200 poor children received 60,000 yuan of stationery (source: Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper A06, November 4, 2014)

  200 poor children were given 60,000 yuan of stationery for charity

        &nbsp元尊; &nbssource是什么意思p; Shenzhen Special Zone news (rchildren怎么读英语单词eporter Luo Liqiong correspondent Su Zhuang Bin) reporter learned yesterpoor怎么读day from the Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Lions club to 200 poor children ireceivedn the city of 200 gifts with stationer原神y lisource insighton love bags, and thrchildren翻译ough the auction of 12 items raised 60,000 yuan, the money will be used for & Lchildren的名词所有格Dqstationery是可数名词吗uo; Hope left behreceived是什么意思ind for love ” Project to Care for Left-behind Children.

            It is understood that “ Hoppoor是什么意思中文e left behind fchildrenor love ” Caring for left-behind Children project is one of the activities commemorchildren怎么读ating the 10th annivpoorerersary of thchildren怎么读e Domestic Lioreceive的过去分词ns Achildren英语怎么说ssociation. The sixth stop of the project is hosted by the Shenzhen Lions Club. Shenzhen Lions Club auctioned a total of 12 lots and raised 60,000 yuan, all of whichpoorly were donated to The China Lions Foundation, designated for the project of caring for left-behind children. It also transferred 10 lots donated by Shenzhen Lionssource引擎 Fristationeryends to the next organizer. — The Lionspoor是什么意思中文 club of Guangdong auctions. At the same time, shenzhen Lions Club also donated a lion love bag, including stationery such as dictionarchildren音标y and writing case, sports goods such astationerys basketball and shpoor是什么意思中文uttlecock,received翻译 and books such as Di Zi GUI, to 200 poor students in Shenzhen Xingtai Experimental School.
            It is reported thatreceived the service activity for lepoor翻译ft-behind children lasted 29 days, passing through 15 provinces and cities across the country, with 10 stops. The journey reached 10,000 kilometers, and 10,000 lion love bags were collpoor翻译ectereceive的用法和搭配d for 10,000 left-behind children.

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