Notice | informed about repeated serious shenzhen lions general election discipline

Fellow lions:

Shenzhen lioabout怎么读n 17thabout member representative assembly will be held on April 20, in order to further do a good job in shenzhen liserious的比较级ons 17th member representative assembly el深圳风险等级ection work,noticed discipline, serious election upholding democracy, rule of law, fraternity and upright and shape quality lion culture, in accordainformed的用法nce with the "sabout翻译ocial organization registers management regulations and relevant provisionrepeateds of the articles of associatinoticeableon of shenzhen lion, After deliberation and approval by the third board of Delection怎么读irectors of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2018-2019, we hereby inform you of the folionsgatellowing matters concerning strict election discipline, and pleaseinformed中文意思是什么 strictly implerepeated怎么读ment them:

1. From the date when Shenzhen Lions Club issued the notice of candidate registration, the general election officiallynoticed began. From now until April 20, each member and candidate should connotice的形容词sciously regulate their words and deeds, maintain and create a democratic, fair, righteous and harmonious election atmosphere, and eserious的形容词nsure the success of the election congress.

Ii. In order to ensure the smooth election of the 17th Congress of Lions Club shenzhenlion是什么意思中文翻译 and the free exercise of electors and electees' right to vote and stand for eabout怎么读lection, any深圳疫情 one olion是什么意思中文翻译f the following situatio深圳疫情ns as confirmed by the Erepeated中文lection Preparation Committee shall be deemed as an illegal act:

(1) Brishenzhenbing voterabout翻译s with gifts of property, trinformed是什么意思ansfer of benefits or official wishes, including but not limited to inviting guests and gifts, cliquing culture,serious的形容词 solicitgeneral轮胎什么牌子ing wishes, sending red envelopes through wechat groups, donating service funds to selectionservice teams, etc., hindering members or members' representatives from freely exercising their right to vote and stand for election;

(2) obstructirepeatedly是什么意思ng members oseriouslyr their repshenzhenresentatives from freely exercising their right to vote and stand for election by violennotice的固定搭配ce, threat, deception or other illegal means;

(3) slandering, denigrating, disparaging or damaging the reputation of a voter by deliberately fabricating or spreadreelectioning fictitious fageneralcts;

(4) using his position to forcibly solicit or persuade votes;

(5) f深圳风险等级orging election documentsinformed中文意思是什么 or falsely reporting the number of electoral votes;

(6)Cracking down on, supprseriousnessessing or retaliating against those who raise objections, complain or expose electoral irregularities.

If an elector who commits any of thegeneralize above election violations is elected, his election shall be invalid; If thelions的音标 circumstances arepeated怎么读re serious, the electee and other members who assist the electee in carrying out electionotice的形容词n violations shall be expelled from the membership; If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated accordinrepeated翻译g to law.

3. Any objection, complaint or acnotice作文cusation raised by a candidate shall be s深圳疫情最新动态ubmitted in writing to the election preparation Committegeneralize是什么意思e within the public notice period in an orderly manner, and shall not be released without authorization or through others any informatigeneraliston that may have a negative impact o深圳疫情最新消息n the voters before being confirmed by the authority of tgeneralisthe functional department.

4. If the election Preparatory Committee discovers or receives reports of any of the above-meseriously翻译ntioned irregularities, it shall prolions是什么意思mptly investiga深圳telions and deal with them according to law;serious怎么读音 Those who need to be investigated for legal responsibility shall be transferred to the relevant authorities for handling in a timely manner. The dedicateuninformedd email addresrepeatedly是什么意思s for reporting is

Please keep the mission firmly in mind, abide by the深圳大学 principles, respect olionsthers, keseriously翻译ep the bottom line, and jointly practice the principles of fairserious的名词ness, justice and openness to ensure that the generaabout是介词吗l election of the 17tlion是什么意思h Lions Club Congress ofabout后面动词什么形式 Shenzhen ielections conducted in a standardized and orderly mageneral翻译nner.

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  Shenzhen Lions Club 17tgeneral什么意思中文h Member Congress
Election Preparatorabouty Committee
              April 4, 2019

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