Lions Club of Shenzhen donated to build “Spring Breeze Library” in Luoding (source: Shenzhen Evening News B13 edition)

Shenzhen Lions Club donated to build Luoding & LDquo; Spring Breeze Library ”
Donated books worth 160,000 yuan to poor students

           library Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Wanbreeze是什么意思g Xiaofang corresponbreezeddent Du Si Hui Luo Changblibrary数字图书馆o) recently, many luoding city attached to the city street centbreezeer olibrary官网入口f the primary school students are immersed in the ocean of knowledge. Because their elementary school finally has its own library. And the library has a nice name. — Spring Bree深圳天气ze Library.

            After nearly half a year of preparation, shenzhlions翻译中文en Lions Club Fuyong Service Team donated luoding & LDquo; Spring Breeze Library ” Fina深圳风险等级lly opened. Eighteen members of the Fuyong Servlibrary复数ice team of The Lions Club of Shenzhen came to Luoding to deliver love books to the students of 8 primalions英语怎么读ry schools in the street center of the city. The books, worth a total of 10,860 a洛丁新nd worth 160,000 yuan, were provided by深圳疫情 a dedicatedclub翻译 team of profeslibrary的复数形式sbuild假面骑士ors from the Tiantu Education Fobuild怎么读undation. The books ar罗定职业技术学院e mainly for students in grades one tolibrary怎么读 five. “Fabre’s Insects”, “Little Newton Scienlibrary怎么读ce Museum”, “Little Snail Nature Picture Book Series” & Hellip; … On the opening day, students were delighted to see all the books in the library neatly arranged on the shelves.

      &nbsspringcloudp;     The reporter learned that this book donation has been the second don深圳大学ation of the Fuyong service team. As early as last year, the team donated nearly 20,000 books to nine local primary sclibrary登录hools in an effort to build a library for local children. Tian Wenzhou, vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club Fuyong Service T罗定职业技术学院eam, told reporters that as early as 2009, lions friends of fuyong Service team came to Luoding attached town to investidonated怎么读gate the local economy, education and othelibrary登录r resources. During the inspectidonate的名词on, the lion friends of the service teambreeze特殊含义 found that thespringcloudre was a lack obreeze怎么读f book resources for local students.

            According to regulations, a primary school studentbreeze中文意思 should have 25 extracurricular books, but local children’s extracurricular bookspring是什么意思s are almost blank. Eventually, the corps decided to provide long-term funding to some local schools. Overbreeze本田皓影报价 the years, the team has carried out local education, book donation and othdonate的用法er projects. Based on the books donated this time, the average number of books allocated to each local student is 10.

  &nbuildingbsp;       &nspringmvc的工作原理bsp; “ It is better to teach a man how to fish than to give him fish. . Tian Wedonate的意思nzhou told reporters, like brightclub用英语怎么说 action, red action, sprbuildering Breeze Library is the lions club brand service project. The project, whspring翻译ich aims to give extracurricular books to children in poor areas to broaden their knowl罗定职业技术学院edge, hbuild过去分词as been carried out in sichuan, Guizhou and other provinces. The reportebreeze是什么意思r saw a large image of dandelio螺钉ns on the logdonate的固定短语搭配o of chunfeng Library. Tiandonated wenzhou said tclub是什么意思hat these dandelions actually represent the seed罗定最漂亮的村子s of dreams. Donating books to children is actually passing on hope to children, telling them that knowledge can change their fate and rea罗定e天空lize their dreams.

            Tian wenzhou said that donating books is only the beginning of the help.罗定e天空 He hoped that through such actions, more people will pay attention to thedonated reading problem of children in poor areas, and more people will join the team of love to help students. The fuyong Servbreezedice team will c罗定市特色文化ontin罗定天气ue to help students. The reporter learned that recently, the Fuyong service team has started the investigation of Meizhou Dapu. Indonated the future, chunfbuild过去分词eng Library may also be located in Tai Po.

Spring Breeze Library opening ceremony

Lion friends take a group phlibrary电子图书馆入口oto ibreeze翻译n front of spring Breeze Library

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