Lions Club shenzhen held a series of activities to celebrate its 10th anniversary

Lions Club shenzhen held a series of activities to celebrate its 10th anniversary

            Ten yearseries翻译s is just a moment in the long hisheld的原型tory, but for Shenzhen Lions Club, it has grown from nothing, from a baby to a young boy. April 2, 2012 is a meseries是单数还是复数morable dacelebrate翻译y, the 10th anniversary of the fouclub是什么意思nding of Shenlions英语怎么说zhen Lionths Club. To this end, the Lions Club of Shenzhen organized a series of celebrations to cocelebrate怎么读mmemorate this historic festival.

Lianhuashan Park & LDquo; H深圳市最新疫情iking & t深圳市最新疫情hroughout; Spread the lioclubmed官网预订n spirit

   lions怎么读         Colorful flags fly in lianhuashan Park on the morning of April 2, 2019. At 9:30, the Shenzhen Lions Club was held in the Lion Forest Square of Lianhuaslions是什么意思han Park. Celebratingactivities怎么读 the 10th Anniversary of Shenzhen Lions Club & Bull; 2012 Shenzhen Lion & RDquo; The event launch ceremony. More than 400 people from shenzhen Lions club and all walksheldback ofupheld life participated in the walking activity.
            Zheng Degang, 2011-2012 Director of Lions Club shenzhen, said that since its 10th anniversary, lions Club Shenzhen hcelebratedas been adhering to ldquo; We serve &rdheld的意思是什么quo; The spheld过去式和过去分词irit of persistence “ Be present and contribute. , injclub用英语怎么说ected new vitality into shenzhen's philanthropy.
     thought;     &nbactivities有哪些活动单词sp; Overseas Chineheldbackse Town Service Team as the organizer of this activity, the activity is also & LDquo; Lion love cheits是什么意思ng Lin ” -- Love units and individuals in the charity service project of caring for left-behind children were awarded MEDALS. Princiheld的意思是什么pal Yang Qin of Gangxia Primary School and four students made wonderful speeches as representatives of love units. She fcelebrate的名词elt the love passed on again and again, and the education power of children is magical!
            Chairman Wcelebrate翻译u Jianing said & LDquo; Lion love cheng Lin ” -- Caritsming foitsr left-behind children is to provide services for left-behind children at school, including donating books and cultural and sports materialactivities怎么读s, carrying out outdoor sports, holding l深圳天气ectures on Tradiactivities有哪些活动单词tional Chinese culture, and training for strong memory and brain power, so as to help children improve their academic performance, improv通货膨胀下什么最保值e their physical fitnits和it's的区别esits是什么意思s, expand their horizons, feel the warmth of society, and spread the coits和it's的区别ncept of gratitude. “ Lion love cheng Lin ” The moral: & other; The lion love & throughout; It is not only the lion of lions club, but allions翻译中文so the homonym of giving shi, a pun; “ Forest & throughout; Both with shenzhen Lions club & LDquo; Tree of Hope ” Theme, and become the meaning of the forest, but also aheld是hold的什么形式 small lovecelebrate的过去式 domain of love without boundaries of extension, reflect & LDquo; Plant a tree of hoclubmedpe and l深圳疫情最新动态ion love will grow intits和it's的区别o a forest. Vision. On the 10th anniversary of Lions Club in Shenzhen todayheld的意思是什么, take a healthy and environmeheld的中文意思ntally friendlylions walk at Lion Forest Sqitstimefor和to区别uare in Lianhua Mountain. It's not just walking, it's walking witcelebrate翻译h love! Send rose hand has lingering fragrance, love we are in action; Spreading love iheldens our mission! Beliethoughve that we plant a tree of hope together, lion love wilactivities是什么意思l become a foractivities音标est!
 activities的中文;           Walking is tlions翻译中文he safest and best form of exercise and h深圳风险等级as become the fastest growing maactivities和activity的区别ss fitneclubsss program in the world. The charity walkingclub是什么酒 competition will adheld的中文意思vocate the concept of environmental protection, health and chariactivities音标ty, with the slogan of & LDquo; Walking + Charity ” Thelions英语怎么说 way to spread the lion spirit, pay attention to the domestic left-behind children.
        &nbactivities有哪些活动单词sp;   Wearing the uniform of "2012 10th Anniversary of Shenzhen Lions Club ", each team walked from Shizilin Square with three lion roars. After nearly an hour of walking, they arrived at shizilin Square aclub是什么酒nd won the year of the Dragon. 10th Anniversary of Shenzhen Lions Club & RDQUO; Commemoractivities和activity的区别ative medal.桃花源记翻译


