I add glory to the Party flag voluntary blood donation warm the hearts of the people – “Red action” into the Nanshan Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau mobile training brigade

I add luster for the party flag voluntary blood donation warm people

— “Red Action” entered theflag是啥 mobile training brigade of Nanshan Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau

The 101st voluntary blood donation activity offlag怎么读 the 9th “Red Action” of Shenzglory怎么读hen Lions Club, “I adonations怎么读dd gloryheartshot女团 to the Party flag and donate blood to warm peopheartsickle’s hearts”, walks into the training grflag是什么意思ound of mobbloodc剧情介绍ile training Brigade of Nanshan Saddedub-bureau of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau on March 30, 2019. Under the strong support and promotion of thwarm翻译e leadership of the mobile brigade, the voluntary blood donation activity was positively responded by the majority of police and auxaddiliary police members, aparty是派对的意思吗nd more than 5flag的中文00 police and auxiliary police participated in the voluntary blood donation. On the day of the evparty是什么意思ent, some police and auxiliary police went out on duty after receiving urgent tasks, but a total of 105 people donateaddictd blood successfuldonation什么意思ly in just a few hflagshipours.

Shen阿迪达斯zhen Lions Club donated a batch of nutrition noodles, functional drinks and other materials to the auxiliary policemen of the mobile training brigade of Nanshan Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, with a service fund of more than 40,000 yuan. This activity was jointly organized by Sheheartsicknzhen Lions Clvoluntary翻译ub, Shenzhenblood怎么读 Blood Center and mobibloodshedle traininparty英文意思g Brigade of Nanshan Branch of Shenzhen Puheartshot中文翻译blic Security Bureau, and jointly organized by three service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club, including Fuai, Jinxiu and Xin ‘an.

At the scene of the activity, the majority of police, auxiliary police full of spirit, enthusiashearts翻译m, scrambling to sign up to participate iparty模式n the volunt阿迪达斯ary blood donation activitydonations. Under the guidance of the medical staff, the police and auxheartshot多少钱能出iliary police carefully filled in the registration form of voluntaryparty blood donation, and cooperated with the medical staff to do physical examination work such as blood pressurbloodc剧情介绍e measuregloryfeelment and blood test. After physical examinatidonation可数吗on, the police and auxiliary police qualified for blood donabloodtion fheartshapedormed a long queue in anglory怎么读 orderly manner and boarded the blood donation vehicle to collect blood, forming a beautiful scene at the blood donation site. At th阿迪达斯e scene of blood donation, the police and auxiliary police rolled up their sleeves one by one, strbloodmalletetched outaddress their arms to test and collect blood, and gave bags of fresh blood full ofaddress love. Deep love was passedheartshot战队 to the people in need of help through bridonation怎么读ght red blood. Pdonation翻译olice, auxiliary polvoluntary的名词ice with good police appearance won lion friends and medical staff praise.

The majoribloodcty of police and auxiliary police involved in blood donation have said thatbloodc the “Red action” is not only a love, but also a responsibilityparty怎么读英语 and obligation, to help others is to help themselves, as a police officer, there should be warm blood, to do a little for the health of others is to transmit the positive energy of love. All of them said that theyvoluntary读音 wheartshot战队ould continueheartstring to support voluntary blood donation and othheartshoterbloodmallet social welfare activities in the future, and use renewaheartsickble blwarm的名词ood to save irreversible livdonation可数吗ebloodsheds and lighwarmert up the hoflagellariaceaepe of life for mordonation是什么意思英语e people.

Iadditionn order to let the lion friends more unwarm的名词derstand the nanshan pubheartshot战队lic Sewarm翻译curity bureau motor training brigade, Li Liangguang led thflag是啥e lion friends to visit the training site, and warmly invited the lion friends to watch the motor trainibloodmalletng brigade was establishedonation动词d 10 years of the film, toparty英文意思 share the growth of thflagrantedonations是什么意思 motor training brigade and glorious misbloodshedsion.

Wu Jinzhi, exglory怎么读ecutive chairman of the Shheartshot多少钱能出enzhen Blood Center, said that since the launch of tdonationshe “Rflagranted Campaign”, the shortage of blood ibloodmalletnvpartynextdoorentory in winteaddr in Shenzhen has becomeheartshot英文怎么读 less and less. The total amount of blood donated by the “Red Camdonation可数吗paign” accounts for 10% of the annual blood bagloryholesnk of the Shenzhen Blood Center. This year, the 10 percent of blood has the saadditionallycred power of the police and auxiliary police. She expressed her gratitudonationde to the Naadditionalnshan Branch of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau for its strong support of the “Red Action” volheartshot女团untary blood donation.

Yang Hong, section chief,glory翻译 said that “Red Actibloodstreamon” has become a key force in shenzhen’s winter blood security, which not only alleviates the tension of clinical blood use in shenzhenadditional in winter, but also creates a new model for the cause of unpaid blood donation. The people’s police is the most dangerous sacred occupation in peace time, is the most dedicatvoluntary翻译ed hero group in the new period, the people’s police with youth and blood composdonation是什么意思英语e the melody of the new era, warm the hearts of shenzhen citizens.

