We are all dream chasers — the fourth China Lion Festival held grandly

We are all dreamers

— The fourth Chinese Lion Festival was held

On March 31, 2019, “We archaser是什么意思e all Dreamfestival怎么读英语单词 pursuers”, the fourth Lion茶色素的功效s Festidream我的世界大逃杀val of Shenzhen was held in the 30th anniversary park of lianhuashan Park. This section China lion in passing on other section China lion build all the lion friendly atmosphere of spirituallionel j茶色素骗局为什么没人管oylion是什么意思, infuse the concept of universal health and public welfare, organifourthlyzation health sportsdream我的世界, such as mountain climbing, tug-of-war, fly a kite in diabetes education, first aid knowledge learning, such as services, leading the lion friends and social life and public health, and promote liondreamboats public sfourth的基数词pirit.

The lion friends of the five regions dressed idream我的世界n five colors, surrounded by four nationfourth翻译al flag guards, marched in turn under the guidance of leading lion friends, and the fourth Chinese Lion Festival kicked ofdream是什么意思f. Tan Fei, executive chairman of the conference and general coordheldeninator of the fourth Chinese Lion Flionsestival, introduced the leading lion friends and guestsdreaming present. Mr. Lu Zhiqiang, the chairman of the convent茶色是什么颜色ion, on behalf of the organizing commitchaserstee of the convention, expressed his gratitude and warm welcome to the leaders and guesfourth造句ts attending the elion是什么意思vent and to the management center oflionel Lianhua Mountain Park ffourth-gradeor their great support to the 4th Lionslionel Festival of Shenzhen. He said that in response to the requirements of thefestival发音解读 state and the Federation of Industry and Frugality, and consciously shoulder the mission of the new era, the current Lion Festival is planned around “health + public welfare”, with the theme of “We are all drea茶色素骗局为什么没人管m pursuphelduers”, combined with the annual “Love Back Family” lion friends Health Day, organized liofestivaln friends and their families to participate. He thanked the organizing colion的中文意思mmittee for their efforts againschinat time and wished the event a cochinamplete sfourth-gradeuccess.

President Ma Min prchasers翻译esented flowers to Mr. Shi Jianyong, Mr. Lin Tao, Mr. Zheng Degangrandlyg and Mr. Dai Tongxin. All tlions英语怎么读he present lions members pchaser是什么意思aid tribute to them and thankdreamboated them for making shenzhen Lions club brilliant tod茶色素的功效ay.

In hisfestival是什么意思 speech, Director Huang Fake, on behalf of shenzhen Disabfourth造句led Persons’ Fedheld中文eration,festival expressedfestival怎么读 his heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and caring people who have been caring and sulionelpporting the work of Shenzhen Lions Club for a lchinaong time. He said that with the support from all walks of life anfestival怎么读d the carechinaful organization of the lion club members, the Chinese Lifestival怎么读英语单词on Festival has been successfufestival怎么读语音播放lly held for threefestival发音解读 times, and the social influence of the Shenzhefestival英语怎么说n Lions Club has also been significantly improved. The fourth Huashi Fheldenestival carnivalfestival的音标 has both heritage and innovation; There are not only rational thinking about the deve茶色素lopment of lions club, but also cultural and sports activities to cul茶色素的功效tivalionte sentiment. Not only lion friends enjoy it, but also citifourth翻译zens’ participatiofestival怎么读语音n and interaction. He affirmed that Shenzhen Lions Clheld是hold的什么形式ub conscientiously studied and implemented Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Domestic Charafourth缩写cteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress ofdream图片 the Communist Party of China (CPC), actively performed their duties, carried out social services, improved the capacityfestival的音标 andream怎么读d level of social services, and stepped up efforts to serve the dichasessabled and help disabled friends to strive for a well-off life together. He stressed thchaser是什么意思at in the new era, as long as we set ahelden good position, set a good standard, and use the new means and tools, shenzhen Lions club will surely develop better.

Shenshichina翻译 Art Troupe’s chorus song “Sunshine Road” and poetry recfestival英语怎么说ital “We are all Dream Chasers” pushed the atmosphere to a small climax.held

In front of the crystal ball, which symbolizes completenesdreamboats and transparency, and witnessed by leading guests and lions, huashi Kite Festival wadream图片s officidreamally launcchaseshed.

After the splendid sfourth-gradehuttlecock performance of Mr. Qiu Bdreamingqiang, tfestivalhe world shuttlecock cha茶色素的功效mpion, competitions slions英语怎么读uch as kites, mountaineering and tug-of-war began one after anotherheld怎么读的.

Paint and ink to the lion

Kite symbolizes the belief and pursuit of the ideal, through the design image, consign the meaning of blessing, fly to the blue sky. The lion club representatives of the five schaserspecial areaslion是什么意思 received a茶色生香 blank surface kite respectively, and waved colors and splashfourth的基数词ed ink on it. One person wrote tfourth-gradehe kite, and the onlookers gave suggestions and made joint efforts to completelion的中文意思 a kite, which reflected the sfourth翻译olidaritfestivaly and cooperation of the lion club and showed the love of the lion club.

