Lion Friends into the community love warm hearts (source: November 10, 2014 Shenzhen Evening News A09 edition)

Lion friends into the community love warm hearts

           into1成员 Shenzhen Evening News (reporter CAI Zhijun) &friends翻译 LDquo; Is it a good idea to give my wife a wheelchair? ” “ Yes, it was delivered today. ” The question is the 66-year-old wife of Wanheartshotg Mingtai, a patient with muscle weaknesfriends怎么读英语单词s, and the answer is Bai Xuefeng, vice president of the Elderly Asinto1小跟班sociation of Taoyuan Community.

            On the morning of November 7, wawarmingng Mingtai’s house, 102 Taoyuan community, nanshan district, crowded into a group of peoplcommunity翻译e wearing yellow veswarm的名词ts, pushing a brand-new wheelchair. We put wang Mingtai, a patient with muscle weakness for 20 years, into a wheelchair and turned around inside and outside the room. Wang Mingtaisource是什么意思 smiled: I just want to have a wheelchair, but I don’t have enough money to ask. Thank you so much! &rdquwarm翻译o;

            The wheelchair given to Wang was just one of seven handed out that day. That morning, the Shenzhen Lions Club Spring Service team launched in Taoyuan Community. Passing on love ” Socialinto1超话社区 theme service project: Respect the eldelionsrlyinto是什么意思, startinto是什么意思ing with companionship. The Spring Service Team is a newly estfriendship可数还是不可数名词ablished service team.community翻译 Under the leadership ofhearts the team leader, He Xingrong, the lion friends donawarmthted more than 16,000 yuan and sent seven wwarmingheelchairs, 55 crutches and 234source pairs of reading glasses tofriendship的英语作文 the elderly in Taoyuan csource引擎ommunity.

            In Wang Mingtai home, he Xingrong heard that his eyes are ninto1超话社区ot good, immediately said to Bai Xuefeng vice president, the gift of reading glasses without Wang Lao’s quota, back to ordcommunity怎么读音er a sent. ‘You see, we are going to donate to those in need, thoselion复数 in reallions trouble,’ Bai told reporters. Wang mingtai comes from a rural area and now lives in his son’s poor family. He hwarm怎么读as benovember rainen longing for a wheelchair for more than 10 years, until today, he received the help of lions Club.

          “ Passing on love ” — — Shenzhen lions theme community service month activity is launchlion是什么意思ed in the end of August this year,source引擎 in mcommunity serviceore than a month, nearly 50 service calwarmls, thousands of lion friends dressed in a yellow vest in shenzhen community sustained outdoor outing fellinto是什么意思owship, sympathy, visits to Mnovember是几月id-Autumn festivalovel special children, helping difficult childrenheartshaped, assistive involed with 49 service activities such as games, service for more than 120 ten thousand yuan, More than 4,800 people have benefited from providing warmth to people in need.

            Lin Ziyu, director of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015, and othenovember怎么读rs attended the launching ceremony on the same day, and donated wheelchairs, crutches, reading glasses and other love items to the eldefriendshiprly in need in the community.

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