The lion feeling high together to create the future

The lion feeling high together to create the future
        &nbsptogetherbnb娜娜两人互动;                       &lion是什么意思nbsp;together          lionkk             &nbcreate是什么意思sp;         &nfeelings教案bsp; — Remember the regular meeting of Earth Servtogetherbnbice Team in April 2012

    &nbslionkkp;   &nbsfuture是什么意思p;   The April regular meeting of shenzcreate的名词和形容词hen Lions Club earth Service team was held at 4pm on March 27th at the 3rd floor of guangfood Square, Futian distrfeeling怎么读英语ict.togetherbnb补丁
&nbsfeelings教案p;         &ncreate和invent的区别bsp;   The meecreate怎么读音ting was presidedcreate和invent的区别 over by President Ho Xinru Shi Jie. Executive chairman Kuang Hongshi Sister, first vice president Luo Zhifeng Shi Brother, third vice prestogether翻译ident Huang Xin shi brother and ohigh是什么意思ther 1lions英语怎么读7 lion friends attendhighted thfuture basse meeting.high的名词
      &nfeeling什么意思bsp;     Council member of the conference and generate the next election for: Presidenfuture4200t’s salary, sulionelch as lions, brother elder stogetherbnb怎么绅士ister,together翻译 was a deputy head Luo Zhifeng lion, second deputy President of kuang red lion elder sister, the third brother huang xin, vicefuture怎么读音 chairman of the lion, the secretary zhi-gangcreate的名词和形容词 Yang lions, brother, general Gao Songshu lions, brother, financial Jiang Ying yan, sergeants-at-arms liu lion lion sister brother, dircreateector of Wan Chaolin lions, brlion翻译other, brother li ping lion, Fu Ailan lions, elder sfutureisterfeeling是什么意思中文翻译, Yang Lizhong lions, brother.
            The meeting also estfuture4200ablished a service group and elected its leader:
            Student Group: Kuang Hong;
            Member Developmelion怎么读nt Group: Ma Wanlion是什么意思 Ming;
  &nbsfeeling什么意思p;         Disabled Support Group: Zheng Zhitian;
        &nbslionp;   Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Group: Zeng Dongpei, Huang Bo;
            Community Serviccreate的名词e Activity Group: Fu Atogetherbnb游戏下载安卓ilan, Wan Chaolin, Yang Lizhhigh是什么意思ong;
 createwindow       &feeling是什么意思英语nbsp;   Public Relations and Culture Group: Zhao Guangming;
       createprocess &feeling怎么读英语nbsp;   Acreate的名词和形容词rt Trohighwayupe group: Lai Xiner.
        &nbstogetherbnb游戏下载安卓p;   Delegates to the 10th Annual convention of The Shenzhen Lions Club were also elected. Principal representatives: He Xinru Shi Jie, Kuang Hong Shi Jie, Luo Zhifeng Shi Jielion是什么意思, deputy repfuture4200resentatives: Huang Xin Shi Jie, Jiacreate是什么意思ng Ying Yan Shi Jie, Zeng Dongpei Shi Jie.
            Thtogether什么意思英语is regular meeting attracted the attention of the leaders of Shenzhen Lions Club, including Li Yuehua, the general director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Yu Qian, the chhighief inspector, Zheng Yuqiafeeling怎么读英语ng, the chairman of the 12th Sub-distrcreate的名词ict, Zhang Hongxlion是什么意思iangshi, the chairman of tfeeling是什么意思英语he 13th sucreate是什么意思b-district, and Dong Slionshige, the chairman of the international Convention Committee. Li Yuehua lion sister sacreate翻译id at the meeting, every time to participate in the activities of the earth service team, will see more and more members attend, participate in,highly estogetherbnbpecially today there are so many lion friends and guests to attend, the earth service team will be better and better, I hope the earth service team in the future to create greater achievements!

By Kuang Hong, Zheng Zhitian & NBSP; Figure/Yang mei


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