New Security Service Team: held the eighth captain team meeting of 2018-2019 and the captain team selection meeting of 2019-2020

New Security Service Team: held the eighth captain team meeting of 2018-2019 and the captain team selectioncaptaindark meeting of 2019-2020


On March 23,newly 2019, the 2018-201servicebio9 Captain Team Meeting and 2019-202service是什么意思0 Captain Team Selection meeting of New Security Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held at 10th flooreighth英语怎么读, Building A, Liutang Busicaptain怎么读ness Building, Qianjin Second Road, Xixiang Streetmeeting翻译, Bao ‘an Distsecurity车上灯亮啥意思rict. Shenzhen Lions club 19th districtnews chairman Zhao Yunpeng, supervisor Chen Zong, Xin ‘an serservice和serve的区别vice team captain Wu Jinzhi, first vice captain Wu Zhijian, second vice captain Li Jun, third vimeeting是什么意思中文翻译ce captain Liu Jun, former captain Gao Yuyun, Zeng Zhaosheng, Li Shumei, secretary Lu Qin, financial Zhang Lsecurity车上灯亮啥意思iqing and other 37 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Luo Yulong and Presided over by Lheld是hold的什么形式i Jun.


Captain Wu Jinzhi delivered a speech. The nesecurity guardw Security Service has entered its tenth year this year. This electionsecurity guard, no matter who is chosen, is an affirmation of the candidate.

Zhcaptain泰国演员u Bei school delivered a speech, himeetingyou是什么意思s low-key and simple words, always can recall the old members of the new seservice是什么意思中文翻译curity service team to the early days of the establishment of memories. Gao Wenjie’s short speech, let the presecaptaindarknt xin ‘an lion friends find everything new and fresh. Zteamprohang Yuanyuan shared her experience of joining the new Securcaptain缩写ity Service Team in the past eight years, from two terms of secretary to two terms of general affairs, and actively practiced the spirit of “four out” with practical actions.

In a thrilling vote, Zhang Yuanysecurityuan was elserviceected as the thinew balancerd vice-captain of the NEW Security Service Team for 2019-2020 with 24 votes in favor.

Li Xia, Yang Zhihe, Gao Shenghan began thsecurity车上灯亮啥意思eir team leader’s spesecurity和safety的区别ech, applausservicee, laughter. In the end, Zhu Beixiao, Gao Wenjienew, Li Xia, Yang Zhihe andmeeting怎么读英语 Gao Shenghan were all voted as the 2019 — 2020 Captain team members of the New Security Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club.

After the completion of the election, the former captain of the New Service team Li Shumei, Zeng Zhaosheng, Gao Yuyun, Chen Zong all came to the stage to express their feelings about the election meeting, and their lheldove for the new seeighth是什么意思英语rvice team.

Chairman Zhao Yunpeng concluded that the meeting waeighth英语怎么读s a success. The nheld中文ew Security Service team is getting stronger and stronnew是什么意思ger with everyone’s joint efforts. He was proud to be a member of thnew怎么读e New Sheldenecurity Snewlyervice.

Pnew的反义词resicaptaindarkdent-elect Wu zhijian expressed his gratitude toservice翻译 the family memservice和serve的区别bers of the New Security Service team for taking timsecurity是什么意思e out of their busy schedule to attend and cast a sacred vote to boost the development of new Security. He also thanked everyone for their trust. He willcaptaindark closely unite every family member of new Security and help newhelden Security to reach a new levelmeeting怎么读英语.

Li Jun as the first vice captain, Liu Jun as the second viceupheld captain has alheld的原型so spokensecurity的形容词, message xinan is getting better and better.

The conference ended in laughcaptain什么意思中文ter, and took a group photo, xin ‘an family in happiness looking forward to the new team leader to lead xin ‘an service team to the next level!

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By Liu Jun & NBSP; Photo/Chen Weiming


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