Mileage Service team: Operation Fusion launched its first campaign

Mileage Service team: Operation Fusion launched its first campaign

          On October 19, 2015, the Miles Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club held its first “Harmony action” party. The purpose of this activity is to accelerate the integration of newteampro lion friends, enhance tservicebiohe sense of belonging and ownershimileageplus是啥轮胎p of lion friends to the team, in order to form a hafirst青年电影展rmonious and cohesive force.


&fusionaccessnbsp;         Lifirst nameon friends originally is a family, this is actually more like a family gathering, miles of family gathered together, tasting rich food, while talking about lion business while feeling life, lion friends talk and laugh, joy. The scenery outsfirstname填姓还是名ide is quiet, the liocampaignern friends gathfusion360ering is enthlaunched怎么读的usiastic and unrestrained, this is a beautiful pmileage翻译icture of “harmony of movement”, “harmony of lion friendship”.
&nbscampaign音标p;         In order to hold this family dinner, Sister Chen Jie shi bofirstlyrrowedservice的名词 a table from Brteamproother Peng Kun shi, covered withteamwork exquisite tablecloths, put on the redits和it’s的区别 flowers, carefully arranged the scene, butoperational also invited a professional chef, in ordservice的名词er to give you a table of delicious and rich food, thanks to sister Chen Shi’s painstafusion怎么读king, let the family dinner full of taste ooperation是什么部门f home.


  &itsashou微博noperationallybsp;     &nbspcampaign什么意思; Chen Shijun, leader of the founding team, flew back to Shenzhen from Beijing in ordcampaign广告er to attend the first event of Operteamproation Harmony. The captain of the service teacampaignm also personally funded to carry out the activities of the group to send exquisite gifts, gratitude and gratitude overflowing. This activity makes mile lion friends more love each other, harmonious and happy.




By Chen Zi Qi

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