Winter warm jiangxi clothing road love warm people

Winter warm jiangxi clothing road love warm people

In support of the shenzhen lions pub江西财经大学lic welfare undertakings, the domesticlove is gone英文翻译 disabled person welfare foundation to shenzhen lions club donated 10 million yuan worth of sports clotheswarmly and sporlovealarmts shoes materials, usclothinged to carry out “hon star power, road have a deep love lion action” service activities, support gansu, henan, jiangsu, jiangxi and other places, and poor students to carwinter金玟庭ry out the sportwarmings for the disabled.

On December 26, 2018, the material donation ce蒋欣remony of jiangxi Province “Hongxing Help Yi Road Love Deep Lion Action” led by The First Zone of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2018-2019 was held in the auditolove直直播apprium on the 15th floor of Jiayou Group, Jiayou Health City, Xihu District, Nanchang city, wiwarmerth tpeople可数吗he service fund of 2,509,000 yuan.

This activity is organized by 22 service teams, such as Oriental Rose, Yantian, Silver Lake, Huayuclothing可数吗an, Blue Sky, Bijia Mountain, Xingzhi, Wenjin,江西人事考试网 Zhuhui, Xinxing, Wudong Mountain, Xiaotong and Nature. Jiangxi Disabllovely什么意思ed Welfare Foundation executive Vice President Zhang Yunhai, vice president and secrewarm的名词tary General Guo Honclothing和clothes区别g, Projeclove is gone英文翻译t department minister Zhu Jing. More than 100 people, including Huang Guoxwarm反义词in, chairman of Xihu Districtclothing.是什么意思 Dis江西abled Persons’ Federation, Hu Xiang, Vice-chairman of Xihu District Disabled Persons’ Federationwarm的名词, Liao Ronghui, chairman of Thwarme First Zone of Shenzhen Lions Club, and representlovelyatives and staff of Xihu District disablclothing翻译ed persons, participated in the event. The activity was presided over by Guo Hong, vice chairman of the board.

Guo Hong, vice chairman of the board of directors, introduced the guests. Huang Guoxin director welcome speech, thank shenzhen lions in the winlovelyter for the disabled friendswarm brought warmth and hope, and said that shenzhen lion friends ACTS of kindness will greatly improve the lives of poor people with disabilities, and enhance their willingness tpeople怎么读o face life, falove直直播appce the difficulty and autonomy, unyielding, the handicapped friends hope win the equality and respect with the str江西理工大学uggle.

Chairman Liao Ronghui madepeople的复数形式 a speech to introducclothing是什么意思英语e the contclothing是什么意思英语ent and significance of the service activity of “Yi Lu Hclothingave Love Hongxing Assist Shenzhen Lion Action”. He th江西人事考试网anked the 22 service teams for their enthusiastipeople是可数名词还是不可数名词c participation and paid high tribute to the support of leadpeople是什么意思ers of jiangxi Disabled Persons’ Fedroadseration and Jiangxi Disabled Persons’ Welfare Foundation and other relevant departments. He expressed the hope that more caring enterprises and indiviclothing.是什么意思duals w江西理工大学illlovely什么意思 pay attention to anwinter歌曲d support throade development of the cause of persons with disabilities.

Later, Chairman Liao Ronghui handed over the donated materials to E江西疫情xecutive Vice Chairman Zhang Yunhai, anlove直直播appd presentlovealarmed the chairman’s flag of Shenpeople的复数形式zhroadx轮胎en Lwarmerions Club to Jiangxi Disabled Persons’ Welfare Foundation and Xihu Disabled Persons’roadster Federation on behalf ofpeople是单数还是复数 Chairman Ma Min. Zhang Yunhai, executive Vice Presidewinter是什么意思ntlove is gone英文翻译, presentedpeople翻译 MEDALS of honor to shenzhen Lions Club and ipeople是什么意思ts service teams.

Lead江西师范大学ers of Jiangxi Province Dilovely什么意思sablove直播手机版app下载led Welfare Foundation and Shenzhen Lion Fr江西疫情最新消息iends distributed mwinter vacationapeople的复数形式terials for disabled representatives. Disabled friends holding sports clothes and sneakers, a happy smile on his face, beautiful frozen in that moment…

At thepeople是什么意思 invitation of Executive Vice President Zhang Yunhai and Chairman Huang Guoxin, the lion friends visclothing是什么意思英语ited x江西省教育考试院ihu Modern Disabled care Service Center to learn about twinter是什么意思 英语he children’s care, rehabilitation, edclothing翻译ucation and living environmeclothing怎么读nt. During theclothing是单数还是复数 visit, Chairman Liao ronghui proposed to donate RMB 5000 to the rehabilit江西师范大学ation care Center to buy New Year gifts for the children, which was unanimously agreed by otherwinter怎么读 lion friends. Representatives of disabled children presented their oclothing是什么品牌wn handcrafted key rings to lion friends.

There is a very long and beautiful way in the world, callepeopled dream; There is also a high, hard wall called reality; Ovewarm的名词r that wall, called persistence; Tear dpeople怎么读own that wall, called breakthro江西ugh; The process of perswinter音标everance is calledpeople是单数还是复数 concentration; The effort of staying true to your original aspiration iwinters called faith. Let us firmly believe in helping otherclothing是单数还是复数s, walk on the road of public service, stay true twarm怎么读o our original aspiratlovealarmion and forge ahead!

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