Shenzhen Lions Club held the lion training exchange meeting in the third zone of 2019-2020

Shenzhen Lions Club held the lion training exchange meeting in the third zone of 2019-2020


On August 17, 2019lion的音标, Lions Club of Shenzhen held the lions Club training and Exchange meeting in the third Zone of 2019-2020 in the Ltraining造句简单ions Club office of Shenzhthird什么意思en. Mr. Weng Hua, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Li Feng, Executive Vice Secretary general, Mr. CAclub怎么读I Min, chairmanexchange服务器怎么填 of Zone 3, Mr. Zhao Huilions翻译中文, Mr. Wei Xinxin, Mr. Li Xiaofeng, Mr. Wu Jinzhi, Ch深圳疫情airman of Systemtraining是什么牌子 Constructiotraining翻译中文n and Law Committee Mr. Liu Guolialion是什么意思中文翻译ng andtraining是什么牌子 representhirdtativesthird of servlionsice teams from Zone 3 were present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by CAI Min and Zhao Weixin.exchange造句


Wenlions的音标g Hua, President of ccPIT Xiamen thankeexchange翻译d CAI Min, chairman ofheldback ccpit Xiamen for organizing the training and exchange meeting of lion aexchangedffairs in zone 3, providing a platform for lion friends to interact and exchange. He said that the timely convening of the exchange meeting is conducive to sexchangeharing and summarizing the recent work of the service team and laying a foundation for the steady devtraining怎么读elopment of the next深圳地铁线路图 work. He hoped that in the New Year, all the service teams wolionsuld work together to serve and harmonize with each other and make solid contributions to the harmonious development深圳疫情 of the society.


Chairman CAI min introduced theexchange服务器怎么填 four chairmenclubman是什么牌子车 oexchange服务器怎么填f the third zone, and the four chairmen also introduced themselves respectively. They hoped thatheld中文 the three zone service teams could do more joint services to strengthen the relationship between lion friends and promote the affection between lion friends. During ththird-partye reception of the inaugural ceremony, the lion friends in Zone 3 spared no pains and workmeetingsed harclub翻译d to make the lion friends from other places feel the warmth of family. To thaclub是什么酒nk you, chairman Clion的中文意思ai Min specially made a number of trheld是hold的什么形式ophies, the scene to kevinbales, new, li xiaofeng, Wu Jinzhi Wei Xin, liu Ming, Yale, chang-gui li, ZhuHuiHong, holion翻译rse Nevada, Zhao Jinnan, rowan, Tang Hongzhang, Wen Yanmei, liujun, Xu Xiyao, Zheng Qijun, G.T.R remote friends inlion是什么意思volved in any queries of the lion, pay for theirlionkk thumb up. Chairman CAI min pointed out that this year, shenzhen Lions Club will support 10 servheld是hold的什么形式ice projects, please strive to get the support of the district club.


Liu Guoliang explained the lesson “Lions Club and Charity Law”, combined with the provisions of lions Club andheld的原型 charity law, and analyzed some common cases; Huang Yiqun exclubsplained the lesson oexchange翻译f “Servtraining是什么意思英语ice of Lions Club”, which made everyone have a deeper underst深圳疫情最新消息anding of thlions翻译e service team of Li深圳地铁线路图ons Club. Li Feng explain深证指数ed “100 team will lthird翻译ion” a lesson, lion friends benefit a lot, feeclubmedling a lot.


Each service team representative self-introduction and introduce the service team brand service projthird音标ects. Participants li深圳风险等级sten carefully athird什么意思nd take notethird怎么读s to record the joint servic深圳疫情最新消息e projects. Chen Slions翻译huhua of Beishan service team made a detailed introduction othird的缩写n “Larks incubation base project”, Tang Xishun of Boya service team on “Deep lion Fusion Cup” first fun spheld是hold的什么形式orts project, Chen Xiaoxue of Oriental Rose servlions英语怎么读ice team on “recoverlion是什么意思中文翻译y of happiness, don’t kidnap yourself to the mobile phone” project, etc.



Thanks to Chairman CAI深圳天气 Min fmeeting怎么读英语or giving a pair of reading glasses and sponsorinthird怎么读g dinner, wine, fruit and mineral watelion的中文意思r for the successful opening of the lion affairs training and ethird的基数词xchange meeting. Thanks to Li Feng, Liu Guoliang and Huang Yiqun for their wonderful lessons. Thanks to Li Bizhen, Keng Ke, Huang Jieling, Wang Yibing for their support; Thankthird怎么读 you to the Region 3 Service team ftraining怎么读or attending. Only by practilions怎么读cing the spirit of “four out” as always ca深圳市最新疫情n the lionexchange服务器怎么填 culture be inheritedheldback and developed, and promotraining是什么牌子te the continuous progress of the domestic characteristic lion club.



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[Photo] Li Jiangping

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lionexchange翻译s Club Office

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