Warm Project | Light up blue Light · Integration of Children’s Hearts — Shenzhen Lions Club’s Series of activities to care for autistic children have been carried out smoothly

Warm engineering | Light up the blue light, childlike innocence and harmony

— The Lions Club of Shenzhen launched a series of activities to care forintegration翻译 autistic children

On the occasion of the 12th Worlheartshot英文怎么读d Autism Awa深圳疫情最新消息reness Day on April 2nd, as well as the 17th birthday of The Lions Club in Shenzhen, From March 28th to April 2hearts翻译nd, Shchildren怎么读enzhen Lions Club held 6 activities of “Warm Project — Lighting up blue Lamp — Integrating children’s heart” in various districts of Shenzhen. The total service fund was 18warm怎么读语音0,800 yuan, of which the Shenzhen Lions Club contributed 90,000 yuan and the service team raised 90,800 yuan.

This series of activities are organized by Lions Club shenzhenwarming, jointly organized by 3 service teams of Lions Club Shenzheprojects怎么读n including Boya, Splendid And Unitupgradeed, and 11 service teams including Huanggang, Zhengdao, Xin ‘an, Heping, Datong,upset Shande, Huashang, Taoyuan, Oriup是什么意思呢entalight是什么意思l Rose, Diwang and Huatian.

Autintegrationistic childreproject翻译n are also known as “star childrproject翻译en”. They have bright eyes but do not want to look at each other, have a bell-blued暂停新用户注册like voice but are always silent, and have hea深圳天气lthy hearing but turn a deaf ear to the whole world. Theblue是什么意思y are like the most distant stars in the night sky, always silent in their own world. They needupset more love and companionsreintegrationhip to support them out of the ivory tower of loneliness.

On March 28, shenzhen lions burson-marstellechildrenr service in luohu district cui ning cwarm怎么读语音enter, conference rooms,blued官网 luohu district xi hui city between the Pacifiwarm怎么读语音c theater, to the luohu district hui Ann rehabilitation center of 50 childr深证指数en with autism and parents donate 1 batch of holiday gifts and daily supplies, organizing the autistic children walightroomtchups popular movie “happy tall movie”, Let the stars of the children happily spent tuplayheir own festival.

On March 30, the Lioheartshot女团ns Club of Swarminghenzhen organizheartshot英文怎么读ed 20 special families and 30 ordinary families to carry out a wablue特殊含义情侣lking activity on Meilin Green Road in Futian district. This hiking activprojectdollity is carried out in the way of special families and oheartshot英文怎么读rdinary families. On the one hanblue怎么读d, special children can have mbluetoothore interaction with otherbluemings anheartshot多少钱能出d exercise their social skills. On the other hand, it can also help autistic families to go ouproject软件tdoors and release pressurheartshot多少钱能出e, so that more children from ordinary families and stars can get in touch with nhearts翻译ature, open their hearts and join in a happy family. Children will bring back the branches, leaves, stones, seeds and other objeupscts collected along the way for re-creation, cultivheartsating children’s interest in art alightning接口nd developing their creativity. In her speech, Weng Hua, the first vice President of CCPIT Xiamen, called on all sectors of sointegration翻译ciety to pay attention to au深圳天气tistic childrebluen.

On the morning of March 31, the first large-scale games for autistic children, sponsored by Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and supported by shenzhen Lions Club Boya Service team, was held in Shenzhen Gymnasium. 600 autistic children and more than 200 special educintegration数学含义ation teachereintegrationrs from the whole city jointly experienced a special sporeintegrationrts meeting. At the scene ofuplay the activity, autistic children were organized to carry out performances and other activities, and photos of t深圳市最新疫情he activities of caring for autistic children made by the shenzhen Lions Club service teams over the years were displayed in the wall display area.

