“Based on The Local, Serve the Community” (source: SHENZHEN Special Zone Newspaper A10)

Lin Tao, 2015-2016 president of Shenzhen Lions Club

“Be local, Serve the community


&nserve翻译bsp;special的名词           Lin Tao, president ofspecial怎么读 Lions Club shenzhen 2015-2016, introduced that “secommunity造句rving the community based on the local” has been the scommunity是什么意思ervicelocal翻译 orientation of Lionserverss Club Shenzhen in recent years. This donation for tzone状态he purchase of fitness equipment for the disabled in Longhua andbased和basic Dapeng new areas is the embodiment of shenzhen Lions club’s service to the community.

&nbspnewspaper;           Helping the disabled is an important part of shenzhen Lions Club’s public welfare activities. Lin Tao said that with the stronbased翻译g support of the Shencommunity怎么读音zhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, the Shenzhen Lions Club organized 57based是什么意思 servizone状态ce teamslocal的名词 to pair up with 57 street occuserverspational health centers in 2012 and set up a “Red Lion Clothing Handicap Station” to understand the needs of the disabled and provide help. In the past threelocal是什么意思 years, Shenzhen Lions Club has provided more than 300 service actispecialistvities for disabled people in The Vcommunity造句ocationlocallyal Health Center, such as holiday sympathy, lion love lunch, sksource翻译ill trainingserver是什么意思, cultural and sports flocal是什么意思ellowship, etc., with a service fund of more than 4 million yuan.

&nsourcetree怎么使用bsp;         &zonenbsp; This yesource的中文意思ar, The Lions Club of Shenzhen will continue t深圳地铁线路图o carry out cserver是什么意思ommunity service activities. The lions Club of Shenzhen will visit the friends of the Disablezone什么意思d, the members of the disabled art Troupe, the empty nesters in thcommunity怎么读e community, the veterans and provide them with help again. In addition, there will also be a “wingspan programme” for community ysourcetree怎么使用outh and youth, and a youth service training camp.

  &nspecialistbsp; &special的名词nbsp;  zones     It is reported that Shenlocalezhen Lions Club hserve名词as been carrying out service activ深圳地铁线路图ities in poverty alleviation, environmental protection, medical and health care, and disability assistance in Shenzhen for many years. “Red Action” Lion Blood Donation Month, Phservedoenix Mountain Lion Forest and other projects have become the brand projects of Shenzhen Lions Club. In 2011, The Lions Club of Shenzhen jointly lanewspaper音标unched the “Red Action” Lion Blood Donation mont深证指数h with the City Blood Center. In the pacommunity英语st four years, the Lions Club of Shenzhen h深圳大学as orcommunity怎么读ganized 156 blood donation activities, involving 12zone是什么品牌手机,674 people and donating 4.438深圳疫情1 million millilbased和basiciters of blood. Meanwhile,深圳风险等级 shenzhen Lions Club also donated twsource翻译o “Lion” blood trucks, a “Lion” blood minibus and a blood donation bus. The Phoenix Mountain Lion Fosource insightrest pro深圳风险等级ject located at the foot of Phoenix Mountanewspaper音标in in Fuyong, shenzhenlocals Lions C深圳大学lub invested in the construction of lserver是什么意思ion Forest square, supporting facilities, become a place fosourcetree怎么使用r citizensnewspaper翻译 to relax, vacation. Shenzhen Lions Club also hopes that caring people in the commbasedirunity can join the service team to provide more help for the disabled in the conewspaper翻译mmunity.


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