makes the service activities more serialized, centralized and large-scale. "570 Warm Project", "Yilu love deep Lion action", the third warm lion love carnival in full swing; It successfully co-hoste明日方舟d the 57th Anndayual Conference of Southeast Asbeyond歌曲在线听ia and successfully received gudrun, the general President of Lions International, ayearnd his dedreamsans图片legation to Shenzhen, which was highly recognized and praised by lions Association of China and Lions International. Then came the "Enamabling Program" for lnewgroundsion friends to grow together with the organization... It is you who, with your pra马嘉祺ctical actions, have gone beyond the horizon again and again大爷不买高铁票称在铁路工作40年, expressing the beauty of time with a pure heart of public welfare. Thank you, my deayearningr lion friends!

In a flash, Shenzhen Lions Club has gone through 17 years of development. In the past 17 years, we have stood together through thick and thick, forged ahead and fought our way through all kinds of difficulties马嘉祺. With our true love, wisdom and dedication, we have composed a moving melody and created a new era for the development of Shenzhen Lions Club with our practical actions. "The more you know, the more you know." The precious expepresident翻译rie大约是爱nce accumulated in the 17 years of development of Lions Club shenzhen is our precious treasure, we must cherish it and enricmessages翻译成中文h and develop it in practice.

The ypresidente明日之后ar 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, an important ydreams翻译ear for realizing the goals of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Pmessageboxarty of China (CPC). It is also a key year for thenewgrounds Lions Club to improve its organizational governancmessage用英语怎么说e. In the New Year, we should not only dare to venture and try,beyond经典老歌 but also take swift and steady steps, adhere to the leabeyond翻译dership of the Party, the direction rema明克街13号ins unnewlychanged, the road is not biased, and the strength is not weakened, continue to明日之后 promote the development of the lions club with domestic characteristics, and create a better tomorrpresident翻译ow for the Shenzhen Lions Club!

Great dreams are not to be waited for or shouted大英公务员 at, but to be spelled out and done. In the New Year, let us dream, run in the direction of hori民航局发布东航飞行事故初步报告zon extension, constantly beyond, constantly progrmessageboxessing! Let us stay t大鱼海棠rue to our original aspiration and move fordreams是什么意思ward hand in hand to show new momentum and share the new lion genenews可数吗ration.

Finally, I sincerely wish all lion friends good health, smooth work, family happiness, career p明克街13号rogress and good luck in the New Year!president前面加the吗

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