Solid, Steady, standardized and orderly — The fifth Board of Directors of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2018-2019 was successfully held

Solid, steady, standardized and orderly

— The fifth Board meeting of The 2018-2019 Lions Club of Shenzhen was successfullydirector是什么意思英语 held

On March 30, 2019, the fsteady怎么读ifth Lions Club Board meeting of 2018-2019 was held in the Lionsteady的反义词s Club office in Shenzhen. Directors attensolid是什么意思ding the meeting examined and approved by the 17th session of the member representativorderlesse assembly schedule and agenda, tsteadyshothe presidium suggestion list, scrutinboard怎么读英语izlionse balloting group that list, representative qualification review, electoral office teams work duties and personnel list, the board of trustees, the board of supervisors深圳地铁线路图 qualification report, tunstandardizedhis year the council work report, financial report, tdirector什么意思中文he main business activities and service activities TAB resolution; Ma Huijuan was elected dorderliness是什么意思irectfifth翻译olions的音标r-solidworks教程general of the Office by secret ballot. The meeting conveyed the domestiboardgamec lion fedefifth怎么读ration c深圳地铁线路图ouncil meeting spirit and the party conferences conference spirit, and listened to the barrier-free ideal city series of activdirector是什么软件ities,lions翻译 rehabilisolidworks怎么卸载干净tation internatboardiboard的中文意思onal BBS, member registration, China lion lion sectisteadyme表达的啥意思on and China night preparation, the member representative list, in July 2018 – February 2019, the association of budget implementation and other matterslion是什么意思.

Zhang Guojun, former president and chairman of the district annual meeting committee, introduced the agenda and other arrangemenlions的音标ts of the 17th Lions Club congress of Shenzhen, and announced the list of suggestions made by the presidium.

Centering on the theme of “New momentum, new Lion gener深圳市最新疫情ation”, President Ma Min summarized the work of the Council this year from the aspects of organizational corderlessonstruction, conference management, social services and cultural construction. She pointed out that as of March 31, there were 146 service teams with 4,442 members and a membership retention rate of 89.5 pboard怎么读英语ercensolidworks怎么卸载干净t, ranking first among 14 regions in the country. From July 1, 2018 to March 31solidworks怎么卸载干净, 2019, Lions Club shenzhen casteady和stablerried out 579 service activities,boardgame such as assisting the disabled, community service, education, medical and health care, and poverty alleviation, with a service fund of 40.46 million yuan. 9,928 members participatedsolidworks新手入门制图 in the service, benefiting 455,847 people. The Lions Club of Shenzhen will be one of the co-organizers of the barrier-free Ideal City series activities organized by the Msteady和stableunicipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzhen Press Group and the Municipal Civilization Office on the National Disabled Persons’ Day. The rehabilitation Internalions翻译tional Forum will be held in Shenzhen at the end of April.lions翻译中文

Weng Hua, the first vice president, anfifth翻译nounced the re-rboardegistration of lions club memberfifthlys. He pointed out that the re-registration of members and the collection of membership dufifth翻译es are related to the identisteady名词形式ty of each member and the honor osolidworks怎么卸载干净f each service team. He hoped that each division and service team should attach great importance to thsteadyshotis work, speed up the implementation, and strive to compledirectorshiptesteady怎么读 the re-registration ounstandardizedf members and the collection of membership dues before Ap深圳疫情ril 16.

L深圳地铁线路图uo Jinsong, chief financial officboardgameer, announced thsolidworks和cad区别e implementation of funds and made annual financial workboards report. He introduced that this year, in order to ensure the dsteady和stableevelopmendirectorshipt of party construction work, the paorderlyrty branch costs isteady怎么读nto the annual budget foboardgamer the first time; Actively cooperate with tlionshe financial inspection carried out by the Finance Committee of China Lion Union, assisstandardized是什么意思t to complete the grade evaluation of social organizations, tax exemption qualification andirector是什么职位d pre-tasolidworks是什么软件x deduction qualification, efficiently complete the annual financial inspec深圳风险等级tion, outgoing audit, representative congress audit, s深圳tandardize development, and develop new financstandardized翻译ial system and samples; He said that the financial departmentfifth基数词 will revise the financial system with The Times, strength深圳疫情最新动态en the csolidworks是什么软件oordination and training odirector属于什么职务f the staff of the financial settlement center, complete th深圳大学e advance loan write-off work of this year’s service team, and do a good job in the next year’s financial budget and the audit work of leaving office in July.

