Do not forget the original intention, be sincere and united — Shenzhen Lions Club held the lion affairs training exchange meeting in the fifth Zone of 2019-2020

Do not forget the original purpose of unity

— Shenzhen Lions Club held the lion service training exchange meeting in z深圳疫情最新动态one 5 of 2019-2020


2019On August 18, 2019, Lions Club of Shenzhen held the lions Club training and exchange meeting in thesincere什么意思 fifth Zone of 2019-2020 in tsincerely的形容词he Lions Club officeunited是什么意思 of Shenzhsincere的名词形式en深圳地铁线路图. At the meeting, the lion mintentionally歌词中文embers of each service team made a styintentionsle show and introducedclubmed官网预订 their own soriginallyervice actoriginal的名词ivities. Representatives of each d斗罗大陆终极斗罗istrict and service team conducted a road show of service activities. The深圳疫情 Peace Poster Committee conducted a roaforgetfuld show of project promotion.


At thintentione beginning of the meeting, Mr. Ru Chunxu, chairman of distrclub是什么酒ict 5, gave a welcome speech and thanked the leaders of district cclub翻译ouncil and lion friends. She said that the training sforgettableeminar aimed to provide a platform for lion friends to communicatesincerely翻译 and learn, and to lay a good flionsgateoundation for all the service teams to jointly carry out service activities in the future.


In his speech, President Weng Hua gave a detailed explanation on strenlion是什么意思中文翻译gthening th东航飞行事故调查初步报告发布e construction of the unhealthyclub service team. He said that the focus of strengthen深圳疫情最新动态ing the constrclubuction of the unhealthy sintentions歌词ervice team is to guide the integration of the smaunited kingdomll number of service teams and lay a goo深圳地铁线路图d foundationunitedstates是哪个国家 for the healthy development of shenzhen Lions Club.


In the demonstration session of the service team, the representatives of the service team came on stage one by one to show the elegant demeanor of the lion friclubesincerends of the service team and briefly introduce the service actioriginalityviunited kingdomties of the service team.


Lions GLT training links, shenintentionalzhen executive chairman, boriginal翻译ranch lecturer ShiJulions是什么意思n interpretation of the curriculum, l深圳市最新疫情ions club service from what is lion’s service, the server needs to have the condition, thclub用英语怎么说e characteristics of the lions club service activities, effective steps for developing the lions club service, service campaign and summary toforget的过去式 tshenzhenhforget怎么读e lion to conduct a comprehensive, detailed explanation. Executivforgete Deputy secretary Genforget的过去式eral Li Feng explained the course of “100 team lions”, he introduced the history, process and target of “100 team lions” to the lion friends in detail, and led the lion friends to selionsriously study the main framewoforgetfulrk of the Shenzhen Lions Club committee, and described hunited怎么读ow to set their hearts together to serve the public welfare. The two lecturers’ wclubmanondunitederful exploriginal翻译anation, let the lion frsincere的名词形式iends here benefit a lot, feeling.


In the sharing session, Ma Min, the former president of Lions Club, shared “how to servclube” with lions club members. She advocated community service and localized servicshenzhene to expanoriginal的名词d the influence of Lions Club shlions翻译enzhen and enhance thesincere credibility of Lions Club Shenzhen. She advocated that the servicforget的形容词e should be in line with the nsincereational policies and guidelines, focusing on accurate service, dolions英语怎么读ing a good job in p东方财富网reliminary relions是什么意思searcforget翻译h, understandiclubsng tsincerely钢琴谱he precise needs of service objects, andforget的过去式和过去分词 doing a good job in every service activity seriously and carefully.


During the road show of service activities, representatintentions歌词ives of each district service team conducteddo a road show of service activities to show service activities toclubs the parintentionally什么意思ticipating lions. At the same time, invi斗罗大陆5重生唐三tations were issued to all servic深圳市最新疫情e teams to jooriginalityintly undertake service projects. Wei Qiaozhu,forgettable executi东莞天气ve Chairman of the Peace Poster Committee, held a road show to promote the peace poster projectunited胶囊 and introduced the implementation of the peace poster to the participating lionsoriginal造句 in detail, hopinlions的音标g to get the support of the majoritoriginal翻译y of lions.


It was a sforget的过去式pecial day for the lion friends of the caring service team. At the scene, shenclub怎么读zhen Lions Club care service team for a simple and solemn handover ceremony, in the districlub怎么读ct leadershipsincere什么意思 and wiunitedstates是哪个国家tness the scene of lion friends, Liu Zhijing will be ribbon and scepter handed over to Zhang Jianyong. President Weng Hua presented gifts to the two captains. Aftsincere名词er the mclubmedeeting, the caring ssincere翻译ervice team will return to the service team for other handover links.


In his concluding spee深圳疫情最新消息ch, President Ru Chunxu said thaoriginal造句t the lion friends of each service team in The fifth Zone are a groupintentionally歌曲 of people wilionsth special compassion and positive energy. It is a great honor and happiness to be the chairman of the fifth zone this year. We are grateful tunited英语o meet each other and know each other. She hoped that the lion friends cherish this rare friendship, theforget的用法 rare fate, do not forget the original intentiintention翻译on, sincere unitylion是什么意思中文翻译, together to create lion love brilliant.


Lions clubs international Lunited翻译iu Xiaogang, director of the meeting, President of shenzhen lions in 2019-2020, WengHua, the last President Ma Min, first vice President zhi-qiangclub是什么意思 lu, chief financial officer Peng Daojian, dean of general affair Liao Ronghui, long picket Du Peng, deputy secretary-gelions翻译neral Li Feng chairman, deputy secretaforget的过去式和过去分词ry-general MiaoJun scenelionsgate, the fifth section RuChunXu, partition ZuoHongYi, dong-mei Chen, mei deng, chairman of the heart, the liu hai, Supervisor Tang Hao-zhi and othe斗破苍穹r leaders of th深圳风险等级e lion friends aclubman是什么牌子车 total of 100 people attended theforget的形容词 mlions怎么读eeting. The meetlions英语怎么读ing was chaired bylions是什么意思 Ru Chunforgettablexu and Zhao Annie.


[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

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