Special feature: “Lion Road Mandarin” 2019 New Year charity Gala, just for you

Unique, just for the special you

“Lion Road Mandarin” 2019 New Year charity gala revealed theroadx轮胎 plomandarin是什么意思t

Year after year flowers are similar, year after year people are different. Unconsciously, the 2019 New Year charity gala of Shenzhen Lions Club will begin again. In order to present a high quality evening party, the chairman of throadcam下载e conference, the general coordinator aspecializationnd all the preparatory groups make every effort to steadily advance the preparatory work. Today, the reporter frommandarine Shenzhen Lion Nelion翻译ws Agency will bring you a tyearningaste of the “2019 Lion Road Mandarin” and walk into a different Newmandarin Year charity gala.

Key word 1: Love

Touching is a silent language, is always flowing feelings in lion culture. On the scene of the plion复数arty,roadblock the meaning of Giving and the short films of each chapter, as well as mamandarinsny details that cannot be revealed for the time being, will go deep into the heamandarin翻译rts of every liospecial翻译n friend and lead us to relive every day of practicing public welfspecialare together, making uspecial是什么意思s ofyearningficially known in loving and being loved.

Kroadsterey word 2: auction

The most exciting part ofyear怎么读 the annual New Year charity gala is the anew是什么意思uction. On December 21, Mr. Cao Yan, the gold auctioneer of Shenzhen Lions Club, will serve as auctioneer tofeaturegether with Mryear翻译. Tian Xingwang, the former presidlion怎么读ent of Shenzhen Lions Club, who is quite knowledgeable about collecting. Let’roadcam下载s wait and see if they can set a new record and beat a different heartbeat tlion翻译ogether.

Key word 3: Gratitude and appreciation

This year, the tfeatures的中文意思op 10 lion donors, serviccharity音标e teams and 100 percent pledge service teams will be recognized at the New Year chafeaturerity gala.specialization At the same time, the party acharity怎么读rranged to pay tribute to the top ten winners of auction items and the top ten lion friends who donated auction items in the past year. They will be themandarine brightest star in the night sky of Shenzhen on The 21st.

Key # 4: Be cool

In 2018, Douyin has become popular and popular. As douyin users, many Shiyou enjoy it. But have you ever imagined hundreds of people playing Douyin together? Are you looking forcharity和love区别ward tnewlyo this amazing thinlionsg?

Key word 5: High

Party preparation group efforts to use a lot of fashion elements to preyearnsmandarin和orange区别ent a different dynamic sceyear函数ne, in some specific links, thenews可数吗 fusion of DJ dance style, looking forward to your body every joiroad翻译nt and even cells can not help scharity是什么意思waying tocharitygether, High explosion!

Key woroad怎么读rds 6:360

Don’t get me wnewspaperrong, thfeature的名词is isn’t a sportswear brnewlyand. It’s a cool stage visual. The 360-dnewespecializationgree omni-dcharity宽容的爱irectional, non-dead Angle party presentation brings youcharity a different space experience. Anyway, here comes the chance! Not general visual enjoyment, as action!

Meet youmandarin普通人乐队微博, is warm; Mcharityeeting is you,road是什么意思 is joy. hi! Dear frroad翻译iends, we can’t wait to meet youfeatures at the party. The party preparacharity的动词tion group will do its best to present a distinctiyearve charity party in front of you, so that when you open it, there is love in your heart and surprise ifeature是什么意思n your eyes. On December 21st, lecharity的动词t’s meet at Hall 5 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center to create a common memyearbookory of the 2019 New Year Charity Gala.

[Text] Zhang Ping, reporter of Shenshi News Agenroadcamcy

[Photo] 2019 New Yeyear造句ar Charity Party providedcharity翻译 by the Party Group

[Edit] Annie Zhaolion怎么读, rcharity怎么读eporter of Shenshi News Agency

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【 Typesetting 】 Yang & NBSP;   hinnew balance

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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