Civilized Dining Table -- Environmental Protection Service Committee held a seminar on "One million Chopsticks into the Community" project

In response to xi jinping, the general secretary to advocate green civilization health way of life, the promotiocommittee造句n of civilizseminary是什么意思ation, establishing good diet fashion healthy living habitheld的原型s, shenzhen lions in 2020-2021 ecommittee造句nvironmental services committee action, continuous publicity, guide the compassion enterprise, social volunteers and frienvironmentalends the serservice翻译vice of the lion to participattableclothe "million dining-table into community" public interest action, Protect the health of ttable tennishe tongue together. On the afternoon of December 9, 2020, shenzhen Lions Club Environmental Protection Service Commitheld中文tee held a seminar on "One million Chopsticks" public project in Deheld中文jubao Technology Co., Lseminar怎么读TD., Baoneng Science park, Longhua District.


A total of 29 lion club members attended the meeting, including Lu Zhiqiang, chairmaprotection手表n of shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-2021, Peng Daojian, Vice-chairman of Shenzservice和serve的区别hen Lions Club for 2020-2021, Wei Xinxin, Chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club for seheld过去式和过去分词cond zone, Zhao Hui, chairman of Sheprotection手表使用说明nzhen Liseminar的意思ons Club for fourth Zone, Peng Dingkuan, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club for fifth Zone, Yu Xiaoping, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club for Environmental Protection, Lin Qinglontableclothg, Han Hong, executive chairman. The event was hosted by Yu Xiaoping as the chairman, Luo Xiuqun, the second vice captain of Longdining音标hua Service Team, as the general coordinator, and He Yajun, the second vice captain of The right Way Service team.


Luo Xiuqun, the general coordinator, introduced the guests and extended a warm welcome to them.


Conferendiningroom是什么意思英语ce chairman Yu Xiaoping introduced the background, theme, theme and content of "one millioseminar-stylen public chopsticksdining怎么读语音 into the community" publiseminar英文解释c welfare activities. She said that this year, the Environmental protection Service Committeetable是什么意思 of The Shenzhen Lions Club took the lead in launching a civilized dining table creation campaign, calling on everyone to form a good habit of using public choservice是什么故障灯psticks and spoons, and jointly create a good social atmosphere of sdining roomaving mealseminar-styles and healthy eating to promote the development and progress of sseminary是什么意思ocial civilization. She introduced that the "One milliodining怎么读n chopstickscivilized翻译 into the community" activity was jointly initiated by the Shenzhen Lions Club, the districtheld怎么读的 street office and tprotectionshe distrheld怎么读的ict encivilized是什么意思tercommittee造句prises. In the designatedprotectionism way of the community, the "one to one" precise gift of envservice是什么意思中文翻译iseminar什么意思中文ronmental chopsticks to the residents of the middle and high-end communities and the white-collar workers in the middle and high-end office bprotection是什么意思uiservicemanldings, sdining是什么意思o as tdiningo reduce the use of disposable chopsticks. Sheheldback stressed that the 5G smart chopsticks provided by the Environmental Protection Service Committee are "talking" chopsticks that can be directly linkedenvironmental翻译 to the environmental protection theme of "pratable和desk的区别cticseminar的意思e strict ecoenvironmentallynomy, shame on waste".


Representatives of minzhi Street Urban Management Bureau were invited to attend the event and gave sincere suggestions. They praised tenvironmental是什么意思he environmental protection Service Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club for actively respondining怎么读语音ding to the call of the state and quickly promoting public chopsticks and spodining怎么读语音ons into the community. 'Promoting chopsticksheld的原型 and spoons is a good project,' heseminar教学模式 said. 'It fits in with official pricivilized中文意思orities and hasenvironmentalist important promotenvironmental是什么意思ion significanprotection手表ce.' However, the promotion action iseminar教学模式s not a matter of a day, how to make 5G high-tech chopsticks give full play to the role of the public chopsticks and spoon promotion aprotection手表使用说明ction and garbtable是什么意思age classification combinedining怎么读语音d, so that tcivilized中文意思he project benvironmentallyetter landing, is the focus of the current work. He suggested that some representative factories or parks, large communities or office buildings as the preferred promotion areas.

Peng Daojian, the second vice President, said that the promotion of chopsticks is in lupheldine with the theme of The Times, in line with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, aseminar怎么读nd has impcommittee和councilortant promotion significance. He believes that under the leadership of the Environmeprotection怎么读ntal Protection Service Committee and with the jcommittee翻译oint efforts and sdininghall中文翻译upport of all lion frheld中文iends, the project wdining hallill surely be passediningroom是什么意思英语d on and become a clascivilized是什么意思sic project.


Lu Zhiqiang, President of ccPIT Xiamcommittee和commissionen highly recognized the project. He pointed out that the use of chopstickscommittee是单数还是复数 is in line with publcivilized翻译ic demand and national policy trends and strategies. At the same time, the project name "One millienvironmental怎么读的on Chopsticks public Welfare activity" is very eye-cdining音标atching, the project plan iprotection手表怎么调整时间s clear, easy to operate and copyservicebio, it is feasible to promote in the whole countrenvironmental怎么读英语y. He sservice是什么意思uggested thaheld是hold的什么形式t further entabletpc平板电脑价格rich the contable tennistent of the project, will popularize chopsticks and cd-rom action, garbage classificenvironmentalismation and other combined, so that the theme of environmental protection is more distinctive, more innovative, so thaheld怎么读的t the project has more promotiocommitteen significance.


Chairman Zhao Hui also acknowledged the project theme and program, and suggested that the project be further improved and deepenedheld的中文意思 in terms of inheritancedininghall中文翻译 and sustainable developheld过去式和过去分词ment. He expressed his full suppenvironmentalistort for the project. Chairmatableau是什么软件n Wei Xinxin said that he would lead 24 service teams in the second zone to participate in the project andining room/hall翻译d further enhance the influence of the project. Luo Xiuqun, the general coordinator, said that the promotion oftabletpc平板电脑价格 chopsticks from the ideological level of eduprotectioncation, 5G chopsticks into the use of eheld中文nvironmental protection knoenvironmental怎么读的wledge, for the publicivilized翻译city of garbage classification, cd-rom action, saving food and other knowledge has an important role. Lion friends at the meeting all said that theprotection手表y would start from themselves and promote a series of environmental awareneseminar教学模式ss to the people around them by using chopsticks. Thanks were expressed to Yu Xiaseminar教学模式oping, presidseminar怎么读ent of the conference, for her invitenvironmentalistation.

Finally, we determined the organization structure of the project team of "Onediningroom是什么意思英语 million public chopsticks into the community".

The Environmeseminaryntal Protection Servicetabletpc平板电脑价格 Committee will closely follow the national policy, vigorously promote the use odiningroom是什么意思英语f chopsticks and spoons, and take active actions to protect the health of tcivilized翻译hcommittee怎么读e people!


[Text] Xu Jinghua, reporter of Shenshi News Agency

[Photo] Wang Haibin, reporter oprotection手表使用说明f Shenshi News Agency

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhcommittee造句en Lions Club Office

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