RaaddonsoCanGang party commitpartynextdoortee, diradditionalector ofdonations the political section, according to shenzhen lions hosted bgloryfeely the “red” for thaddresse public security bureau of nanhearts翻译shan motor training batflagranttalion of the police, the auxiliarheartshot多少钱能出y poliheartshotce provides an oppblood翻译ortunity to really serve tdonation什么意思he people, to respond to the CPPCC, chairman of the xiblood翻译 mentioned in “always put the people in the highest position in the heart, always serve the people heart and soul, Always work hard for the interests and happiness of the people “, the police, auxiliary police with prheartshapedactical actions to practice this noble mission, I add luster to the Party flag, free blood donation warm the hearts of the people. Onflag的中文 behalf of nanparty是派对的意思吗shan Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, he thanked shenzhen Lions club for their care and support.

At thglory游戏e end of the activity, President Ma Min awarded a certificate of appreciatioflag的中文n to the motor training Brigade of Ndonations怎么读anshan Sub-bureau of Shenzhdonation怎么读en Municipal Public Security Bureau and mdonation动词形式ade a summary speech. The motor training Brigade of Nanshan Sub-bureau of Shenheartstringzhen Municipal Publicwarmer Security Bureau is the most excellent polglory和honor区别ice force that is good at service, full of passion, most united, most happy and most accomplished. The majority of police, auxiliary police rolled up their sleevesdonation怎么读, donated their precious blood, but also promoted thewarm反义词 central idea of public welfare benevolence. She thanked all the police anddonations怎么读 auxiliary police who donated blovoluntary什么意思od for the patients in need of blood, and called on more citizens to taparty是我家ke the police anbloodshedd auxidonation翻译liary police as an example and actively pavoluntary什么意思rticipate inflagrant tbloodche “Red action”, donating a blood and giving a love.

Police, auxiliary police members wiheartsickth “blo爱的滴答滴od” and “smile” interpretation of the “service fovoluntaryr the people” ideological and moral character, showing the police, auxiliary police unique spiritual style, reflects the majority of police, auxiliary polwarmerice enthusiastic public welfare, heart of the masses, lovoluntaryve life, willivoluntary翻译ng to coblood怎么读ntribute to the good image. A bag of fresh blood represents the police, auxiliaryparty是我家 police selfless dedication to the people’s sincerevoluntary怎么读 heart, they arbloodc剧情介绍e the guardian of the city, but also blood donation volunteers, in the enthusiasm of work at the same time, more with blood transfer love, transfer to the people in need of help.

It is understood that ubloodynder the strong promotdonation可数吗ion of Shenzhen Lionswarm反义词 Club and blood Center, Shenzhen Lioflagshipns Club public welfare brand servivoluntary和volunteer的区别ce prwarm怎么读语音oject “Red action” leads the country,warmly more than tenwarm的名词 provinces and cities acbloodc剧情介绍ross the country has been widely copied and carried out, hasflagged becomebloody one of the five domestic lions club brand projects.

With the joint efforts of Presglory怎么读ident Ma Min, Chairman Zdonation怎么读hou Fuhublood什么意思i and all members of the executive Committee, the “Red Actioglory游戏n” has organized 101 voluntary blood donation activities so far.hearts翻译 Among them 25 into the industrial park, into the commercial plaza 63, into the residential district 6 games, 1 field into the yantian fire officers and soldiers, entered the university campus 3, into the domestic petrochemiwarmercal 2 games, into the nanshan public security motorized brigade 1 field, success in the activity of blood donation of 11212 people, the numbwarmther oglory翻译f total quantity of 4.2858 million ml, rescue pawarm怎么读tients nearly 6000 person-time. In addition, different from previous “Reparty模式d Action”, thiblood什么意思s year’s “donation可数吗Red Action” organized platelet dblood什么意思onflagshipation for the first time on the opening day of the campaign. 13 lidonation怎么读on frienflag是什么意思网络用语ds responded positively and successfully donated 5,200ml of platelbloodets. This year’s “Red Action” received the attenglory的形容词tion and support of thwarm是什么意思e official departments, as wheartshot多少钱能出ell as the promotion of major enterprises and the media, the “Red Action” public service advertising for the firbloodcst time in the subway, bus station.

Blood is the source of life, love is the dawn of life. Bvoluntary什么意思lood, so far cannot be manufactglory怎么读ured artificially, can only rely on people’s donation of love. We give their blooadditionallyd for free, can continue the wounded, the livoluntary读音fe of the sbloodc剧情介绍ick, to the dying of life tadditionallyo bring new lifewarm的名词. Love, people love; Blood donors, people always give. Blood donation withowarm的名词udonations是什么意思t compensation is not only the true love of selfless dedication, but also a specific wayadd of mutual aid and rescue. Let’s relay for life together, red moving home!

Nanshan branch of shenzhen municipal public security buradditionallyeau pblood怎么读arty committee, director of the political section RaoCanGang, motor training battalion battalion chief Li Liangguang, donate blood blood cenparty是什么意思ter of shenzhen coco long schlglory游戏egel, President of shenzhen lions in 2018-2019, Ma Min, the last Preaddedsident of tian wang, secretavoluntary和volunteer的区别ry generheartshot英文怎么读al Du Henheartshot英文怎么读gkuvoluntary怎么读n, first Liao Ronghui, chairman ofheartshot中文翻译 the zon爱的滴答滴e, the 9th red action Zhou Fuhui, chairman of the board, Executive chairman Wu Jinzhi, Lai Jinhua, svoluntary的名词ervice team lion friends representatives, nansflag是啥han public security subheartshot多少钱能出-bureau motor training brigade leadership representatives, policevoluntary怎么读, auxiliary police, volunteers and more than 300 people participated in taddictedhe acwarmtivity.

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[Photo] Zhang Yuanyuan & NBSP;   Nanshaflagrantn Machine tparty英文意思raiadditionalning Brigade

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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