On the afternoon of Marcwarmlyh 31, shenzhen Lions Club boya Service team held an actiupstairsvitproject是什么意思y to care for autistic children in xingfeiyang Health Education Service Center, Huace Building, Longgang Avenue. Nearly 100 autistic children and their parents participated in the activity. The atmosphereintegration啥意思 was warm and full of laughintegrationter. In line with the pu深圳疫情最新消息rpose of respecting individual differences and accepting mutual asuplaysistancproject是什么意思e, this activity organiintegration的中文zed child深圳市最新疫情ren to carry out gup是什么意思呢ardwarmen activities, play games with the cwarm是什么意思hildrblue怎么读en, proviproject怎么设置无休息日de the talent show stage for the children of stars, drive people from all walks of life to care for the grshenzhenowth of special children, and create a good social atmosphere for the growthintegration翻译 of autistic children. The event also invited deng Yongxing, an awarm是什么意思uthoritative expert on autismheartshaped, to give a lecture on children’s rehabilitatup主ion and faup主mily education.

Childrprojectoren and their parents visit the dapeng Geological Park in Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdonprojects怎么读g Province, April 2, 2019深圳疫情最新动态. Ma Min, president of cFAC, said in her speech that she called on all sectors of society to pay attention to andchildren是什么意思 cachildren音标re for autistic children. On thup是什么意思呢e same day, the Boya Service team of The Lions Club of Shenzhen organized an activity to care for autistic childrheartshapeden at taoyuan Village Squaintegration啥意思re in Nanshan District,lighter organizing 50 autistic children from shelighthousenzhen Nanshan Goldlightning接口en Age Rehabilitation Center for Special Children and 30 primary school students from Shenzhen Zhuoya Primary School to carry out plightning接口abluesinting activities. One stroke,heartshaped in a short period of time, inheartshot战队 thlighte hands of this group of chheartshot中文翻译ildren of the sawarm是什么意思me age, into aintegration数学含义 colorful, imaginative work, let the present people had to marvel at the children’s artistic talent. Through the activities, the communication between the children and their pareproject是什么意思ntcointegrations will be pprojects怎么读romoted, so t深圳hat people from all walight翻译lks of life will know more about and care forproject翻译 autistic cwarm反义词hildren.

Aprilproject软件 2 marked the 12th “World Autism Awareness Day”, with lion friends changing their profile pictures on social media into the special logo of the day to call on sociintegration数学含义ety to care for autistic childreupsetn. Through “the warmth project – light blue light, childlike innocence communion” series of activities, social cohesion strength, more citizens to join take care of children with autism, prompting more people to understand, respect and acceptance of people with autismintegration and their famillightroom安卓版下载ies, for tlightroomhe children of “stars” further build envirheartshot中文翻译onment fusion, tuponhe whole people to participate in an iblue是什么意思nclusive society withreintegration love.

Let us understand, respect, acceptance andblue care about eheartshot女团ach sprojectiontar, do our best to, and actively prheartshapedomote autism related knouplaywledge, understanding and tolerashenzhennce behavior characteristics of the staprojectionr, appreciate the star light of successful, sincere love and help star and his family, the love lead with the hand, heart to love, a blue light to light up the child stars!

Shenzhenup是什么意思呢 lions club President of 2018-2019, Ma Min, first deputy chaibluemingrmchildren音标an WenguponHua, secretary-general Du Hengkun, dean of general affair Peng Daojian, the first area chairman Luo Juheartshot女团nping Liao Ronghui, chairman of the zonblued注册不了e, the first twenty minutes, assistive committee chairman Luo Guanqi, executive chairman jian-hua su for poverty alleviation,lightroom安卓版下载 community service committee, executive chwarm怎么读airman of li-zhong zhang, executive chairmlight的反义词an Yang Fuliang lion friendly style fellowship center, More than 500 participants inblue是什么意思cluding Zhou Fuhuiheartshaped, chairman of the Red Action Executive Committee, representatives of the Lion Friends ofwarm是什么意思 the Service team, and volunteers participatupsed in the event.

reintegration Text 】 Yang & NBSP; Xin & have spent   Boya, Broheartshotcade, united Service team

【 Image 】 Yang & NBSP; Xin & huplayave spent   Boya, Brocade, uheartsnited Service team

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSlight的反义词P;   Hu & have spent grey

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[Issued] She深圳风险等级nzhen Lions Club Office

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