There are also various kinds of kite exhibitions designed by each service team, which are full of the history and spirit of their own service team, full of beautiful things in eyes, each with its own characteristics.dream是什么意思

After tfestivalhe expert efourth的基数词valuation of the professional kite assochinaciation, the wiheld的中文意思nning zones o茶色素f this competition: zone 2 wonlion的音标 the first prize, zone 4 won thfestival怎么读语音播放e second prize, zone 5 won the third prize, zone 1 and zone 3 won the active participafourthlytion award; The winning service teams in this competition: The lion Love football service team won the first prize adreamweaverndfourth缩写 5,000 yuan of sugar publicity service funds, and the Red Li and Yiheld中文shan (funding) service team won the second prize and 3,000 ydreamuan of sugar publicity service funds; Gospel andlion的中文意思 spring Breeze sfourth的基数词ervice team won the third prize and 2000 yuan sugar propaganda sechina读音rvice funds; Wutong Mountain, Oriental Rose, Hong Ya, Ming De, Hua Ming and Ci Shan collection service team won the enco茶色素骗局为什么没人管uragement award and 1000 yuan sugar promotion service fund.

Reach the pinnacle for the public good

On the road茶色是什么颜色 leading to the bronze statue of Deng Xiaolion怎么读ping, the lichaser是什么意思on friends marched in vigorous steps, accompanied by the warm spring breeze, waving colorful flags and singichina意思ng the progressive melody. Appreciate the beautiful natural scenery along the way, while climbing sweat. At the end of the moment, shed sweat, hfestivalarvest is safestival是什么意思tisfied.

In the mountaineering competition, district 5 wheldbackon the champion and 2,500 yuan in cash, district 3 won the runner-up andchina翻译 1,500 yuan in cash, district 4 won the third runner-up andheld怎么读的 1,000 yualionkkn in cash, district 1 won the best cooperation award, and Districheldt 2 won the best sportsmanship award.

Xidream图片 contended for first place

Unity and cooperation, reflectlioneling strength and b茶色素治病骗局揭秘eauty is the essence of tug of war competition. Dressed in five different colors, the five tlions英语怎么读eams fought hard. The whole stadium was tense and warm, fully showing thlion怎么读e lion friends’ indomitable willchina读音 and fighting spirit. Each game, the two sides come and go, each other, after several rounds of seesaw war, finally after several rounds of competition finally decided the outcome. Friendship first, competition second, andheld的意思是什么 most importfestival是什么意思antly, competition brings lfourth的基数词ions closer togetheupheldr.

In the tug of war competition, zone 4 won the champion and 2,500 yuan in cash, Zone 5 wonfestival怎么读英语单词 the rdreamingunner-up and 1,500 yuan inhelden cash, Zone 1 won the third runner-up and 1,000 yuan in cash, zone 2 and 3 won the active participation award.

There are shuttlecock kicking, hula hoop, rope skipping, diabetes publicity, first aiheldbackdfestival怎么读 knowledge school, children’s painting activities and other dazzling activities. The whole Lianhuashan Park is like a boiling sea of joy.

After the competition, the stage play “Shenzhen Gchina意思reen Lion, Echina意思yes on the Wfestival怎么读语音orld” by the elite children of Zhao Xiaomiao Hong Kong International School and the African dfestival前用on还是atrum performance by The Shenzhen Lion Art Troupe entered the awarding session. Lead lion friendshelden to award MEDALS and prizes to the winningfestival怎么读英语单词 zones or servicheld是hold的什么形式e tfourth用英语怎么说eams of kite, mountlion翻译aineering and tug-of-war competitions; Adream是什么意思warded certificates to sponsors茶色素治病骗局揭秘 and individuals such as Shenzhen Lifestival怎么读英语单词on Philately Club, Shenzhen Tianquan Air water Intelligent Technology Co., LTfestival怎么读语音D., Liu Jun, He Xingrong, Zheng Xigen, Licensing ke and Chen Dongmei.

Pheld中文resident Ma Min delivered a speech. She was mdream头像oved by the joyful atmosphere throughout the square, which spread to more citizens. This hasfourthly gone beyond the significance of the Chinese Lion Festival itself. She thanked the lion friends for showing the spirit of lion love, thanked all the sponsors an茶色生香d indivilion的中文意思duals, a茶色是什么颜色nd also thanked the organizing committchina读音ee for their hard work to make the event so colorful. Congratulations on the complete succfestival怎么读语音播放ess of the event.

Conference executive chairman, chief diheld的意思是什么rector RuChunXu address, on behalf of the organising committee to visit the scene of my heartfelt thanks to the ledream怎么读aders and gufourthlyests, thank all the friends and lion’s support for the organizing work, thanks to the council and board of supervisors and the support of sponsors, thank all constitute member more wisdom, perfectiofourth缩写n, to the success of this activity.

She茶色素治病骗局揭秘nzhen xuan (right) department directochasesr of the disabled persons’ federation group Huang Fakefourth, shenzhen lions and 2018-2019 President Ma Min Zheng Degang, first vice President of WengHua, congress President, second deputy chairman zhi-qilion的音标ang lu, a former President of ShiJia茶色素治病骗局揭秘nYong, Lin Tao, wear with xin, deputy secretary-general Zhang Hongxiang, secretary-generalfestival怎么读英语单词 Du Hengkun, finance long LuoJinSong, defestival发音解读an of general affair Guo Yongyong, sergeants-at-arms Peng Daojian long, Liao Ronghui, chairman of the first zone and second zone, NieXiangDong and third zone President Xu Qiubin, Du Peng, chairman of the fourth secdream我的世界大逃杀tion, the fifth scene Mifourth是什么意思aoJun, chairman of the zone, the total overall Tan Fei, chief dheld的意思是什么irector RuKeXin sm council members, members of the board of supervisors, such as, the chairman of the committee, the service of the lion on behalf of a total of more than 700 people were present at the event. The activity was hosted by Gao Chenhan and Lfestival怎么读语音i Jun.

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