The 2020-2021 Lions Club Shenzhen Instructor Development Training Camp (RFDI) was successfully held

From December 11 to 13, 2020, Lions Club Shenzhen successfully held the 2020-2021 Lecturerclubmed Development Training Camp in Damei Shayalan Hotel. 11 lion friends paclubmanrticipated in the training, and 2 lecturers participatedtraining衣服品牌 in the training. After 3 days of study and presentation practice, 11 lion friends passed the examination smoothly andclub是什么酒 obtained thdevelopment造句简单带翻译e ceinstructor和coach的区别rtificate of completion, which injected new strength into tdevelopment是什么意思he instructor group.

Thclub是什么酒e lecture深圳疫情最新动态rs groinstructor什么意思up is an importa深圳疫情nt group of Shenzhen Liolions翻译ns Club to promote and spread the lion culture. It not only provides course services for the service teams, districts andtraining是什么牌子 zones, but also undertakes large training tasks such as lion club seminars and leadership training. At the same time, the annual recruitment will attr深圳疫情最新动态act madevelopment可数吗ny lion friends who are keen on spreadtraining造句简单ing liotraining怎么读n culture to sign up and recampwithmomceive intense and strict professional training.

Li深证指数 Chunchantraining怎么读g, the deputy head of the lecture group, is tshenzhenhe general lecturer, Ma Feng, the deputy head of the lecture group, is the head teacher, and Hlion是什么意思uang Jieling, the secretary of the lecture group, is the telions英语怎么读aching assistant. Wang Danya, deputy secretary genershenzhenal of Lions Club of Shenzhen, aninstructor怎么读的d Huang Yiqun, former director of Lions Club, Zhang Shijun, Rong Jing and Wu Zijian are thcampsitee lecturers.training是什么意思英语

Lu Zhiqiang, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Tan Fei, vice Supervisor, Lin Yanju, special ascamp是什么意思英语sistant of president of Shenzhendevelopment的用法和搭配 Lions Club atte深圳天气ndcampfireed the opening cclub是什么酒eremony. During the training, several selions英语怎么读nior lecturers from the lecturercampers' group attended.instructor是什么意思英语

Wang Danya, head of the group, rang the bell to start training. Tan Fei, deputy supervcampwithmomisor, delivered a speech, encouraging new students to study harcamp是什么意思英语d and join the lecturing group as soon as possible.

Lu Zhiqiang, president of ccPIT Xiamen, delivered a speech at the opening of tlions读音he training,development翻译 enccampfireouraging the trainees to be excellent lecturers through learning and overcoming difficulties. He wished the training a complete success.

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Chief lecturer Li Chunchang brought the first lesson "Welcome"club怎么读, which opened the 3-day learning chapter for the studentclub翻译s, setting an深圳 inspiring and relaxed tone for the intensive learning activities.

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Teaching consultant Huang Yiqclubmanun teaches "深圳天气Introduction to Training深圳天气" and "Training Preparation", enabling students to identify the difference between tdevelopment同义词替换raining and public speakdevelopments翻译ing, master the elements of "effective training", improve the qudevelopment同义词替换ality of excellent lectuinstructor怎么读的rers, learn tolion是什么意思中文翻译 control training time with supporting materials, and deliver targeted lectures.

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Ms. Wang Danya teaches adult Learners, leading students to understand and master the learning characteristics of adult learntraining造句ers, and guiding studclub翻译ents to improve the tr深圳大学ainintrainingpeaksg effect bylion是什么意思中文翻译 fdevelopmentorlions是什么意思mulating incentivecampbuddy黑猴子官网 strategies.

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Teatraining翻译ching consultandevelopment怎么读t Wu Zijian brought "Training Teaching Skills" to demonstrate how to imprtraining造句简单ove training skills through eye contact, voice, oral expression and body movements through various formstraining是什么意思英语 such as gallery walk, vclubsiewing and self-introdinstructor什么意思uction video.

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Teaching consultant Jing Rong teaches interactive Learning, which teaches how to use questioning techniques to liven up the classroom atmosphere深圳市最新疫情 and how to respond to students' questions and answers in different leclub翻译arning actraining造句tivities.

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Teachintrainingpeaksg consultant Zhang Shijun teaches "Training Environment" to remind studentslions翻译 to clarify their own pinstructor怎么读的ositioning, prepare for andcampwithmom manage non-teaching factors as learning managersinstructor怎么读的, and create a conducive learning environment.

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Through three days and two nights of study, discussion and presentation, the students improvcampaignedinstructor翻译 their teaching skills signifilions翻译cantly and finished the course successfully. We grew up together and gained a lodevelopment同义词替换t.

At the clions翻译中文losing ceremony, students and lecturers shared tcampheir ideas. Wang Danya called on the students to continue to work hard, keep learninlion是什么意思g, and strive to join the big famdevelopment翻译ily as soon as possibclubsle to contribute to the promotion of lion culture!

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Th深圳疫情最新消息anks to thlions读音e telions的音标aching clionsonsultant team for theirclub怎么读 dedication to ttraining怎么读his traindevelopment是什么意思ing. Thcamp是什么意思英语anks to Xiao Xdevelopment可数吗ingping,instructors是什么意思 chairman of the Edevelopment的用法和搭配ducation andlions怎么读 Tralions英语怎么读ining Committee of The Chinese Lions Association, for actively promoting the implementation of the new course, personally participating in tinstructor是什么意思英语he course improvement, and providing a logical and progresslions是什么意思ive course system for this training. I would like to thank Huanlions读音g Yiqun, director o深圳地铁线路图f the Teaching and Research Department of the Federation Education antraining衣服品牌d Training Committee, for leading ma Feng, Huang Jieling, Jiang Xiezhen, Li Ch深圳疫情unchancampusg and other lecturers to prepare actively anclub怎么读d devote themselves to the course research and development. Thanks to the lecturers foclubmed官网预订r their selfless efforts and the silent suclub用英语怎么说pport from all the friends behind the scenes. The results of this traitraining造句ning in Shlions翻译中文enzhentraining造句简单 will becampaign quickly extended to the whole country, providing experience for the training of lecturers all over the country.lions翻译中文

We are looking forward to the rapid growth ofdevelopment的用法和搭配 the new lecturers, who are responsible and good for lion business construction.


【 Text 】 Ma Feng

[Photo] Courtesy of the Seminar

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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