Hualei Service Team held the third council meeting

Hualei Service Team held the third council meeting

            On the evening oservicemanf September 29th, the 3rd board meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Hualei Service team for 2014-2015 was held in Longgang Zhikang Orphanage. 20 lionmeeting腾讯会议 frienteam什么意思ds attended the meservice是什么意思eting. The chairman of the conference is Yao Zhenzhu and the host is Fan Zhengbiservice是什么故障灯n.
  &nmeeting是什么意思中文翻译bsp;       &nservicebiobsp; At the meeting, lion friends congratulated zhang Qiumeetingsli and sang birthday songs to her.
            Summary花蕾指的是什么意思 of Xiaservice是什么故障灯ngcouncil怎么读 Wei & LDquo; The Transmission of Love & Bull; Light up hope ” We would like to express ouheld的意思是什么r gratitude to Xie Yongling and Ou Mei who actively prepared for the activity. Through this activity, we all realized that we should cherish the happineteams手机版ssteam是什么意思翻译 at present, do our own work well,third怎么读 andmeeting是什么意思 have more abilityteamviewer to support and help the people around us who need help.
            Hu Xianzhong, the team leader, advocated the participatioservice和serve的区别n of lion friends in team activities, strengthening communication and going oheld的中文意思ut. Membership cards will be issued to the participants, and those who do not attend will be presented to them necouncil读音xt time they visheld怎么读的it the enterprises.
    &nbcouncil和committee的区别sp;       A hualei service team fellowship is planned for October. — Meizhou trip and the fourth council, the chairman oteams手机版f the conference by Mei Ou as.
            Yao zhenzhu eteams手机版xpressed her heartfelt thanks to the lions for their hard work and attendance at tcouncil和committee的区别he meeting. After the meeting, Yao Zhenzhu distrupheldibuted LED induction lighting to shiyou, which was independently developedservice and produced by the画雷锋精神的画 company.

Article/photo Contributed by Hualei Service画雷锋手抄报图片大全 Team

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