Tian Wangxin深圳疫情最新动态g, president of the last sesfifthsion of the 17th ssolid翻译ession of the general Assembly of the membership of thfifthe quashenzhenlification report and the council, the board of Supervisors of the qualification report; President Tan Fei thanked the council members and the service team for their strong support to the fourth Csteady翻译hinese Lion Festival, a深圳疫情最新消息nd hopboard的中文意思esteady和stable的区别d that the couorderlinessncil members would actively mobilize the lion friendsolidworks是什么软件s to participate in the festivlions翻译中文al.

Du Hefifth造句ngkun, Secret深圳地铁线路图ary-General of the Gensolidworks和cad区别eral Office of the Electoral Office, introduced the work duties and personnel list of each group,director是什么软件 the main activities of the meeting, as well as the selectsteadyme表达的啥意思ion of the director-general of the office, and informed the representatives of the msteady怎么读embers of the service team to report the situation. He conveys the domestic lion federation party conferences conference spirit, a domestisteady和stablec confederation of lion lion nationwide at the party is the party’s organization and work two cover, on January 30, Qingdao disabled persons’ federation of approval of the domesticlions英语怎么读 lion federation Qingdao representative office general branch committee, marked the domestic lion federation complete coverage of the party organization and the work, the first phaorderld什么意思se of work complete; The second issolid to report on the board of the Natiolions英语怎么读nal Lions Association and thelions的音标 Party building symposium, and commend shenzhen Liodirectorshipns Club for establishing five functional Party branches in five spdirectorshipecial districts ansteady是什么意思d furtfifth怎么读英语her extending and covering the Party organization, hoping to continue to actively explore and promote the party building work; Third, hsolidworks新手入门制图e put forward the ideologicalboard是什么意思 work of the new era unswervingly, expounded thesteady和stable的区别 “se深证指数ven codirectorsntradictions” of the current development of lions Club, and further strengthened the party building work.

Lu Zhiqiang, the second vice pdirectorsresident of ccPIT Xiamen reported the statistics of this year’s service activities and the prsolidesolidaritypaunstandardizedration of Huasheng Night. Huashishi Night will be held in the hall and restaurant dodirectors是什么意思wnstairs of the same venuesolidarity of the 17th Member Congress, which is convdirectors是什么意思enient and time-saving.steady翻译 There will be a flions翻译lag change ceremony for 84 service teams anstandardize翻译d a wah Lion Award medal for each team.

On behalf of the Board of Supdirector属于什么职务ervisors, Mr. Zhang Hongxiang, vice Chaiboardingrman of the Board of Supervisors, expressed his opinions on supervision and praised the solid, steady and ordeboard翻译rly work of the Board of Supervisors this year. He shared his feelings of attending thboarde domestic Lions Association board meeting and the working mstandardized是什么意思ethods of the board of supervisors in easteady的反义词ch representative office. The board of supervisors will better absorb the advantages of the board of supervisors in easolidaritych region and escort shedirectors是什么意思nzhen Lions Club as alwayssolidworks和cad区别.

President Ma Min made a concluding speech and thanked all leaders for theififth什么意思r support to the councildirectors是什么意思. She urged t深圳市最新疫情he directors深圳 to actively participate in the foursteady翻译th Lions Festival and Lstandardizedions Night. She also hoped that all the directors would actively promote the re-registration of membboardgameersdirector是什么意思 and the collection of membership fees for 2019-2020, and do a good job in the election of the district coun深圳疫情最新消息cil, so asunstandardized to do their best for tfifth怎么读he steadyorderless development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

36 directors from Shenzhen Lions Club attended the meeting, including 2018-2019 President Msolidaritya Min, former President Tian Wangxing, First Vice Presidentsteady的反义词 Weng Hua, Second Vice President Lu Zhiqiang, Secretary-general Du Hengkun, Chief Financial Officer Lustandardizedo Jinsong, Chief Financial Officer Gboard和broad怎么区分uo Yongyong, Chief Picdirectorsket Officer Peng Dfifth什么意思aojian, And Executfifth造句ive Deputy Secretary Zheng Guoplion是什么意思ing. Mr. Zhang Hongxiang, deputy suboardspervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club, and Mr. Zhang Guojun, former presid深圳ent and chairman of district Committee attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Deng Yi, deputy Secretary-General, and Fang Shilei and深圳市最新疫情 CAI Min were executive chairmen.

[Text] Du Shaoheng

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

【 Editboardwalk 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSPboard的中文意思; Hu & have spent grey

【 Typesesteady副词tting 】 Yang & NBSP;   hin

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