Hong Lai meet another village, shenzhen and Hong Kong lion friends get together

Red liyue another village & NBSP; Shenzhen and Hong Kong lion friends get together

          On A红烧排骨ugust 31, 2015, at the invitation ofvillage什么意思怎么读音 Hong Kong Youyicun Lions Club, 9 members of Shenzhen Lions Club Red Litchi Service team, led by Captain Chen Heng, went to Hong Kon红码黄码绿码代表什么g Youyicun Club to atte深圳疫情nd its Regular meeting in Au深圳地铁线路图gust 2015-2016. About 50 lion friends深圳疫情最新动态 from Hong Kong and Shenzhen gathered togmeet是什么意思ether to exchange lion affairs, share experience and discuss lion friendship.
          Red livers watched the meeting of another village lions club. From the pre-meeting material preparation, venue layout to the previouslai meeting minutes孔令辉副局长照片 bulletin, this topic discussionmeet and other aspects, orderly, everyone to the standard rigorous and relaxed style of the meeting deeply praised.
          At the meeting, the participating lions introduced themselves briefly and communicated with each other. President Yao Ruitian told the aud来不及说我爱你ience the story of another village Lions Club and Hong Lai Service Team’s “bond” i深圳疫情n the spring multimedia classroom. At tvillager是什么意思he begianother是什么意思nnmeeting, Youyicun Lions Club planned to donate 4 video classrooms to孔令辉副局长照片 Baise city, Guangxi Province. They were attracted by thlione brand service of “Spring Multimedia vifriends翻译deo class来宾天气room” cfriends翻译reated by Hongli Service Leve莱昂纳多l, so they first meanother翻译t hongli Team through the introduction of Shijie Li Yuehua. Af来宾天气telair understanding the needs of yyicun Lions Club, hong Li Service team tfriends怎么读aught the introduction and implementation of the electric classroom project wimeet是什么意思英语thout reservfriends怎么读ation and gave great support. At深圳疫情 present, all t深圳大学he preparatory work has bvillage翻译een completed, and the Youyi Village Lions Club will go to Gmeetuangxi to hold the opening ceremony in September. Later, by attenvillageding the inaugural ceremony of the hong Lai Service Team, the lions of another village aanother樱花动漫pprmeet是什么意思eciated the charm of the Hong Lai Service team and deepened their recognition and frlion怎么读iendship深圳市最新疫情 with each other. President Yao expressed his heartfelt thanks to the red Li service team for their support in the spring multimedia classroom.
    &nbsfriends怎么读英语单词p;     When the lion and the friends were called village lions 3 years in a row,深圳地铁线路图 all the more tanother翻译han 80 members Zhong Shi award wanother是两者还是三者ent to来都来了 100%, the people’s respect, when President yao should in adhering to the lions’ attendance, power, money, out ovillage怎么读f the heart “spirit of sovereigns, also created the” fate, follow and rejoice in, along with the gender “will be in culture, everyone is more impressive.
  &nbs孔夫子旧书网p;       A happy exchange activity, let lion深圳 friends harvest a lot, everyone svillage翻译aid thafriendship的英语作文t such evillagerxchang孔令辉担任什么职务e is of great significan控卫在此ce, lion friends from all walks of life communicate with each other, support each otheanotherr,meet是什么意思 learn from each other, common prog空气炸锅ress, let better experience spread, let oneself improve, this is the char空气炸锅m of lions club.




By Rong Jing & NBSP; Figure/XiaoJianmeets


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