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On March 29, 2019, the 2018-2019 Lions Club shenzhen International Certification Lion Guide certification night and summary and commendation dinner was held in Jinghui Hall, 3othersiderd flothers的中文意思oor, Jingji Jingdu Hotel, Luohu District. It is reothers是什么意思英语ported tthemselves是反身代词吗hat a total ofothers的中文意思 96 lion friends won the international cer马克华菲tification of lionthemselves翻译 guide qualification certifothers.翻译icate.

Li Feng, the chairman of the conference and the leader of the lion guide groumake是什么意思p, delivered a welcmake的过去式ome speech, expregrowingssing heartfelt tothersidehanks and sincere greetithemselvesngs to allthemselves造句 the leaders, guests and lion friends present at the dinner. He told thothers和other的区别e lion friends about the development of guiding the Lion club in Shenzhen and shared his experience in guiding the Lion Club. His wonderful speech won thunderous applause from the lion friends present.

Guide lion group finance Ouyang Fan announced to everyone guide lion group’makeups recent fothers品牌inanthemselves造句cial situation, and announced the sponsorship ofgrow过去式 gothers的中文意思uide lion groumakeupp funds and materials of enterprises马克华菲 and individuals, to express heartfegrow是什么意思ltgrow怎么读 thanks for their sponsorsothers.翻译hip. The openness and transparency of financial af马可波罗瓷砖fathemselves什么词性irs were highly praised by lion friends here.

In the awarding sessiomakeupn, the lion friends were awarded the international certification lion gotherspecial怎么读uide certificaothers怎么读te to the lion friends who obtained the international certification lion guide certificate, the lion guide certificate to the lion friends wothers怎么读ho马克笔 obtained the shenzhen Lion Club certificatiothemselves和theirselvesn, and the e马克华菲nterprises and individuals who sponsored the dinner were awarded the certificate of appreciation.

President Ma Minotherspecial怎么读 said that the lion guide is one of the key work of Shenzhen Lionsothers是什么意思英语 Club, because of the recent national lion club membershipotherside registratigrowingon wo马可波罗瓷砖rk, the lion guide needs full cooperation.

Weng Hua, the first vice pthemselves翻译resident of thethemselves是反身代词吗 Association, congratulated the lion guides who had obmake的用法tained the qualification of international certification, shared hisgrow名词 experie马克华菲nothers.翻译ce of lion guides to the lion guides, and urged the lion guides to take an active part in the lion guides. He also explained about the re-others是什么意思英语registration of the members, hoping that the lion Guide group would play an actimakeve role in thisothers是什么意思英语 work and do a good job in leading anthemselvesd guiding.

Lu Zhiqiang, the second vice president of Shenzhen Lions Clumakeb, expressed his gratitude tthemselves和themself的区别o Li Feng for pushing the lions Club to a new height this year. He hoped that the lions Club would play马克龙 an active role in the next step and contribute to tmake是什么意思he steady developmenthemselves音标t ofgrowth Shemake是什么意思nzhen Lions Club.

Secretary General Du Heotherspecial怎么读ngkun thanked the lion Guide club for its stronthemselves音标g supporgrowtht to the work of the district club, and hoped that the lion guide club would play a role of mentoring, help the lion friends and service team better grow up, and lay a solid foundation for the next step of the shenzhen Lions Club.

Achievement of others, grthemselves是什么意思owthgrowth, is the pursuit of every guide lion. Siothers品牌nce 2010, shenzhen Lions Club guide lion group has been walking till today, accompanying Shegrowlnzhen Lthemselves什么词性ions Club through many spring, summer, autumn and winter. In the arduou马克华菲s process, we have shed the sweat of generations of lion guides and witnessed the growth ogrow过去式f generations of lion friends. Wish guide lion group continue to carry马克笔 forward tgrowlhe advantages, hand iothersn hand, for more service teams and lion friends to contribute to the growth of strength!

Shenzhen Lions Club 2018-2019 President Ma Min, last president Tian Wangxing, firs马克华菲t Vice President Weng Hua, second Vice President Lu Zhiqiang, Secretary General Du Hengkun, Chief Inspector Peng Daojian, Deputy Secretary General Rong Jing, Li Feng, District Chairman Liao Ronghui, District Chothers后面接什么airman Li Zhou, Li Chunchang, Cui Weiying, Luo Junping, Supervisors Wang Daoming, Chen Zong, Wu Yuqiong, He Xinru and other lion friends, a total of more than 60 people attended the actithemselves怎么读vity, the activity was cthemselves翻译haired by Li Fothers和other的区别eng as the chairthemselves音标man, Qikelin, Ouyang Fan.

[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Editor] Magrow怎么读语音 Huijumake的用法an and Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Xin Yanothersg

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