Lion business forum development

            In order to review anclub是什么酒d summarize the development process of shenzhen Lions Club in its 10th anniversary, the new situation and new proble深圳大学ms in the development of lion cause in China are deeseries是什么意思英语ply discussed, and the promotion & LDquo; We serve ” Lion spirit, April 2nd aflionsgateternoon, in shenzhen Grand Theatclub怎么读re, a uniquactivities用英语怎么说e & LDquo; Toheldenwards growth. &m深圳da通货膨胀下什么最保值sh; The 10th anniversary of lions Club in Shenzhen Bclubmede held. Experts, scholars and representatives of lcelebrate和congratulate的区别ion Friends from Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Charity Society, China Lions Association, Shanghai True Love Foulions英语怎么读ndation, Slions是什么意思henzhen Lions Club and other organizations expressed their views on participatory philaclub是什么酒nthropy, lions club financial management, new fourhelden new services, and evaluatioheld是hold的什么形式n of civil society organizations.
&nactivities有哪些活动单词bsp;           Brother Huang Chunbin, Vice President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation and representative of Domestic Liactivitiesons Association in Shenzhen; Luo Guiguo, Education Direcactivities是什么意思tor of Shenzhen Party School; Fang Tao, Secrcelebrateetary General of Shenzhen Charity; F深圳an Zuohao, Wen Jinhuan, Liu Xiaogang, appointed international Directors of Lions International; liucelebrate的过去式 Guopu, Zhang Guojun, Vice Presidents of Doitsmestic Lions深圳风险等级 Assoc深圳风险等级iation; Leaders and guests from Hong Kong, Macao, Guangdong, Dalian, Qingdao, Zhejiang, Shaanxi and other places as well as shenzhen Lions club lion friends more than 600 people attended the forum.
            The forum was moderated by Mr. Wu Liujiang, executive Chairman of shenzhen Lions Club 2011-2thought012 Annual Conference Committee. Mr. Su Zeran, chairman of the convention and the fircelebrate英语怎么读st Deputy Director of Shenzhen Lions Club 2011-2012, delivered the welcome speech. Deputy Secretary-General Linits是什么意思 Yanju, executive Chairman of th通货膨胀下什么最保值e Conference introduced the guests attending the forum. On behalf of shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Mr. Huang Chunbin, vice president of Shenzhen Disabl深圳疫情最新消息ed Persons' Feit'sderation and representative of Lions Clulions读音b in Shenzhen, affirmed the work and ach深圳市最新疫情ievements of Shenzhen Lions Club in the past 10 years and had high hopes for the future development of Shenzhen Lions Clulions是什么意思b.
            Through this forum, we will focus on how to promote the sustainable development of Lions club in China more effectively and comprehensively. Loocelebrate的过去式king baclions翻译k at the 10th anniversary, tracing the development track of lions Club in China & RDquo; , & other Innovitsashou微博ating and forging ahead to promote the devel深圳疫情最新消息opment of Lions Club to new breakthrough & RDquo; And other topics for in-depth research, discussion, to promote the development of lion cause in China.










The 10th anniversary colions读音ncert will be the theme of charity

    &nlion是什么意思bsp;       On the night o深圳疫情f April 2, & LDquo; Ten years of lions thinking about the future ” The 10th anniversary citselfoncert of shenzhen Lions club was held in grand Theatre. Brother Huang Chunbin, Vice President of Shenzhen Disabled P桃花源记ersons' Federation and Representative ofactivities怎么读 Domestic Lions Association in Shheld是hold的什么形式enzhen, Brother Liu Guopu, and Brother Zh深圳疫情最新动态ang Guojun, vice presidents of Domestic Lions Association, Brother Guo Dedeloitte, vice Chairman of advisory Committee of 2011-2012though, Member of Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial People's Congress and founding President of Guangdong Lions Club; Sister Fu Rocelebrate的名词ng, Deputy Secretary General and Director of National Lions Club office; Brother Zheng Degang, Director of Natioclub怎么读nal Lions Club and 2011-2012 Director of Shenzhen Lionclubmed官网预订s Club; Leaders and guests from Hong Kong,深圳地铁线路图 Macao, Guangdong, Daliitsyou是什么意思an, Qingdao, Zhejiang, Shaanxi and other places as well as more than 1200 peopclubsle from Shenzhen Lions club attended the coactivities音标ncert.
          &nthoughbsp; Mr. Wu Xiaoming, chairman oflions读音 the convention and the second deputy Director of Shenzhenits Lions Clubclub怎么读 2011-2012, delivered the welcome speech. Mr. Lin Ziyu, Chief Financial Officer, executiveits chairman of the Convention, introthinduced the guests attheld的原型ending the concert. In hcelebrate用法搭配is speech, Mr.褪黑素 Zheng Degang, director of Lions Club shenzhen 2011-2012, thanked leaders at all levels and people from all wclub翻译alks ofclub是什么意思 life for their support and care to Lions Club Shenzhen over the years, and thanked the previous directors, boards and committees for their efforts anseriesd efforts, as well aactivities怎么读s the lion friends who have been loyalclub是什么酒 to Lions Clheld的中文意思ub Shenzhen for many years! Zu Yuqin, director of Shenzhenheld过去式和过去分词 Disabled Persons' Federation and chief representative of Lions Association in Shenzhen, said that the lions Club's 10 years of praclions翻译tice and exploration in Shenzhen were successfulcelebrate翻译. The achievements made by Shenzhen Lions Club have been widactivitieselybeheld recognized and highly appraised by China Disabled Persons' Federatiocelebrate英语怎么读n, China Lions Association,深圳 shenzhen authorities and all walks of life. As theseries7手表 cseries7手表ompetent business unit, DCDPF will contiheldnue to attach importance to, pay attention to and support the devel深圳大学opment of Lions Club. In the evening, shenzhen Lion Club Ziseries是什么意思英语meng, start journey, elite, bodhi service team announced the es深圳风险等级tablishment, mangrove Bay, shekou service team announced the resumption of meetings. The executive chairman of the convention, Mr. Yu Qian, made a warm thank you speech and concluded with acelebrate是什么意思 couple深圳大学t celebrating the 10th anniversary of the founding of shenzhen Lions深圳天气 Club: The l桃花源记ion thought, tupheldhe lion road, the lion language, the lion friends everywhere are the lion love; Love hisactivities有哪些活动单词 country, love his family, love hactivities有哪些活动单词imself. Hengpi: lion love foreitsver!
          &nbs桃花源记翻译p; The climax of the evening ca深圳me with a dazzling laser show at the end of the proceedingactivities音标s. Guests and audience enjoyed an unforgettable evening with a symphony orchestra at the Shenzhen Philharmactivities用英语怎么说onic Park.

By Ma Huijuan & NBSPseries7手表;   Photo/Tian Xingwang, Zhang Lichen, Li Jiangping

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