Shenzhen Lion held the 4th China Disabled Ice and Snow Sports Season (Shenzhen Station) and the 2nd “Shenzhen Lion Fusion Cup”

November 7, 2020 marks the start of Winter, China’s traditional solar term, with warmheld过去式和过去分词 sunsiceberghine. With the help of shenzhen Lions club, tdisabled电脑启动项he deaf people in Shenzhen experienced the novelty and joy of sports in the “frozen world”桃花源记. Hosted by China Disabled Persons’ Federation and lions to undertake domestic deaf adisabled造句简单ssociation, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen association of the deaf, lions aslions英语怎么读sistive committee co-sponsored the second fusion “dethep lion cup” series of style game 6 and fun games “of the fourth season of ice and snow sports for the disabled” domestic station (shenzhen) activities in shenzhen alpine ice wothinrld hot opening window of the worsportsman翻译ld. The service fund is 15,000 yuan.

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Zhao Linna, Deputy Secretary general of China Deaf Association; Zhu Xianxian, Chairman and Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Deaf Associationdisabled造句; Wang Yiqiang, Secretary General of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-2021; Su Jianhua, Chaiiceyrman of Disability Support Committee; Sun Jiayao, Yin Xunfeng, Luo Guanqi, Yang Dehua, executive chairmen; And 180 hearing-impaired friends and family members from Shenzhethn participated in the activity. Tsnowballhe event was chaired by Li Li, the leader of Hongya Servilionsce Team, and hosted by Brother Ychina意思anlion怎么读g Yongguang. The sign language teacher was the onsnow-site sign language interpreter.held的原型

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Although many activsnowities have been affected due tthino the epidemic, the benefits of the Beijing Winter Olympics for disabled peoplheld的意思是什么e in south China adisabled电脑启动项re still declining. Before the actthivity began, Sun Jiayao, president of Lisportsmanshipliceraveni, organized lion friends and volunteers to provide services for the disabled asportsmeet翻译中文nd distributedisabled电脑dchina sports sets prepared by Shenzhen Lions Club. Chairman So ex同花顺tended a warmsports翻译 welcome to all of you.

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Vice Secretary General Zhao Linna and President Zhu Xianxian thanked shenzhen Lions Club and volunteers for theldheir strong support to this event, providing a platform for disabled friends to share activities witheld中文h healthy people. They hope that the spirit o深圳天气f “understanding, respecting, carinice是什么意思英语g and helping” wiceill be passed on to more people to care for, support anthind hesnowmanlp the disabled. At the same time, I also hope that disdisabled的形容词abled friends can strive for self-improvement and live better and better.

Secretary General Radjoni acknowledged the e褪黑素fforts of the project prepar深圳ation team membersports翻译s. She said that since its est桃花源记翻译ablishment, shdisabled怎么读enzhen Lions Club has given priority to assisting the disabled, providing spiritual adisabled是开启还是关闭nd material assistance to the disabled over the years. At the samsportsmeet翻译中文e time, there are more and moresnow activitiesheld的中文意思 to help the disabled. With the theme of “Integration of disabled and Hesportsman翻译alth”, The Shenzhen Lion Fusiochina意思n Cup further improves theldhe level of services for the disabled, helchina意思ping many disabled people in Shenzhen leave home, integrate into society a桃花源记翻译nd live out their lives.

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After the simple ceremony, the lion friends accompanied the disabled people to march into the indoor ice spor深圳市最新疫情ts fieldchina翻译.

The main acsports翻译tivities of the day include ice skating anlion的中文意思d bumper car games on ice. Under the guidance of profeheld怎么读的ssional ice skating coach and skilled ice skating deaf friends, hearing-impaired friends actively participated in the experience of ice and snow sports charm. Many of my hearing-impaired friends were nervous and excited at the samhelde time wheldenhen they were first exposed to ice skating. They were elated by the small sliontep they took on th深圳地铁线路图e ice. And those skasnowy怎么读语音ter expert deaf friends, the excitement in the i深圳疫情最新动态ce fast sliding, lsportsaughter filled the field. Although the experience is ice sports, we didisabled造句d not feel the slightest cold, wholehearted dedication to make everyone feel warm.lionkk Tice是什么意思he hearing-impaired children’s favorite is the ice bumper car, on the ice spin collidisabled怎么读sion, happy all written on the face. Lion friends most is “newbie on the road”, each carefully try to slip out of the first step “life”, but not once in a while someone taste of “failure”thin, at this point, the slide on the side of the deaf friends timely help, to help the lion friend tied to lace up his s深圳疫情kates, teaching some skills, sdisabled造句简单lide soon both in white spaciosportsmeet翻译中文us on the skating rink. Hearing impaired friends have tast褪黑素ed the fun of helping lion friendsdisabled是开启还是关闭, happy integration, there a褪黑素re you and ME! The ice bumper car activity is diicevided into 5 teams of 10 peolion的音标ple, with 2 people in each teamdisabled造句简单带翻译 riding in a bumper car. The handicapped friends and lions drove bumper cars fast on the ice, and with each collision, the handicapped friends and lions cheered throughout the audience.

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Tired of playing, the hearing-impaired friend深圳大学schina came to the rink next to the lounge. Leo brothers and Sisters prepardisabled是什么意思ed a wealth of fruits, drinks and snacks. We chatted happily wsports怎么读hdisabledile eating.held的中文意思 The hearing-impaired friendlion是什么意思s expressed thesnow怎么读ir gratitude to ticedhe organizers and lion fri深圳疫情最新消息ends wupheldith vague words or gestures. People say that wearing thick cotton clothes or ski closnowythes that they hsnowingave no chance to wear in Shedisabled是开启还是关闭nzh深圳市最新疫情en, and stepping on skating knives, the feeling of playing wild on the ice rink is really great!

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When the lightlionkks are on, the hearing-impaiheld是hold的什么形式red friends are reiceyluctant to leave the world of ice and sdisabled电脑now, h褪黑素oping that there will be ice and snow activities every year, hoping that they can interact with the lion friends, and th褪黑素e friendship will last forever.


【 Text 】 Su Zhuchina翻译ang Bin Su Jianhua

[Photo] Su Zhuangbin Ye Lifen

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lsnowin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Clsports怎么读ub Office

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